Treatment of thrush in men

The thrush is the general name of infections caused by the fungi of the genus Candida. In medical terminology, this disease is called candidiasis. It is believed that this problem is widespread among the female population of the planet, however, men periodically suffer from such a disease.

Men's varieties of men

Men's diseases, fungal infections, fungus, candidiasis, thrush, sex infections

Our site allocated three main types of candidiasis, which can manifest itself from representatives of strong sex. So, men may suffer from the following types of infection:

  • Candidiasis of external genital organs;
  • oral cavity infection;
  • Skin thrush.

There are other, less common, but more dangerous types of infection. They appear if the pathogenic fungi fall into the blood and spread throughout the body, hitting the internal organs. The likelihood of such a problem in healthy people is almost equal to zero, which you will not say about people with severe immunity.

Causes of the appearance of thrush

Men's diseases, fungal infections, fungus, candidiasis, thrush, sex infections

In some cases, about 10% of men, thrush proceeds asymptomatic and does not express himself. But often fungal infection is manifested in the form of the following signs:

  1. Inflammation of the head of the penis, accompanied by swelling and redness.
  2. Painful sensations that occur during sexual intercourse and in the process of ejaculation.
  3. The feeling of burning in urination.
  4. The appearance on the genitals of a white-yellow laid possessing a characteristic acid smell.

Probable complications of candidiasis

If you do not engage in the treatment of thrush with the appearance of its first signs, the disease may in a short time to move from skin cover to internal organs. The complications of the candidiasis of male genitals include:

  1. Candadose urethritis. This condition is characterized by the defeat of the urethra canal candida fungi. In addition to the general symptoms of the thrush, this disease is accompanied by rapid urination, pain and burning in the urethra, appearance in the urine of blood or mucus. Under candidal urethritis, men can observe in the mornings of the selection from the penis. These discharge are a thick mucus with an unpleasant smell.
  2. Candadose pyelocystitis - another dangerous complication of thrush, in which fungi affect buds and bladder. This state is expressed by painful sensations in the area of ​​these organs, an increase in body temperature, weakness, malaise, cutting pain when urination.

These diseases require immediate appeal to the doctor.

Treatment of thrush in men

Men's diseases, fungal infections, fungus, candidiasis, thrush, sex infections

Effectively cure candidiasis and avoid further recurrences will help complex therapy, which includes funds for local applications, as well as oral drugs. Crees and ointments include such creams and ointments:

  • Econazole;
  • Clotrimazole;
  • Miconazole;
  • Ketokonazole.

Treatment of thrushs will be more efficient, if you add a tablet rate from the candidiasis. The most common means for the treatment of such diseases is Fluconazole. He neutralizes special enzymes that are necessary for the vital activity of Candida fungi.

Note that self-treatment is quite dangerous, since the disease can go into a chronic form. Only a doctor can assign effective therapy, so when symptoms of thrush appear to the clinic.

Prevention of the disease

Men's diseases, fungal infections, fungus, candidiasis, thrush, sex infections

The main measures of the warning of the candidiasis are:

  1. Compliance with personal hygiene rules. It implies regular adoption of the bath or soul, as well as washing hands every time before visiting the toilet and after the completion of this process.
  2. Maintaining healthy stomach and intestine microflora. This means that if you are forced to take antibiotics for one reason or another, simultaneously you should drink special medicines for warning Dysbacteriosis.
  3. Proper nutrition. Fungi are especially actively developing in those people who in large quantities are in food carbohydrates. Such products include sweets, flour and pasta, potatoes.
  4. Synthetic underwear increases the risk of thrush development, so it is recommended to wear native garments created from natural fabrics: cotton, flax.

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