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  • What actually causes gastritis in children and how to avoid this disease? Tell gastroenterologists – Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Boris Samuilovich Kaganov, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor Petr Leonidovich Shcherbakov and Doctor of Medical Sciences Alexander Sergeevich Potapov.

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    Gastritis & ndash; Family disease In fact, chronic gastritis, that is, inflammation of the gastric mucosa, causes not spoiled food of bad canteens, and a whole complex of various factors: stresses that schoolchildren have plenty of irregular food, unhealthy food – All these favorite children are carbonated drinks, foods with preservatives, dyes, various food additives. In general, all that we are mostly and eat, not having the ability to prepare dinners only from pair meat, freshly angled fish or vegetables grown without chemical fertilizers. And environmental pollution very badly affects our stomachs.

    Previously, gastritis were not considered an infectious disease. But two decades ago, scientists revealed the causative agent of this disease – Bacteria Helicobacter Pilori. It enters the stomach and causes inflammation of its mucous membranes, as well as the mucous membrane of the 12th. Unbearable gastritis can go into an ulcer. And at the same time, not everything is so simple and definitely. Because children are gastritis in the absence of Helicobacter Pilori. With them, by the way, you can quickly cope.

    And it happens that a person carries a helicalobacter in himself, but does not sick. There may be helixobacter without gastritis and gastritis without Helicobacter. But the last cases are still not frequent. 80% of patients with gastritis associated with this pathogen. Bad water and bad air reduce our immunity, the body ceases to cope with the pathogenic bacteria, their colonies grow and inflamed the gastric mucosa.

    Gastritis arise in children most often at the time when they start going to kindergarten or to school, and at 14–15 years, in the period of hormonal perestroika. Hormonal perestroika «knocks down» The work of many organism systems, for example, can lead to disruption of acidity in the stomach or to impaired motor functions of the gastrointestinal tract. So the teenager is very vulnerable for this bacterium. And by 18 years we have 70–80% of adolescents already have chielicobacter pylori.

    Inside closed collectives

    Infected baby helicobacter in the family. This bacterium moves from a person to man only with long-term contact: through the unwashed hands, household items, with kisses. Gastritis, ulcers – Diseases of closed collectives. It makes no sense to treat one child, it is necessary to treat the whole family. If the recovered child is returned to the family, where the focus of pathogens is not destroyed, the exacerbation of the disease will occur after three months, and even before. If only one child in the family, the disease will resume after 7–8 months.

    Doctors, examining patient families, in 40% of cases find ulcers from parents, who have not yet shown themselves about the existence of which adults themselves are not suspected. Usually such forms of illness are in women. So children infect parents. If you treat the whole family, it is likely that neither gastritis nor ulcers will never visit her anymore. In an adult, which was treated from Helicobacter, immunity arises to this bacterium, so the disease is returned only in 1% of cases.

    Gastritis has no signs for which it would be immediately seen that this disease was nothing. But if the child has pain in the abdomen, heartburn, belching, violation of the chair in one direction or the other – Be sure to show his gastroenterologist.

    Helicobacter good does not happen

    Helicobacter under the microscope looks like a pale blue droplet of dew, in which a whole colony of bacteria grows. On the one hand, this microbe dies from the slightest exposure: from atmospheric air, from a pressure drop, from alcohol. And at the same time, he knows how to survive: the conditions of his life have increasingly worsened, as he goes into a canned form – Forms Cockki. In Cockk, Helicobacter can live for a long time: and on the dishes, and on towels. Cockki is easily flushed, but, falling into the water, they populate single-cell organisms, together with them, and when they get to our stomachs again, they begin to actively multiply.

    Long in our body Helicobacter just does not live. In 100% of cases, he causes cancer of tissue. Only this rebirth can last from 10 to 15 years. Therefore, children infected with Helicobacter, there are no such rebirths. But the gastric cancer in adults – These are missed by pediatricians gastroenterological problems of children.

    You can get rid of the Helicobacter using antibiotics, and the patient is prescribed now 3–4 drugs at the same time. Short course – lasts a week, so there should be no passes in the reception of drugs. Treatment is not easy. Such a large amount of antibacterial drugs violates the intestinal microflora. After taking antibiotics you have to restore it. In addition, antibiotics can cause allergies from a child, and this problem is solved individually in each case.

    But even effective therapy can not guarantee 100% success. Helicobacter – Very living bacteria, she knows how to change so quickly and adapt that even very good drugs after a while cease to act on it.

    Mode – primarily!

    Gastritis & ndash; Family disease Gastritis Prevention – Good nutrition, hygiene and mode. The child must have breakfast before he goes to school. And it is better not a sandwicher, but porridge, preferably oatmeal. Tea and coffee should be disinterested to drink not irritated mucous membrane.

    It is impossible to make big breaks between meals. It is unacceptable when the teenager goes to school without breakfast, and dins only at 5 o'clock. With this mode, he will definitely have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.

    It is better to avoid fatty and fried dishes, sharp seasonings – Or at least there is their occasionally, moderately. Harmful hot drinks are harmful: they lead to an increase in acidity, an increase in intra-abdominal pressure, to belching, heartburn, throwing acidic content from the stomach in the esophagus. In general, the rules of healthy nutrition are known to everyone. The main thing – find the strength to keep them.

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