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  • Meteorism: Transferred or fell ill
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  • Meteorism: Transferred or fell ill

    & laquo; gas masks & raquo; For meteorism

    After the rich feasts, to the number of which, undoubtedly belongs to New Year, often feel like an air balloon. And saying. Raja, which displays the intestines, lead to the embarrassment of loved ones and colleagues. How to resist this?

    Normally, the intestine of a healthy adult contains about 200 ml of gases. More than 50% of this volume falls on nitrogen, the rest is oxygen, carbon dioxide, methane and hydrogen. A part of the gases accumulating in the digestive tract is absorbed in the colonist, the remaining outlook. During the day, a healthy person is able to allocate from 500 to 1500 ml of gases. If the meteorism happens, the gases in the intestine begin to form at an accelerated pace, but at the same time are slower. This is due to intestinal motility disorders. As a result, the stomach is bloated, like a bear from a popular fairy tale, after which a metering process (permanent gases) begins after a while).

    Arise «Winni-Poha Syndrome» maybe for different reasons. Often, meteorism is observed in the irritable intestine syndrome, with various anomalies of the intestinal structure, after operations. It can develop in elderly patients (with a reduced bowel tone), in people who lead a low-effective lifestyle, as well as children due to the weakness of the muscles of the abdominal press. Gases can flow into the intestines of blood or with dusting air, be a consequence of stress, circulatory disorders, changes in the normal composition of microflora in the colon due to acute intestinal infections (dysentery, salmonellosis), enzymatic deficiency in chronic pathology of the digestive tract (gastritis, pancreatitis, cholecystitis).

    But, perhaps, most often excessive gas formation in the digestive tract appears due to the festive meal, which turns out to be in our stomach due to natural curiosity and desire to try the other and third. Meeting of kvass, milk, black bread, lamb, grapes, pears, potatoes, cabbage and other components of a festive treat in one belly to anything good does not lead.

    Meeting facilities

    Preparations that eliminate symptoms of meteorism are called the wind turbines. These include defoamers that reduce gas formation, and means (prokinetics and phytopreparations) to enhance the intestinal motility in order to accelerate the passage of gases in the digestive tract.

    In the meteorism of the gases in the digestive tract have the form of a fine-grained foam shrouded in a viscous mucus that covers the inner walls of the intestines and prevents the normal flow of digestion and suction processes to the normal layer.

    Approximately 70% of gases located in the digestive tract - dusting air. In the stomach of man just for one swallowing movement turns out to be 2-3 ml of air. But this volume can increase, if you chew a gum or drink through the straw, talk during meals or just hastily absorb food.


    Poogasying properties have preparations created on the basis of dimethics and symitical (dysflatyl, sab simplex, espeamizan). Dimethicone consists of dimethylsiloxane polymers. And the simethicone is a mixture of dimethics and finely chopped silica dioxide.

    Dimeticone and Siemetikon reduce the surface tension of gas bubbles in the intestinal lumen, leading to their rupture or merger. As a result, the foam is destroyed, and its volume becomes less. And the release of gas or partially absorbed in the intestine, or outward.

    Currently, for the treatment of meteorism, promising combinations of dimethics and symeticon with anti-inflammatory agents, spasmolitics, antacids, fungal substances are used.

    These drugs are produced in convenient for use of dosage forms: drops (dysflatyl, sab simplex); emulsions (Espumizan); gels (pepsan-p); suspensions for reception inside (Maalox plus, relazer); capsules (meteorospazmil, espeamizan); Tablets (pancreatophula, UNIENZIM), including effervescent (pepfis).

    Siemeticone is not absorbed in the intestine, is excreted from the body unchanged, so even in children of infant (dysflatyl, sab simplex, espeamizan) can be applied.

    Gas removal accelerators

    To means accelerating gases include prokinetics and phytopreparations that are able to strengthen the tone and intestinal motorcycle, facilitating the passage of gases on the digestive tract.

    Domperidon (Motilium), Cyprisd (Coordinix), Metoklopramide (Cerukal) are used as prokinetics.

    The fruits of dill pahuchi (2 tablespoons) can be brewed with a glass of hot boiled water, 15 minutes to insist on a water bath, and after cooling to take inward in warm form 1/3 cup 3-4 times a day.

    Children are suitable for the granulated PRATEX drug (contains extract of fruit and fennel essential oil), which can be dissolved in water and in milk. Fennel fruits are able to also have a soothing effect on the nervous system, which can also reduce the manifestations of meteorism.

    Activated carbon hurry to help

    & laquo; gas masks & raquo; For meteorismIf the cause of the meteorism has become enzyme failure, then the doctor will additionally recommend drugs containing pepsin (abomin, acidine-pepsin, pepsidyl) or pancreatin (Creon, Mesim Forte, Mikrazim, Poletatal, Penzal, Festal, Enzystal). And after transferring acute intestinal infections to restore microflora and the prevention of meteorism, appoint acilakt, bacospylum, bosporin, bifidumbacterin, bificol, lactobacterin, Linex and Hilak Forte.

    Adsorbents can be used to eliminate excess gas formation: Activated Coal (Carbolong, Carbolong, Carbaktin, Activated Coal «KM», Ultra adsorb), Aluminum and magnesium preparations (Almagel, Gastal, Phosfaleugel), Funds based on lignin and cellulose (lignosorb, polyfepan, filmmaker). However, their action develops slowly, and continues not long. In addition, these drugs together with gases are able to absorb and valuable for the body of the substance (vitamins, micro- and macroelements). Therefore, their effectiveness in the meteorism is insignificant.

    In any case, the elimination of unpleasant symptoms of meteorism should be started with the correction of diet and nutritional hygiene. After all, the exclusion from the food diet of products causing excess gas formation, and eliminating factors contributing to aerophagia by themselves lead to positive results.

    Thus, with meteorism, you can also fight. But it is desirable, when it appears, still consult with a doctor. He will be able to appoint really adequate and effective treatment.

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