Peptic illness: how to live


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  • How and from?

    Peptic illness: how to live
    - Why ulcer is formed?

    - Experiences, stresses sharply increase the acidity of gastric juice - this is the most frequent and main factor in the development of ulcerative disease. Although smoking, and irregular nutrition, and hormonal shear in the body are.

    - Is it true that men most often suffer from a pressing disease?

    - Yes it is. Women are much less susceptible to this disease. Approximately 1: 5 ratio.

    - What happens in the body why ulcer is formed?

    - Normably in a healthy person, salt acid does not come to the duodenum. But the patient of hydrochloric acid is formed, firstly, a lot, secondly, the contents of the stomach is evacuated too quickly from it, and hydrochloric acid enters the duodenum. Along with hydrochloric acid, pepsin comes there, which also damages the duodenal mucosa.

    With a stomach ulcer a slightly different picture. In such patients, the acidity of the gastric juice may be normal, even reduced, and nevertheless an ulcer is formed. Here, the violation of the engine function of the stomach and its coordination between the stomach and duodenum has a crucial importance. A bile of duodenal in the stomach is released, bile acids damage the gastric mucosa. In addition, such patients, as a rule, due to the reduced motor function of the stomach, food in the stomach is delayed longer. It stimulates additional hydrochloric acid production.

    What complain?

    - How to recognize where an ulcer was formed?

    - Heartburn, Open with sour, feeling of gravity in the area of ​​the stomach - not necessarily ulcerative disease. It may be gastroduodenitis, and erosive gastritis and T. D. The first, the main sign of ulcerative disease - pain. With a duodenal ulcer there are hungry pains, as well as 1.5-2 hours after eating. And in patients with ulcer stomach pain occur in 20-30 minutes after meals. As a rule, it becomes easier if you eat something else - food neutralizes hydrochloric acid, irritation of the ulcer of gastric juice stops. But in each case, the diagnosis of ulcerative disease requires confirmation.

    The main method of diagnostics is simple, available and mastered almost everywhere - this is an endoscopic study of the stomach and duodenum. It allows you to determine where it is precisely an ulcer, superficial it or deep, to determine its size, character and t. D. Depending on this, the treatment method is selected - conservative or surgical.

    Ulcer and cancer

    - And what are the complications?

    - The Most Grozny - Split, when the hole is formed on the site of the ulcers and peritonitis develops. Bleeding may occur, it happens, very difficult, in such cases requires an urgent operation. Peptic ulcer may complicate and narrow the stomach, which also requires operational intervention. But timely conservative treatment, as a rule, avoids these complications.

    - Why ulcerative disease is considered a precancerous disease?

    - Duodenal ulcers in this regard «prosperous», they never reborn. Where the acidity is increased - there is no cancer! But the ulcer of the stomach (with normal or even reduced acidity) with a long chronic flow can really be reborn into cancer. This occurs in 10-15% of patients with a stomach ulcer, but only in those cases, if the ulcer is not treated!

    Ulcerative duel of the duodenum today is treated very successfully. Antacid drugs are prescribed (almagel, phosphhalugel), they neutralize gastric juice, form a film on the surface of the ulcers itself, protecting it from the effects of hydrochloric acid and pepsin; Preparations, overwhelming gastric secretion, so-called H2-blockers - gastrocepin, tagamet and drugs of today Famotidin, Ulzran, they practically do not have negative side effects.

    Important, and sometimes determining, phase of treatment of peptic ulcer disease is the elimination of helicobacter infection, for which antibiotics are appointed sensitive to this infection.

    As a rule, indirect action preparations are prescribed, such as Solfirel. It is not anti-sized, but it promotes epithelialization and scarring of ulcers.

    - How long does the course of treatment last?

    - The duodenal ulcer is usually hammering for 21 days. With ulcer stomach is more difficult. There, the edges of the ulcers are compacted, and the blood circulation in this zone is usually broken, so the ulcer can not heal for a long time. If 3 months of treatment do not give the result, then the issue of the operation arises to avoid complications.

    There are also launched ulcers of the duodenal intestine, when the bottom of the ulcers is no longer the wall of the duodenum, but the neighboring organ. Such ulcers to treat conservatively not only useless, but also dangerous, operation is needed.

    Treat, it is impossible to slow!

    Peptic illness: how to live
    - What are the operations for ulcery disease?

    - With the stomach ulcer, the stomach resection is performed - 2/3 of the stomach is removed with the ulcer. In patients undergoing resection, acidity becomes almost zero. After all, it is removed most of the zone of the stomach in which gastric juice is produced.

    With ulcerative duodenal disease, the last 20 years and we have, and abroad, organ-powder operations are widely applied, for example, the wandering nerves are crossing the secretion of gastric juice. Thus eliminate the stimulation of gastric juice, and the best option in such cases is the establishment of zero acidity.

    - And in what cases they resort to the ears of the ulcers? How effective this method is?

    - This operation is performed in emergency testimony - when the peptic disease is complicated by the cam. Operation saving, but not healing patient from ulcerative disease. It is performed in weakened patients, with severe accompanying diseases, with a great thoughtfulness of perforation (12- 24 hours or more). Alas, many come to surgery too late, especially patient elderly people - lose their pain in the day...

    - If a person was unsuccessfully treated with drugs, then he still made a planned operation, which means that he will be healthy?

    - If technically the operation is performed correctly and in due volume, then the person becomes almost healthy. In cases of relapse, it is necessary to look for other reasons for the development of ulcerative disease - the diseases of the pancreas, thyroid gland, etc. D.

    - True, the cigarette is more harmful for the yazuvender than a glass of vodka?

    - Bad and something. Especially in combination.

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