What to feed your baby up to a year at PKU


  • This insidious phenylketonuria
  • What to feed your baby up to a year at PKU
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  • This insidious phenylketonuria

    Dreaming of a child, the parents, are his myself beautiful, intelligent,
    talented and, of course, healthy. ... But, unfortunately, many
    hereditary and congenital diseases may hinder the implementation of their
    hopes. And medicine is not able to prevent this, as not always
    can help improve the situation.

    Intrigue phenylketonuria is that in the first months of life
    child notice any of its manifestations is impossible. Only in
    age 2-6 months baby becomes lethargic, he disappears interest
    the outside may appear anxiety, vomiting, muscle violation
    tone (often its decline), convulsions, eczematous skin changes.

    In the second half of life is determined and the lag in development of the child.
    Children no longer learn the mother, do not fix your eyes on, not things
    respond to colorful toys. If untreated, mental
    retardation usually reaches a deep extent. physical
    the development of such children, as compared to the mental, disturbed to a lesser
    degree. The head of them may be a bit smaller than normal, and later
    teething. Most previously overgrown fontanelle.
    These children later begin to roll over, sit and walk.
    There are such children, wide apart, knees bent and hip
    joints, legs, shoulders and lowered head. they walk, swaying,
    small steps. Because of the increased muscle tone, they often sit,

    Given the fact that in order to prevent serious mental
    violations of the baby is necessary as much as possible early treatment for
    phenylketonuria diagnosis of neonatal solid formulation used
    screening. It is a massive laboratory test samples
    neonatal blood. If the phenylalanine content in them exceeds
    norm, baby sent to the medical and genetic counseling for
    confirm the diagnosis. Furthermore, for the detection of phenylketonuria
    phenylalanine derivatives used in the determination of urine.

    What to feed your baby up to a year at PKU

    What to feed your baby up to a year at PKUTreatment
    phenylketonuria reduced, generally to diet therapy. Since
    Confirmation of the diagnosis of phenylketonuria introduced drastic diet
    restriction of phenylalanine content. Because This amino acid in a large
    amount contained in the protein are excluded from the diet all protein
    products of animal origin. This meat, milk, fish, mushrooms ... On
    initial treatment kids get food, which fully
    no phenylalanine. Since long, and the complete exclusion of food
    phenylalanine could lead to the disintegration of endogenous (own) protein
    and the depletion of the child. Because protein requirement is compensated with
    aid of protein hydrolysates or amino acid mixtures.

    Many mothers worry that their child without the mother's milk will
    vulnerable to disease. That's what they think about doctors. because of
    genetically determined deficiency of a particular enzyme at an amino acid
    called phenylalanine in the body of the child turns into an extremely
    toxic to the brain substance. Disclaimer appointed
    dietetics or smudged can follow her in a few months
    lead to serious and irreversible changes in the intelligence of the baby!
    You must try as much as possible to strictly follow the assigned diet.
    Of course, the amount of breast milk in the baby's diet can thus
    to be negligible, but does not have to choose: very much serious
    there are consequences in case of failure of artificial feeding
    special mixtures hydrolyzate.

    What's next

    When the baby is a little older, and after
    the concentration of phenylalanine in the blood drop to normal, start slowly
    to introduce products of animal origin. The diet consists of baby
    vegetables, fruits, fats, carbohydrate products, with strict regard
    content of phenylalanine. It is necessary to ensure the delivery of the
    amino acids in the body in amounts sufficient for normal
    growth and development, but do not contribute to its accumulation in tissues.

    Currently available are many dietary products and mixtures,
    partially or totally deprived of phenylalanine. Such a strict diet
    It must be maintained for at least five years. At older ages,
    It decreases the sensitivity of the nervous system to the damaging action
    phenylalanine and its breakdown products, so that after 12-14 years, children
    may move to a normal diet. Medical treatment for
    PKU is syndromic nature and involves the use of
    anticonvulsants, nootropics (drugs that improve
    mental activity), antidepressants and others. In addition, this
    kids necessarily prescribe courses of massage and physical therapy,
    carried with them developing classes.

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