Eye involvement with gonorrhea


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  • Ophthalmia - inflammation of the mucous membranes of the eyes,accompanied by profuse suppuration. The causative agent of the disease is the gonococcus (blennophthalmia). There are gonoblennoreyu (ophthalmia) newborns and adults. Currently, due to the success of the fight against and prevention of gonorrhea in maternity hospitals, ophthalmia is rare.

    neonatal ophthalmia

    When ophthalmia neonatal eye infectionIt occurs during the passage of the fetal head through the birth canal mother with gonorrhea. Ill usually both eyes. On the 2-3 th day after the birth of a child appear swelling and redness of the eyelids, redness, and swelling of the conjunctiva. The eyelids become so dense that it is difficult to open or turn. At the beginning of the disease discharge from the conjunctival sac scanty, serous-bloody, 4-5 day becomes abundant, purulent.

    Ophthalmia may be complicated by the defeat of the hornshell to form a festering ulcer in the outcome of which is formed a thorn. Possible perforation of the cornea with the development panoftalmita, the outcome of which atrophy of the eyeball and blindness.

    Ophthalmia adults

    Eye involvement with gonorrheaadults ophthalmia is much greater. The disease occurs as a result of introduction of infection into the eye with contaminated hands by gonorrhea urinary organs or transferred to others through the patient's household items (sponges, towels, etc.). Usually affects one eye, the same symptoms as in the neonatal ophthalmia, but more pronounced, more frequently observed severe damage to the cornea.

    On examination, patients with ophthalmia while moving apart century pus may spray jet. Therefore, before uncovering the age recommended to impose on them a cotton swab and use goggles.

    Infections Treatment

    The most effective and have fast actionantibiotics and sulfa drugs. After eye washing solution isotonic sodium chloride solution was instilled penicillin (100 000 units per 10 ml distilled water), 2 drops into the eye every 5-10 minutes. in the first two hours, and then every hour for the day. Every 3 hours buried in the eye 30% sulfatsil sodium chloride (Albucidum). Penicillin intramuscularly administered in conventional dosages solution. When ophthalmia adults for the prevention of infection transfer in the other eye on it impose a protective bandage with a watch glass, the edges of which are glued sticky tape.

    Prevention of diseases of the eye

    Prevention of neonatal ophthalmia heldimmediately after birth and is carefully wiping eyelids with cotton wool soaked in a 2% solution of boric acid. Then, a few parted forever, let in the conjunctival sac of 1 drop dvuhgradusnogo silver nitrate solution (silver nitrate). The prevention of ophthalmia is of great importance to the fight against gonorrhea.

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