Thrush - not runny


  • Thrush - not runny. This is a serious disease
  • Thrush - venereal disease is not
  • Main reasons
  • The thrush dangerous?
  • How to behave during treatment
  • thrush Treatment

  • Thrush - not runny. This is a serious disease

    Thrush is also called candidiasis - because
    the causative agent of this disease is a fungus Candida. It is normally in
    the body and so is present - on the skin, mucous membranes. But as soon as
    weakened immunity, - the thrush manifest. It's not just white
    cheesy discharge, from which it is easy to get rid of. This disease
    signals us weakened immunity, and thus to re
    manifestations of the disease close. Symptoms of thrush.

    Thrush - venereal disease is not

    But considered together with them because of the overall similarity of symptoms. In
    they are different for men and women. In men, the main symptoms are - pain at
    sexual intercourse, redness, itching of the glans penis and foreskin,
    white cheesy plaque from the sour smell. Women symptoThrush - not runnywe are similar,
    but also added to the pain when urinating.

    Main reasons

    Due to the fact that yeast is often mistaken for
    venereal disease - many quarrels occur between sex
    partners. To avoid this, we explain the reasons for the emergence of
    thrush. Most often provoke thrush antibiotics (remember that
    along with you doctor prescribes antibiotics antifungals).
    Just cause may be a pregnancy, diabetes, HIV -
    infection and seemingly harmless douching.

    The thrush dangerous?

    So why should we be afraid of
    disease and not treat it as an easily recommend us
    advertisers? Well, at least, because the sick thrush at least 10
    days will not be able to live a normal sexual life.

    Besides thrush
    It may be a symptom of other diseases, but more serious -
    diabetes, such as HIV infection. Just imagine,
    how many times can a man or woman to be treated for thrush
    independently without taking tests and not suspect at these
    diseases! Man has bolevshy thrush, and ostensibly knows how to
    treatment can skip them. Similar symptoms are the same as in
    Thrush can cause gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes,
    ureaplasmosis and other infections. And besides, do not forget - we
    it is important not so much to cure thrush very much to align its own
    immunity and flora.

    How to behave during treatment

    On the methods of treatment later. First, how
    behave during development of thrush. Well, as it has been said -
    to abstain from sexual activity. If your partner is not infected,
    - It is dangerous because the Candida fungus will survive until your body
    partner. He did as will be, and then when you already disinfected,
    again make themselves felt.

    Be certain diet. necessarily
    We need to eliminate spicy food, spicy, and sweet pickle. And of course
    can not drink alcohol. Better to eat at this time of cereals,
    dairy products, fruits and vegetables.

    It is necessary to wash as often as possible. If
    required even at work (in principle, it is not difficult). But it is not perfumed
    soap, and children. You can use samodezinfitsiruyuschimisya
    wipes, pads impregnated with an antimicrobial.

    Avoid excessive loads. From all that
    can cause excessive sweating and itching. If at this time you
    We made happy by coming more and menstruation days - often change
    gaskets. A swab is better not to use it.

    Do not use different aromatic means to the crotch. They only contribute to inflammation of the mucous membrane.

    thrush Treatment

    Treatment is carried out in several stages. This
    antibiotic therapy and recovery of flora and of course welcome
    vitamins. But what kind of drugs you need to use only solves
    gynecologist. Only he will be able to pick up individual treatment. Assign
    you can both topical preparations (suppositories, ointments), and
    Internal (tablets).

    It is worth to know that among all the preparations for the
    treatment of thrush have expensive and cheap. If you have limited
    means or in time, - do not hesitate to tell the doctor about it. is he
    necessarily be able to choose the most suitable course for you. not
    forget about vitamin therapy (in case the doctor forgot about it).
    Boost immunity - thrush you will not be bothered.

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