Thrush - not a runny nose


  • Thrush – Non-nose. This is a serious illness
  • Thrush – The disease is not venereal
  • Main reasons
  • What is dangerous thrush?
  • How to behave during treatment
  • Treatment of thrush

  • Thrush – Non-nose. This is a serious illness

    The thrush is also called candidiasis - since
    The causative agent of this disease is Candida fungus. Normally he
    organism and so present – on the skin, mucous. But as soon as
    Immunity is weakening - the thrush manifests itself. It's not just white
    Curl allocations from which it is easy to get rid of. This is a disease
    signals us about weakened immunite, which means to repeated
    manifestations of disease are not far away. Symptoms of thrush.

    Thrush – The disease is not venereal

    But it is considered along with them because of the overall similarity of symptoms. W
    Men and women they are different. Men's main symptoms are pain when
    Polit act, redness, itching of penis head and extreme flesh,
    White woofer with an acidic smell. In women symptoThrush & ndash; Non-noseWe are similar,
    But also adds pain when urination.

    Main reasons

    Due to the fact that the thrush is often taken for
    venereal disease – A lot of quantities arises between the sex
    partners. To this not happen, we will analyze the causes of the emergence
    thrush. Most often provoke antibiotic thrush (remember that
    Along with antibiotics you the doctor prescribes antifungal drugs).
    Also the reason can be pregnancy, diabetes, HIV –
    infection and seemingly harmless douching.

    What is dangerous thrush?

    So why should we fear this
    diseases and not belong to it easily as recommended to us
    Advertisers? Well, at least, because the sick milk at least 10
    days will not be able to live a normal sexual life.

    In addition to this thrush
    may be a sign of other diseases, but already more serious -
    diabetes, for example, HIV infection. Just imagine,
    How many times a woman or man can be treated from thrush
    independently without surrender and not suspecting these
    Diseases! Man already sick with a thrush, and supposedly knows how
    can be treated to miss them. Similar symptoms, the same as
    thrushs can cause gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes,
    Ureaplasmosis and other infections. And besides, do not forget - we
    It is important not so much to cure the thrush itself, how much to align your own
    Immunity and microflora.

    How to behave during treatment

    About treating methods later. First about how
    behave during the manifestation of thrush. Well, as already mentioned, -
    need to refrain from sex life. If your partner is not infected,
    - It is dangerous by the fact that the Candida fungus will survive while in your body
    Partner. He will neither will show, and then, when you have already treated,
    will let yourself know.

    Observe a specific diet. Necessarily
    need to eliminate sharp dishes, spicy, pickled and sweet. And of course
    Cannot eat alcoholic beverages. Better to eat at this time with porridge,
    Equaliferous products, fruits and vegetables.

    Need as often as possible. If
    It will be necessary even at work (in principle it is not difficult). But not fragrant
    soap and children's. You can use self-adjusted
    Napkins-gaskets with antimicrobial impregnation.

    Refuse excessive loads. From everything that
    can provoke excessive sweating and itching. If at this time you
    More than the days of menstruation, more often change the days of menstruation
    Pasters. And tampon are better not to use.

    Do not use different aromatic tools for crotch. They only contribute to the inflammation of the mucous.

    Treatment of thrush

    Treatment is carried out in several stages. This is I
    Antibacterial therapy and microflora recovery, and of course reception
    Vitamins. But what drugs you need to apply solves only
    gynecologist. Only he can choose individual treatment. Assign
    You can like local drugs (candles, ointments) and
    Internal (tablets).
    It is worth knowing that among all the drugs for
    Treatment of thrush there is expensive and cheap. If you are limited in
    Means or in time - do not hesitate to tell the doctor. He
    Be sure to choose the course most suitable for you. And ne
    Forget about the vitaminotherapy (in case the doctor forgot about it).
    Increase immunity – thrush will not disturb you.

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