What is trichomoniasis?


  • How trichomoniasis is manifested?
  • What are the complications of this disease?
  • How to treat trichomoniasis?
  • How to avoid infection?

  • How trichomoniasis is manifested?

    What is trichomoniasis? The incubation period may vary from 2 days to 2 months, on average accounting for about 10 days. The disease begins with the appearance of a characteristic item in the field of the head of the penis when urination. A little later, itching spreads to the entire urethra, there are scarce whores or gray foamy seals from the urethra, often in the form of a transparent drop in the morning. In semen, blood streaks (hemospermia) can appear.

    Symptoms: in women - itching and burning in the vagina, outdoor genital organs; Abundant liquid, often foamy, yellowish bloli, often with blood and an unpleasant smell; pain at the bottom of the abdomen, in the area of ​​the belt, when urinating, sexual act, and sometimes so strong that sexual intercourse becomes impossible.

    What are the complications of this disease?

    In the absence of treatment after 3-4 weeks, all symptoms disappear and the disease goes into a chronic form. At the same time, the patient regularly arises exacerbations associated with stormy sexual intercourse, alcohol consumption and t.D. In addition, trichomonaceous infection is fast «Gets» to prostate gland and seed bubbles, causing the development of chronic prostatitis and vesiculitis. Also trichomonaceous infection can cause chronic epidididium, which often leads to infertility.

    Trichomoniasis can contribute to the inflammation of the bladder and kidneys. In addition, with trichomoniasis, the formation of erosions and ulcers of the genital organs is possible, primarily on the head of the penis and extreme flesh.

    In women, under the defeat of the uterus, long bleeding may occur.

    How to treat trichomoniasis?

    Diagnosis of trichomoniasis does not represent special difficulties. For trichomonade detection, various methods are used - microscopy smear from the urethra, sowing on the nutrient medium, etc.

    Treatment must be carried out by all partners regardless of laboratory research results. Course treatment with antibacterial drugs averages 10 days. After its completion, the introduction of drugs into the urethra. At the time of treatment, it is necessary to abandon sexual bonds and comply with a diet, eliminating fried, salt, acute food and alcohol.

    At the end of treatment and twice with an interval after 1 month, control analyzes of urogenital microflora are carried out.

    How to avoid infection?

    Prevention lies in compliance with uncomplicated rules of hygiene of sexual life:

    • Permanent partner you trust.
    • Refusal of random sexual bonds or use of a condom. (However, remember that the condom is an effective, but not 100% means of preventing venereal diseases.)
    • For the slightest suspicions of infection, refer to the urologist.

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