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  • Manifestations of syphilis
  • Diagnosis of syphilisa
  • Treatment of syphilisa

  • Syphilis – Chronic infectious disease transmitting predominantly sexually. Syphilis - a fairly common disease, in recent years, even some incidence growth is noted. Sick equally as women and men. Syphilis is widespread among the persistent sex life.

    The disease is caused by pale trone. Pale Treplema is able to maintain vitality and virulence outside the human body before drying various biological substrates. Infection occurs primarily sexually. Usually source of infection – This is a sick syphilis man. However, the household path of transmission of the causative agent of infection. Syphilis contamination is possible with direct contact of a healthy person, with damaged skin seats and mucous membranes, with sifilis patients. In addition, infection is possible when kisses, bite, breastfeeding, blood transfusion of a patient with syphilis and intrauterine. The causative agent of syphilis penetrates the body through damaged skin cover or mucous membranes, and these damage can be extremely small. Infection may not happen if the body penetrates too small portion of pale trepoon. Thus, it does not always occur with the probability of syphilis disease when sex with patients.

    Manifestations of syphilis

    Syphilis - Punishment VenusSyphilis is a disease that affects the whole human body. Disease in untreated patients lasts for many years. It is distinguished by a waveway course with the change of exacerbation periods.

    The incubation period of syphilis is from 10 to 90 days - on average 3 weeks (21 days). After this period, the first sign of syphilis appears at the site of the introduction of pale treponam in the body, called primary syphil and solid Shankro. So begins Primary syphilis, lasting 5-6 weeks. Solid Shankre on genitals can externally remind the manifestations of such inflammatory diseases as, for example, vulvit and erosion of the cervix.

    What does the local manifestation of primary syphilis in a woman – Solid Shankr - and where it appears? The place of the appearance of a solid Shankra depends on the preferences in sex. Most often it can be areas of large and small sexes, entering the vagina, cervix. Less often - the area of ​​the rear pass, the mouth and lips. First, it appears clearly defined redness of the rounded form, with a diameter of up to 1.5 cm. Redness does not deliver a woman no anxiety. After 2-3 days, it turns into bulge with a slight peeling on the surface and the base seal. A few days later the surface of this bulk is formed – erosion or ulcery with a dense base. The surface of erosion or ulcers is covered with a dirty raid. Erozen solid chancre – painless education and does not cause concern to a woman. Such a manifestation of syphilis, as a solid chancre, there is 5-6 weeks, and then heals independently.

    When attaching a bacterial infection there is a picture of almost conventional inflammation of the genital organs – vulvita, collision or inflammatory erosion of the cervix, which masks the manifestations of syphilis. Itching, burning, pain, especially amplifying after urination or when driving.

    Another manifestation of syphilis in the early stages is to increase regional, that is, located close to the place of the appearance of solid Shankra, lymph nodes. The increase in lymph nodes occurs in response to the spread of pale treponam in the body of a woman.

    During the first weeks of the existence of a solid Shankra, he is the only manifestation of syphilis. Laboratory methods of blood research still do not reveal the pathogen. Pale trepony can be found only under a microscope in a solid Shankra separated. Application at this stage of self-medication in the form of surface treatment of solid Shankra antimicrobial solutions, ignition «Zelenkaya» or iodine, makes it difficult to formulate a diagnosis «syphilis». Solid Shankre is disguised as other diseases and may be mistaken for herpetic disease.

    7-14 days after the formation of Shankra or 4-5 weeks after infection in connection with the active propagation of pale treponam in the human body and the occurrence of response immune response of the body, the study of blood allows you to identify the disease.

    By the end of the first period of syphilis, the patient begins to rise in the body temperature, headache, weakness, increased fatigue appears – Ordinary manifestations of general infection of the body.

    The first period of the development of the disease ends with the appearance of rashes on the skin of the patient. These rashes can be quite diverse and resemble the manifestations of various diseases. From this point on, the second period of syphilis begins – Secondary syphilis.

    In the secondary syphilis, infection in the body in the body of lymphatic and blood vessels occurs, so the secondary syphilis is characterized by various manifestations in the form of lesions of the skin and mucous membranes, an increase in all groups of lymph nodes (generalized lymphoacudalopathy) and internal organ damage.

    The human body is struggling with infection and the result of this is the disappearance of rashes without treatment in a few weeks. The disease acquires a hidden form and is detected only by laboratory research. However, after some time, the rashes appear again, but already in smaller quantities. So «Waves» Secondary syphilis can exist from 3-6 months to several years. The danger of secondary syphilis is that Pale Treplema is striking the internal organs of a person, causing irreversible changes in them, sometimes leading to disability. During the secondary syphilis period, hair loss is sharply intensified. It is focal nature and leads to baldness.

    Following the secondary syphilis, the third period in the development of the disease occurs – Tertiary syphilis. He continues until the end of the human life. Tertiary syphilis is characterized by the occurrence of coarse changes in many organs of the patient. Tumor formations that are a manifestation of tertiary syphilis can be detected everywhere. They disintegrate, while damaging organs. The nervous system, liver, kidneys, heart are affected. It sometimes leads to the death of the patient. In the third period, a person sick syphilis becomes practically inconsporated. In its body detects single pale treponams.

    Syphilis - Punishment Venus
    For a woman it is important to remember that there is always a real opportunity to get sifilis. During pregnancy, the likelihood of transmission of infection from mother to child. It must be remembered that the earlier appeal to the doctor provides rapid treatment and guarantees recovery. If a woman had sex with a patient with syphilis, the occurrence of the disease can be prevented if preventive treatment.

    If you have discovered suspicious manifestations of syphilis, or if you just wanted to be examined to eliminate this disease, you can contact the female consultation to a gynecologist or directly into the skin-venereologic dispensary to the venereologist.

    Diagnosis of syphilisa

    If you have suspiciously damage to the gynecologist, you will have suspicious damage to the mucous and skin, or the blood tests will show that you have this disease, you will be directed to the skin-venereologic dispensary. Syphilis – Venericual disease and full examination, and its treatment is possible only in the conditions of the skin-venereological dispensary.

    In the dispensary to confirm the diagnosis, various studies will be carried out, allowing to detect in serum the presence of pale treponia (PCR) or antibodies to it (immunofluorescence reaction, immunoblotting, immunoferment analysis, reaction of the immobilization of pale trepunia, etc.) or to tissues, destroyed syphilitic infection (Vasserman reaction, fast plasma reaction and DR.).

    Treatment of syphilisa

    All sexual partners women undergo a survey and treatment at mandatory. Specific anti-silicate drugs and other drugs are prescribed.

    During the course of treatment and after its end, a woman is necessarily examined for the presence of pale treponama. The disease implies long-term accounting and control in the skin-venereological dispensary.

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