Adnexit or inflammation of appendages


  • Inflammation of the appendens
  • Causes of inflammation of the appendens
  • Manifestations of inflammation of the appendens
  • Complications of inflammation of the appendens
  • Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of appendages
  • Prevention of inflammation of the impudations

  • Inflammation of the appendens

    Inflammation of appendages, also called adnexite or salpingo-phorite, arises as a result of infection affecting the appendage of ovarian.

    Causes of inflammation of the appendens

    The factor provoking inflammation of the ovarian appendages is often supercooling, for example, with long-term seats or lying on a cold surface. In addition, the wet legs in the cold season can also cause adnexitis.
    Cause inflammation «Normal» pathogens and sexually transmitted. Most often it is chlamydia and gonococci. If these bacteria fall into female sexual paths as a result of infection, they do not fit the acidic medium of the vagina and they strive for themselves to get into the pipes, where the environment is more appropriate. In addition, there is a cylindrical epithelium in which chlamydia can live. These pathogenic bacteria are armed with sufficient arsenal tools to resist the immune system.

    Manifestations of inflammation of the appendens

    Symptoms of inflammation of appendages:

    • sharp or stupid painful pain at the bottom of the abdomen, amplifying before or during menstruation;
    • abdominal pain during sexual intercourse, reduced sexual entry;
    • Menstrual disorders;
    • Temperature rise, weakness.

    Complications of inflammation of the appendens

    Adnexit or inflammation of appendagesDangerous complication of inflammation of ovarian appendages is infertility. It arises due to the fact that in the process of inflammation, the cells of the epithelium of uterine pipes are affected. As a result, their normal function is disturbed, and the outcome can be the scarring of the pipe that completely turns it off.

    During long inflammation of the ovarian capsules, the arrangement of connective tissue. Ovarian capsule thickened, becomes more dense. And it can happen that it will become too strong and will not break up at the moment of ovulation of the follicle. Ripened egg cell will not be able to leave the follicle. In this case, pregnancy will also be impossible.

    In addition to the pipe and the ovary, the adhesive adhesive to them — Inner abdominal cavity. To limit the spread of infection in the peritoneum, the connective tissue grows and the spikes are formed that glove the abnurbation leaves among themselves. Spikes disrupt the intestinal mobility, which can lead to pains, constipation, diarrhea. Also reduced mobility of uterine pipes, which is necessary for the fullest transfer of the egg to the uterus.

    Thus, the transferred inflammation of the ovaries can cause infertility. This form of infertility is difficult to treat. Also, in violation of mobility or patency, an ectopic pregnancy may develop.

    The work of uterine pipes and ovaries is particularly disturbed if the process has a long, chronic course. And it almost always leads acute inflammation if it is not treated. Therefore, when signs of inflammation of the appendages, it is necessary to refer to the gynecologist and not to count that the disease will be held independently.

    Diagnosis and treatment of inflammation of appendages

    Inflammation of the appendages need to be distinguished from a number of diseases that give similar symptoms. Survey and physical examination of the patient, as well as additional research methods: ultrasound of small pelvis, blood and urine tests. In some cases, diagnostic laparoscopy is shown.

    Only after the exact diagnosis is treated, which is the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial, restorative (absorption spike) of therapy. Treatment should be carried out long, imaginary well-being should not serve as a reason for early termination of treatment.

    Prevention of inflammation of the impudations

    Avoid hypothermia, especially in the field of genital organs.
    Protect sexually transmitted infections.

    Remember that medical abortions significantly increase the risk of ascending infection

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