• Causes of the occurrence of vaginite (collision)
  • Manifestations of vaginite (collision)
  • Diagnosis of vaginite (collision)
  • Treatment of vaginite (collision)

  • Colpit (vaginitis) – This is inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina. It is often combined with inflammation of the vulva (vulvit), which is explained by the anatomical features of the structure of the genital organs of a woman. In this case, they talk about vulvivaginate. The disease can be called as non-specific microorganisms (staphylococci, intestinal wand, streptococci, enterococci and t.D.) So and specific, which are often the pathogens of sexually transmitted diseases (for example, Gonococcus and Trichomonas).

    Causes of the occurrence of vaginite (collision)

    ColpitVarious factors predispose. First of all, these are disorders of the endocrine function of the ovaries. Hormonal problems arise in the presence of chronic inflammation in the field of appendages. Also in the youthful age when the formation and configuration of the entire hormonal system of the body occurs, and during the aging of a woman, in connection with the extinction of women's hormone products. In these cases, glucose accumulation in cells, which is a nutrient medium for lactobacilli, constituting a normal Woman Vagina Flora. As a result, the acidity of the vaginal secret is reduced and this facilitates the penetration of microorganisms from the outside or contributes to the activation of the local nonspecific flora. The impetus for the development of the Coligation can be an injury of the mucous membrane of the vagina during intercourse, in the absence of sufficient lubrication. Violated the integrity of the mucous membrane may result in a chemical burn caused by the use of therapeutic agents in very high concentrations inappropriate for use on genitals. In addition, with diseases such as diabetes, long-term general infections, as well as at high age, when the mucous vagina does not receive sufficient food and becomes thinner and varying, the risk of collision occurs.

    Local factors, such as non-compliance with personal hygiene rules play a major role in the occurrence of color. I would like to note that the observance of hygiene does not have anything in common, with loved many women drying. The vagina of a healthy woman does not need them. It has a current community of microorganisms, and interferences in it leads to the creation of conditions for the occurrence of collision. In addition, douching is overpowering the mucous membrane and make it hovering.

    Colpits may arise as complications of infections of the overlying genital organs – uterus and less often appendages. In this case, the release of these organs flow into the vagina and cause damage to its mucous membrane, which contributes to the penetration of infection.

    Manifestations of vaginite (collision)

    On the picture of manifestations and the depth of the lesion, Colpit has many forms from simple serous-purulent to the hardest gangrenous. But most often occurs simple colpit. What worries a woman with this disease? First of all, it is allocations (blenced), itching, burning, amplifying after urination. White character can be diverse. These may be minor discharge, as in chronic infections and abundant, as in acute diseases. May be mucous membranes, as in chlamydial infection, and can – purulent, as in gonor or trichomoniasis, or curls, like with the thrush. It was BELL who should alert a woman and bring her to a doctor.

    In addition, it is not necessary to forget that if the microorganisms are quite aggressive, and the treatment is not carried out, then ascending infection of the cervix, uterus, pipes and ovaries can occur in the development of inflammation in them.

    Diagnosis of vaginite (collision)

    Diagnosis of Color is based on the complaints of the patient, the manifestations of the disease and the results of laboratory studies. During the examination, the doctor usually carries out inspection of patient with vaginal mirrors with a vaginal smear and from the cervical cervical canal. Further bacteriological and bacterioscopic research allows you to identify the pathogen and determine its sensitivity to antibiotics. If necessary, a woman can be assigned a study by the PCR method (polymerase chain reaction).

    Treatment of vaginite (collision)

    According to the results of the survey, the woman is proposed for adequate treatment.

    Treatment of collision (vaginitis, vulvovaginitis) includes:

    • ColpitUse of local antiseptic and antimicrobial vaginal means. Their appointment is carried out by a gynecologist, taking into account the type of microorganism, which caused the inflammatory process in the vagina. Usually vaginal suppositories are prescribed for the night, after the toilet of external genital organs within 7 – 14 days.
    • In some cases, the appointment of general antibacterial therapy is required. For example, in the absence of the effect of local therapy, if there are signs of the transition of the inflammatory process from the vagina on the internal female genitals.
    • APPLICATION OF TRANSFERING Therapy, vitamins.
    • Regulation of the menstrual cycle of women in its violations.
    • After the course of treatment, the collapse is shown the therapy for the restoration of normal vaginal microflora. At the same time, the use of vaginal candles with lactobacteriums is quite effective.

    In addition, at the time of treatment, the collision is recommended to refrain from sex contacts to prevent re-infection.

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