Types of bleeding from the uterus


  • It is important to avoid stress
  • What to do with strong uterine bleeding
  • Bleeding after intercourse
  • When the female sex organs are inflamed

  • Types of bleeding from the uterusBleeding in the absence of
    pregnancy are:

    • dysfunctional
      (Related to the violation of the hormonal activity of the ovaries);
    • juvenile
      bleeding from the uterus of the girls at the stage of puberty;
    • uterine bleeding
      at menopause (linked to hormonal changes);
    • uterine bleeding
      at the stage of menopause (should be viewed as a threatening symptom
      in the presence of a woman's body tumors).

    TO Other causes of uterine bleeding (Case
    between menstruation) in the middle of the cycle are:

    • miscarriage;
    • gynecological
      procedures, for example, cervical cauterization;
    • presence
    • tumor genital infections.
      injury to the genitals.

    It is important to avoid stress

    When bleeding
    in the middle of the cycle after menstruation before menstruation, doctors are advised to avoid
    stress, more rest. If bleeding triggered by illness, prescribe
    treatment of this disease.

    What to do with strong uterine bleeding

    When strong
    uterine bleeding is not necessary to go to the outpatient gynecological
    clinic and an urgent need to call an emergency room or to rush to the hospital,
    there to stop the bleeding and conducted further observation.

    Bleeding after intercourse

    If a woman stands
    blood from the genitals after sex is - postcoital bleeding.
    The reasons for this can be very diverse. In most cases, these
    bleeding from the genital organs do not present any particular risk for women
    but better as soon as possible after all to turn to gynecologist, Find out the causes of bleeding,
    take steps to cure the disease.

    Why blood is released from the genitals after

    Causes of mechanical

    • injuries that
      the woman received as a result of overly rough or active sex;
    • wall rupture
    • cervical erosion;
    • arch gap
    • mucosal damage

    If the bleeding is profuse,
    you should immediately seek help.

    When the female sex organs are inflamed

    The cause genital
    bleeding after sex can be an inflammatory disease of female genital
    authorities. Most often, the blood discharge after sex are due to cervicitis - inflammation of cervical disease or vaginitis - inflammation of the vagina. AT
    both cases, the blood discharge from the genital tract of women is associated not only with the
    sex, and there is no bleeding only after sexual intercourse.

    Each woman at
    least twice a year need to undergo preventive examination by a gynecologist.
    Then there will be a greater chance to heal disease in the early stages.

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