Types of bleeding from the uterus


  • It is important to avoid stress
  • What to do with severe uterine bleeding
  • Bleeding after sexual intercourse
  • When female genitals are inflamed

  • Types of bleeding from the uterusBleeding in absence
    Pregnancy are:

    • dysfunctional
      (associated with violation of the hormonal activity of the ovaries);
    • Juvenile
      bleeding from the uterus in girls at the stage of puberty;
    • Uterine bleeding
      when climax (associated with hormonal perestroika);
    • Uterine bleeding
      At the postmenopause stage (it is necessary to consider how a threatening symptom
      Availability in the body of women neoplasms).

    TO The number of other reasons for uterine bleeding (Cases
    between menstruation) in the middle of the cycle can be attributed:

    • miscarriage;
    • Gynecological
      procedures, for example, cackting the cervix;
    • presence
      intrauterine spiral;
    • tumors, Sex infections,
      Injury genital organs.

    It is important to avoid stress

    When bleeding
    In the middle of the cycle after menstruation before monthly doctors advise to avoid
    Stress, more rest. If bleeding is provoked by the disease, prescribe
    Course of treatment of this disease.

    What to do with severe uterine bleeding

    With the appearance of strong
    uterine bleeding should not go into outpatient gynecological
    clinic, but urgently need to raise emergency care or hurry in the hospital,
    So that there stopped bleeding and followed further observation.

    Bleeding after sexual intercourse

    If a woman stands out
    blood from the genitals after sex, it — Postcoal bleeding.
    The reasons for this may be the most diverse. In most cases, similar
    bleeding from genitals does not represent much danger for a woman,
    But it's better to turn to how soon gynecologist, Find out the causes of bleeding,
    take measures to cure disease.

    Why blood is distinguished from the genitals after

    Causes of mechanical

    • Injuries that
      The woman received as a result of too coarse or active sex;
    • Tarrow of the wall
    • cervical erosion;
    • Target vault
    • Damage to mucosa
      cervical cervix.

    If bleeding is abundant,
    you need to immediately seek help.

    When female genitals are inflamed

    Cause of gender
    bleeding after sex can be inflammatory disease of female genital
    organs. Most often, blood release after sex appears due to Cervicitis — Inflammatory disease of the cervix or vaginite — Inflammation of the vagina. IN
    both cases is the selection of blood from the genital paths of women not only with
    sex, and bleeding occurs not only after sexual intercourse.

    Every woman at least
    Extent, twice a year you need to pass a prophylactic examination at the gynecologist.
    Then there will be more chances to cure a subsection in the early stages.

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