Erosion, myths and reality ...


  • How can you avoid this?

  • "You have cervical erosion." In such
    woman doctor word react differently. Some begin to worry others
    refer to this almost indifferently. The first option is clear, the patient
    think about your health and taking with your doctor
    appropriate therapeutic measures. But why sometimes there
    another option to do with this problem?

    woman heard from friends that the cervical erosion can
    occur, and then pass on their own, for example after birth.
    And anyway, why worry: no pain, general
    state of health does not suffer.

    benign cervical disease does not cause pain
    sensations, the woman feels good, just can periodically intensify
    vaginal discharge.

    In fact it is not.
    Gradually, in the absence of treatment, in the background there are areas of erosion
    dysplasia of cervical epithelium.

    Erosion, myths and reality ...

    Dysplasia -
    This changes the nature of cervical precancerous tissue cells. Dysplasia light
    degree is often detected in cervical inflammation. It is known that
    infection with human papillomavirus infection (PVI) increases the risk of developing dysplasia
    10 times. There are mild dysplasia, moderate and severe.
    In modern literature preinvasive dysplasia and carcinoma of the cervix
    the uterus is treated as a single lesion with varying degrees of severity
    and use the terms "cervical intraepithelial neoplasia" -
    CIN I, II and III degree or "squamous intraepithelial
    defeat »- SIL low and high severity.

    no proper treatment, the process can end
    carcinoma formation that occurs in women of childbearing
    children in such situations more and more often. According MZRF peak
    PVI incidence falls on women of reproductive age
    and it is through this group is increasing the incidence of cervical cancer (CC).

    Erosion, myths and reality ...Dysplasia
    I degree (mild) gradually degenerates into severe form and then
    in cervical cancer. Cervical cancer is the second most frequent
    among malignant tumors of female genital mutilation. Causes of diseases
    Cervical following: the main importance is given to the presence of papilomavirusnoy
    infection, herpes simplex virus. Also, there are cervical erosion
    against the background of Chlamydia, mikoureoplazmennoy and mixed infections. All these
    types of infections are a group of diseases, sexually transmitted diseases.

    women suffering from cervical disease, there are hormonal
    disorders, which complicates the treatment of the disease.

    How can you avoid this?

    • Every woman, regardless of age, must be inspected
      gynecologist 2
      once a year, to conduct a survey cytomorphological
      the presence of atypical (m. e. pre-cancerous) cells.

      Colposcopy -
      This detailed examination of cervical mucus under a 15-fold or more
      increase that to a large degree of certainty to distinguish
      benign from malignant changes. Often this study
      Schiller followed by diagnostic tests, when the cervix are stained
      iodine solution that reveals altered portions which
      They do not accumulate iodine and appear bright spots on a dark background
      cervical unchanged. These sites and studied at cytological
      study (cytology smears). Although this method is
      and highly significant, it is still linked to the possibility of
      error. Therefore, the final diagnosis is made on the basis of
      cervical histology studies when a biopsy and / or scraping

    • Using modern methods of diagnosis carried out to identify possible
      infections, hormonal disorders.

      after a full survey can proceed to treatment. The first stage
      is sanitation, ie. e. removal of the infectious agent from the genital
      tract of the patient. The various methods of influence used
      on abnormal cervical tissue.

      and chemical cautery and electrocautery, cryosurgery
      treatment and laser therapy.

      this makes it possible to treat each patient individually, which
      it is very important to achieve good results in the treatment of cervical disease

    Erosion, myths and reality ...

    Gynecologist Clinic at Paveletskaya is the reception and treatment of patients with cervical disease

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