How to speed up or remove the arrival of monthly?


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  • Immediately, let's say that experiments with their cycle are a complicated thing. Preparations that cause the expected hormonal failure, in different ways act on women. After their application, problems with a cycle and conception.

    What specialists say

    If you are regularly cutting hormonal contraceptive pills, they can also help manage the menstrual cycle. Mechanism action simple. In the first half of the cycle, our body produces estrogens - hormones produced mainly by follicular ovarian apparatus in women. And in the second half - progesterons, the main hormone of the yellow bodies of the ovaries. The actions of the latter are aimed at preserving the proposed pregnancy. So our monthly start at the moment when the level of progesterone falls.

    • To change the hormonal background, various drugs are applied, say, «Duphaston», «Norcut» and others. However, the doctor's consultation is needed before using the tablets, which will prescribe a certain drug and its accurate dosage. Do not forget that drugs have contraindications, in addition to this, the body of each woman is individual!
    • Another option related to the adoption of oral contraceptives: You can cut the second package without a break, thereby canceling the arrival of monthly. True, and such an experiment will not end, if it is happening more often than two times a year. The positive effect, concomitant rest, may unpleasantly disappointed after it, causing a lot of inconvenience.

    Folk art

    How to speed up or remove the arrival of monthly?
    • There are folk remedies who know many grandmothers and moms. For example, one or two lemon eaten the day - three days before the date of the beginning of the menstruation, they move their arrival for 3-5 days.
    • Another tool is a parsley bowl that drinks in two half-tables per day for three to four days. He is capable, on the contrary, bring the arrival of monthly.
    • When a monthly delay is used in the valerian root mixture (3 parts), daisy flowers pharmacy and mint leaves (4 parts). The mixture is poured with a glass of boiling water, insist and drink in the hot form by half a compartment 2 times a day.
    On which methods to stop - to solve you, but it is best to transfer the decision to a more competent person, that is, at a specialist in the field of gynecology.

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