What Triyopol treats


What Triyopol treatsDrug Triyopol (metrodinazole) — Anti-Patomaic agent with antibacterial effect. Depending on the kind of infection, the medicine is assumed orally or apply to the skin surface. The active substances of the drug come into relationship with the DNA of the pathogenic cell and disturb the synthesis of nucleic acids, which is mortally for pathogens of microorganisms. Trichopol is well used in the fight against the infections of the bacterial nature of the respiratory tract, genital organs, joints, CNS and leather.

Metrodinazole — The main active substance of the drug, in addition to antibacterial action, is able to deal with the simplest, parasites, ticks and pathogenic microorganisms (giardia, trichomonas, amoebas, balancing, for example). Esaling the body from parasites, trichopol removes inflammation and normalizes the state of the damaged area of ​​the skin. The beneficial effect of this fund is noted to eliminate acne (it is most effective with pink eels). Trichopol, due to the properties of its active substance, improves the sensitivity of tumors to irradiation and promotes rehabilitation processes. This tool has high bioavailability (about 80%). When taking the drug together with food, the speed of its suction slows down. When using trichopol, urine color can become a red, brown or dark shade.

Under what diseases to use metrodinazole

The active substance of trichopol Metrodinazole easily penetrates through the hematoplazent barrier and can affect the development of the fetus, so it is impossible to apply it in the first trimester. In the second and third trimesters, the possibility and effectiveness of the use of trichopol is assessed by the attending physician. In the period of breastfeeding, metrodinazole stands out with Mother's milk, so the lactation will have to stop at the treatment of this medicine.

Trichopol approved as a drug that helps to cope with:

  • trichomoniasis;
  • giardiasis;
  • bacterial vaginosis;
  • Amebiazia;
  • periodontal infectious states;
  • by bacterial infections caused by anaerobami sensitive to metrodinazole;
  • Infections caused by Helicobacter Pilori (in cases of stomach and duodenal ulcers), — In a complex with antibiotics (type of amoxicillin) and bismuth preparations.

In terms of thrush, trichopol is effective only under the therapy of the chronic form of this disease, due to the fact that this form is accompanied by infections. In cases of acute thrush, the drug is not effective. Treat triochol gonorrhea is not worthless without observation and advice of the doctor, otherwise you risk getting a chronic form of this pathology.

Features of the use of trichopol

Features of the use of trichopolExcept for pregnant women (in early time) and lactating women, trichopol reception is not allowed in leukopenia, epilepsy and individual intolerance of the components of the drug. Little children at the age of less than three years also are contraindicated to apply metrodinazole. Teenagers are not recommended to apply trichopol in the complex with antibiotics. In case of violations of the kidney and liver, a dose adjustment is required. If a patient has a porphyrin disease, the use of the drug trichopol can lead to complications and is not recommended.

If you are a car enthusiast, then at the time of therapy trichopol will have to abandon driving and from activities requiring the reaction speed. Medicinal interaction with other drugs has its own characteristics. Trichopol is inclined to increase the effect of anticoagulants (diluting the blood of the means) of the Kumarine row (for example, warfarin). Co-use with cimetidine leads to a high concentration of metrodinazole in the blood and provokes the appearance of side effects. Before starting independent treatment with trichopol, consult with your doctor.

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