Restoration of monthly after delivery


Restoration of monthly after deliveryPregnancy — Important and difficult period in the life of a woman. The menstrual cycle for the period of fetal is undergoing a number of changes. Its recovery begins after delivery and requires a certain time. For nine months of menstruation, they are usually not observed, ovulation too — This is due to hormonal changes. Hormonal background of women is restored after the birth of a child. Menstruation again appear when the hormonal balance comes back to normal.

Recovery period individual for each woman. In most cases, critical days are returned after the lactation process is completed. In the period of breastfeeding, the female pituitary is producing prolactin hormone, which contributes to the production of milk and suppresses the activity of the ovaries. If a woman cannot feed the baby with breasts (no milk), then menstruation is returned much more: six or ten weeks later. Help the rapid restoration of hormonal balance and menstruation will help:

  • rest;
  • sufficient sleep;
  • schedule;
  • good psychological condition;
  • No postpartum complications and chronic diseases.

Features of the return of monthly after the birth of the child

Features of the return of monthly after the birth of the childMenstrual cycle after childbirth, as a rule, quickly comes to normal, and menstruation becomes regular. The restoration of menstruation is not affected by the method of birth: Natural childbirth and caesarean section are not key factors to return monthly. After the breeding of the uterus, as well as the location of the organs in the abdominal cavity, change: its bend is somewhat straightened. This is connected with the fact that menstruation after childbirth is almost painless and discomfort practically disappears. The fact is that pain sensations in menstruation are often associated with a bend of the uterus, which interferes with normal blood flow.

Monthly after childbirth can be confused with lochia (postpartum discharges resulting from damage to the uterine shell). These selection is particularly intense in the first postpartum days, but over time, their number decreases markedly. On average, the length of the release of Lohi can reach eight weeks. After pregnancy and childbirth, the female organism is restored. The next pregnancy is not recommended to plan an early one two years after the previous one.

Postpartum disorders of menstruation

After such a complex process, like childbirth, a woman may have complications. Monthly may not recover, even if breastfeeding is missing. Such a phenomenon can be associated with the presence of urinary pathology, endometriosis, inflammatory process in ovaries, oncology or simply not restored hormonal background. The following situations require the appeal to the gynecologist:

  • There are no lactation, and menstruation has not recovered;
  • Menstruation is too abundant and intense;
  • The monthly cycle did not recover three months after the first postpartum menstruation.

Do not be afraid to turn to the gynecologist for advice. After childbirth, it is important to comply with personal hygiene rules: use smooth gaskets and take an intimate shower with baby soap.

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