Female vaginism


  • What is vaginism
  • Treatment of vaginism

  • What is vaginism

    Vaginism is
    Facial cutting of the circular muscle of the vagina and the muscles of the crotch,
    uncontrolled and painful, appearing when trying to introduce into it
    penis, or doctor tool with gynecological examination, not
    Already about other subjects, even the smallest, such as tampons.

    It happens,
    that woman is impossible to introduce a finger. And in extremely severe cases
    Vaginism, a woman at the thought of copulation begins an involuntary
    Spasm of musculature, which unpleasantly irrades (distributed) by
    the inner side of the thigh and accompanied by convulsions, pain.
    This pathology is small, about 3 to 4% of young people suffer from about 3 to 4%
    women. Vaginism often affects higher educated women and
    women prone to exaltation.

    Disorder may appear in any
    age, mostly up to 25 years, and as a result of various reasons. W
    Some such a state arises due to the fear of the first intercourse,
    After rape or coarse defloration, other violence,
    visual (visual) fright, stress, after inflammatory
    diseases, lack of elementary knowledge of sexual life, lack
    Lubricants at the shame of both partners and t. NS. Vaginism is often
    consequence of dispariance and vice versa, but more often the combination of these

    Female vaginism
    Of course, such a state will disturb you and your partner,
    Especially even with the most gentle, tactful, soft behavior of a man,
    The pain in the pelvis area has a woman. She tries to avoid
    sexual intercourse and even if it goes to it (only in easy cases
    vaginism), then the price of unpleasant sensations. But what is characteristic that
    most women at the same disorder sex excitement occurs
    Easy enough, the vagina is normally moistened, preliminary
    affection is pleasant and bring satisfaction, the normal sex
    attraction and ability to orgasm.

    Many women lack of koitus or orgasm, or normal
    sexual life is confused, but they rarely appeal,
    Having resigned with the situation, or think that «somehow uncomfortable», «ashamed
    confess» and the like are excluding. More often appeal
    married couples who want to have children, but the disorder of the wife is not
    Allows it to become pregnant.This is so-called virgin marriages
    (virgogamia). In cases where a woman or rather steam managed
    pregnant with vaginism (when pushing sperm or at easy form
    vaginism), then I want to please this pair: after such a woman
    Disorder disappear.

    In any case, it is better to contact the specialists. If everything is excluded
    physical reasons after examining a gynecologist, the introduction of something in
    the vagina is difficult or impossible, it means that pain during attempt to
    Koitus has a mental nature, then most likely it is vaginism. AND
    better contact your sexologist. The earlier resort to the help of doctors,
    the faster the complete recovery will come. All the more woman herself
    suffers, on men it is also very adversely affecting. IN
    In some cases, the partner of such a woman is often confused and in bewilderment:
    «Why? What is the problem of difficulty? And again - why?».

    The woman does not devote anyone that it is not rare, because herself understands not
    maybe his condition, and the man does not have the concept of involuntary
    muscular spasms, begins to think that he offends his partner with something
    or that she «is deliberately strained», To avoid copulation. If
    He knows what causes pain and discomfort, he will be all
    more and more passive sexual plan, there may be violations
    Erections, especially if a man is blamed in the situation that has arisen himself. IN
    cases when a man considers his partner guilty, with time him
    Patience is depleted, irritation comes, search for other sexual
    objects to satisfy sex instincts, confirm
    masculinity and for «Just normal sex».

    Treatment of vaginism

    Vaginism is treatable better than other types of sexual
    Disorders of women. Treatment complex, with an individual approach to
    Each couple and to every woman.

    Individual psychotherapy with behavioral therapy, which eliminates
    Internal conflicts, sends a sexual impulse in an acceptable for
    The surrounding and most painful channel, relieves neurotic alarm and
    waiting neurosis, teach self-confidence and express openly
    your sexual needs, eliminate psychological obstacles to
    Vaginal lumbricking (moisturizing), erection and orgasm. Apply
    Also hypnotherapy, which is accelerating the offensive in the complex
    Psychotherapeutic effect and normalization of sexual function.

    Double sexotherapy is the treatment of both partners. Problem
    touched both, so both have to treat sexual disharmony.
    The key to this therapy is the discussion of a couple with a doctor
    psychological and physiological aspects of sexual functions, nature
    and physiology of sexual impairment, possible treatment principles,
    The applicability of methods for a pair in general. Then continuation of the conversation
    It is transferred a pair to an intimate setting, homemade. The purpose of therapy
    is to install or restore normal sexual and spiritual
    Communication inside the marriage union, explain to the partner Importance
    preliminary sex games for women, more than
    sexual intercourse and orgasm.

    Specific methods and exercises are used: the doctor explains
    partners nature involuntary cuts of the muscles of the vagina and
    Demonstrating the reflex in the process of inspection of genital women in the presence
    her partner or without him (Women's desire). Moreover, inspection is prepared
    In such a way that a woman herself can observe what is happening with
    using mirrors. The doctor then teaches a woman to some receptions,
    allowing you to relax muscles surrounding the vagina.

    The most effective way consists, apparently, is to
    deliberately strain these muscles and then just relax them. After that
    Woman gives a set of different size expanders. The smallest of them
    - a little thinner - the doctor gently introduces into the vagina, often
    the amazement of a woman who has never managed to introduce into its vagina
    at least something. Next, she is shown how to enter the expander,
    richly lubricating it with sterile jelly cream, and ask
    Do it at home several times a day, leaving every time
    Expander in the vagina for 10-15 minutes (for these purposes can be used
    Small dildo - artificial penis).

    Better all manipulations to produce in the bathroom. Most women,
    suffering from vaginism, after 5-6 days are able to use the most
    Fat dial extender corresponding to sex sizes
    member in the erection state. To exercises or before intercourse
    For 20-30 minutes, you can use ointment in the most painful points
    Lidocaine or anesthesium.

    As a home task, a woman is proposed to carry out the following exercises:

    • Mastering and control of their genital muscles. For this
      need to stay (like in the toilet), then relax, then pull in
      yourself vagina (at the same time reducing the rear pass muscle and circular
      Muscle Vagina). This exercise improves genital blood supply
      women organs improves sensitivity causes sexual
      excitement and in the future deepens the feeling of orgasm and sensation
    • Introduction to the vagina of the finger, while the woman does
      A variety of finger movements: Moves them from side to side,
      rotates, bends and t.D. True, sometimes a woman says that she herself
      It is difficult to do such movements: scary to hurt. But it is very
      an important exercise if you can safely fulfill it, then success
    • Attempts by the introduction of a penis in a rider pose. Do not need
      actively do something, but only to put on the penis as it enters.
      Feeling, a woman can easily take such poses in which
      Introduction is carried out along the axis of the vagina, and the penis does not rest in
      Walls. Naturally, it is necessary to do it after the preliminary
      Sexy caress and previous repeated workouts described above.

    Treatment is short, for each woman individually,
    takes up to 10 procedures. With mutual understanding and patience of both
    Partners, when restoring sexual comfort using a sexologist
    and exercises you can easily cross the barrier called vaginism.
    You can become an absolutely normal woman, forget about unpleasant
    feelings and you will freely enjoy the whole gamut full-fledged
    sex life. And after a while you will be surprised and with
    smile remember this problem, almost without believing that it was with you!

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