Cirrhosis of the liver, causes of illness and treatment


90-95% of lethal outcomes of chronic liver diseases have
on cirrhosis of the liver and cirrhosis–crayfish. Liver cirrhosis ranks first
(excluding cancer) among the causes of mortality from diseases of the digestive.

What is liver cirrhosis?

Cirrhosis — This is a process
replacement of the normal liver structure by a scar cloth acquiring
The shape of the nodes. These nodes interfere with normal liver operation, squeezing
Blood vessels, bile ducts and normal hepatic fabric. At
This deteriorates to neutralize the poisonous and infectious agents,
Violated development and accumulation of liver vital substances
(proteins, fats, carbohydrates, hormones). Liver — This is the main body,
which takes on the whole stream of substances coming from the intestine.
In addition to useful substances, toxic, dangerous for the liver
the body of the connection that the liver neutralizes and returns to
intestines along with bile. Liver violation leads to poisoning
organism, T.To. Poisoning substances penetrate into blood.

The most frequent causes of liver cirrhosis

Cirrhosis of the liver, causes of illness and treatment
Hepatitis B and C and alcohol abuse are the most frequent
reasons for the development of cirrhosis. But the main cause of the cirrhosis – alcoholism.
How long and how many alcohol are needed for the development of cirrhosis, to
Now unknown.

But the rate of development of cirrhosis depends on the daily
doses of alcohol. Most patients with liver cirrhosis for 10 years
Daily drank at least 0.5 l of strong alcoholic beverages or
Several liters of wine or beer. In women to the development of liver cirrhosis
Leads much less alcohol consumption.

10-20% of patients
Chronic hepatitis B and C is also developing cirrhosis.
Alcohol and viral cirrhosis proceeds especially hard and most often
go to liver cancer. There is a hereditary predisposition to
Development of rare cirrhosis forms (hemochromatosis, illness
Wilson Konovalova). However, 10-20% of patients the cause of the cirrhosis remains

The main manifestations of the disease and its complications

The disease is also in the fact that 80% of cirrhosis proceeds
unnoticed without attracting not a patient nor a doctor. Maintenance
Cyrrosis symptoms in 20% of patients are as follows: increased fatigue, pain
In the right hypochondrium, bloating, periodic darkening of urine,
weight loss «bias», Redness Ladonia. In some
Patients only complications indicate a developing cirrhosis:
accumulation of liquid in the abdomen, violation of consciousness, bleeding from
esophagus and stomach, jaundice. With cirrhosis blood without cleaning the liver from
harmful substances enters the brain, resulting in
There is a violation of thinking, memory. 60-90% liver cancer develops
Against the background of cirrhosis. In the early stages, cancer is difficult, its
manifestations are taken for signs of progression of cirrhosis.
Tumor-shaped volumetric education in the right hypochondrium or pain in
stomach – so most often the tumor is manifested.

How to examine where to be treated?

– This is the first instance, you must first contact him
consultation with suspicion of cirrhosis. Doctors first appoint
Survey: blood tests, ultrasound examination of organs
Abdominal cavity, Endoscopy of the esophagus and stomach. Sometimes appoint
magnetic resonance tomography or liver puncture to select the most
Proper treatment program. Need to be constantly under
observation of the hepatologist, periodically come to consult for
Health Control, Treatment, Correction Correction. IN
case of complications (accumulation of liquid in abdominal, bleeding),
Hospitalization is necessary.

If diagnosed is diagnosed «cirrhosis of the liver»

Alcohol is categorically contraindicated, as it contributes
disease progression. If there are no complications of the cirrhosis, then
diet remains ordinary. Cirrhosis is accompanied by a decline
Concentration of potassium in the blood, so you need to be included in the diet more
Fruit (bananas, dried fruits) rich in potassium. During ascite (liquid in
Abdominal) It is necessary to limit the intake of salt and fluid. With violations
memory, thinking, drowsiness Day and insomnian at night limit
protein rich foods. Self-treatment is unacceptable, t.To. many
medications are harmful to the liver, so before receiving any
Medicines need advice of a hepatologist.

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