Liver cirrhosis diet


Liver cirrhosis dietCirrhosis of the liver — This is a disease that can arise as a result of acute or chronic hepatitis, metabolic disorders, alcohol abuse, which leads to a significant change in the structure of the liver and the destruction of its cells. To prevent possible complications and progression of the disease, depending on the functional features of the liver, as well as the presence of other diseases, a diet is prescribed during cirrhosis.

A characteristic feature determining the diet under the cirrhosis of the liver is the condition of the patient, the view and course of the disease. The compensated course of the disease, when the ability to neutralize ammonia is still preserved, which is formed in the body when exchanging proteins, implies the inclusion in the diet of a significant amount of products rich in amino acids and protein to 120-130 g per day. Such nutrition is shown in the development of alcoholic cirrhosis, as well as with unbalanced nutrition. Diet in this case includes milk in all kinds, cottage cheese, beef, low-fat varieties of fish, eggs, millet, buckwheat, oatmeal and soy flour. It should be noted that the protein enhances the body's protective reserves and improves the restoration of hepatic cells, and this is exactly what is missing during alcoholic cirrhosis.

With a decomposed form, the liver code is not able to neutralize ammonia, in a predetermination state, it is necessary to drastically reduce the consumption of protein, limiting it to 20-30 g per day, in case the improvement does not occur at all, to completely exclude it from the diet at all.

The use of fats, depending on the state of the patient, is 90 g per day, and it is necessary to ensure the complete exception of beef, raggy or goose fats. It is assumed that the main part of fats — Vegetable, others — Dairy, however, if there is vomiting, nausea, the occurrence of jaundice — need their restriction to 30 g per day.

Unlike proteins and fats — Carbohydrates are permissible almost without limitation up to 400-450 g per day, including simple sugar and candy up to 100 g, with the exception of patients with obesity.

Liver cirrhosis diet: Menu, recipes, recommendations

In order to decide on the menu for every day and with the necessary products, consultation of a specialist nutritionist, a gastroenterologist, a therapist about the list of permitted and prohibited products is recommended. The diet and calorieness of the liver diet, the menu, which includes 2600-2800 kcal, must be approaching the following indicators:

  • Proteins — 100 g, 60% of them of animal origin;
  • Fat — 80-90 g, 30% — vegetable;
  • carbohydrates — 400-450 g, 70-85 g of sugar;
  • salt — 7-8 g;
  • liquid — 1.5-2 liters per day.

The power mode is provided with small and frequent meals, 5-6 times a day, with a high content of vitamins and liquids. Food is served warm in boiled, baked, stewed, and fatty meat and vegetables rich in fiber, preferably rub.

Recommended list of products

Among the allowed products during cirrhosis should be noted:

  • dried wheat bread;
  • dishes from low-fat meat and dietary bird without skin;
  • boiled low-fat fish with a whole piece or cutlet minced mince;
  • Raw vegetables, stew, vegetable beams, mashed potatoes;
  • Dairy dishes are represented by low-fat cottage cheese, low-fat fresh cheese, milk;
  • Snacks can be made of fresh vegetables with vegetable oil, vinaigrette, zucchki caviar, lean meat salads and ham;
  • ripe fruits and natural berries or rubbed, dried fruits, jelly, mousses;
  • sauces can be sour cream, dairy, vegetable, fruit;
  • the drinks — Tea, fruit and vegetable juices, compotes and kisins.

Separate mention deserve permitted fats: it is a creamy or vegetable oil in natural form and in dishes.

As an example of a daily diet with cirrhosis of the liver, menu for one day of the week, it is worth considering separately.

  • 1st breakfast, 8.00: Sweet cottage cheese with sour cream, oatmeal porridge, tea.
  • 2nd breakfast, 11.00: Chimney Apple.
  • Lunch, 14.00: Vegetable soup on vegetable oil, boiled chicken in dairy sauce with boiled rice, compote from dried fruit.
  • Afternoon book, 17.00: Robber Buck.
  • Dinner, 19.00: boiled fish with white sauce on vegetable brave, mashed potatoes, milk tea.
  • Night kefir before bed.

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