Symptoms of food allergies in adults


  • Food and Drug Allergy – Symptoms
  • Food allergy – Cross-responding preparations

  • Symptoms of food allergies in adults

    Food and drug allergies in adults differs for reasons
    Development from such in children. If the last is more often allergic to dairy proteins
    products and eggs, having a huge chance to get rid of these reactions as
    Adults and ripening of bowel tissues and immune system, then the symptoms of food allergies in adults often remain with a person for life in the absence of specific treatment.

    Rarely meets monoallery, that is, allergic to one single food
    product. Most often, by virtue of the similarity of many natural antigens,
    Allergic reaction develops immediately into several types of products, as well as in
    Cross order — for some drugs and pollen flowering

    Food and Drug Allergy — Symptoms

    Symptoms of food and drug allergies are similar and most often manifested in the form:

    • Skin changes — rash, urticaria
      (which is an edema of the surface layer of the skin), itching, peeling
      Elements, eczema
    • Changes of subcutaneous fat fiber
      — Evenker by type quinque
    • Changes in respiratory system -
      Cough, bronchospasm, attack of bronchial asthma, laryngitis
    • Cardiovascular Changes
      — anaphylactic shock
    • Changes in internal organs -
      Dyspepsia at the edema of the intestine, nephropathy

    Note that drugs introduced directly into the blood
    The channel can cause immediate allergic reactions «At the tip of the needle», in
    while the reaction to the accepted food can be significantly delayed and even
    Develop a wave-like with an increase in gravity of symptoms of food allergies in adults. However,
    There is a phenomenon of sensitization. It is that with primary introduction
    Allergic manifestations may not be, but sensitization occurs
    to him — Preparedness is produced violently react to the following introduction.

    allergy — Cross-responding preparations

    Symptoms of food allergies in adultsSome
    Medical preparations are able to independently call
    Allergic reactions, not correlated in any way with food. How
    Rule, these are medicines released without prescription and wide
    use — Funds from temperature and pain and even antibiotics, often
    prescribed by patients themselves a variety
    Ointments, preparations based on natural plant components. At the dentologist
    You can encounter allergies to common anesthetics — Lidocaine,
    Novocaine, ultrakain. High allergifications have medicines performed
    based on human or animal proteins — Albumin applied to
    Correction of the protein composition of blood plasma and used in intensive therapy,
    Blood preparations — Erythrocyte mass, plasma, platelet suspension. Thus
    way if there is food
    allergy — Preparations of protein nature should be gone with caution.

    In the food allergy on proteins
    Milk and eggs should be known that allergic to the cross reaction will be
    Completed the drug
    For anesthesia — propofol, which is often used as with full-fledged
    Surgical interventions and short outpatient scraping
    uteria cavity, bronchoscopy, colonoscopy and other invasive studies.

    reactions to the first use of penicillin is made to explain by availability
    sensitization with the use of products containing its small quantities. When allergic to penicillin is excluded from
    consumption and drugs of cephalosporin row.

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