How to drink and not drunk?


  • Weak
    Sleep face in salad, strong — in dessert
  • Warned
    — So armed
  • Alcohol needs to be taken as he
    there is
  • Well it is necessary to get drunk so to forget to dance!

  • How to drink and not drunk?It's time for New Year's holidays — Time is complex I
    tense even for hardened «battles» the body was already heard in Russia,
    all celebrations pass with a scope. Corporate meetings, New Year in a circle
    Family, Christmas holidays... Tables are broken from abundance of drinks, lost
    account to toast and wishes. How with dignity to survive festive recovery and
    «Do not lose face» On the way from one feast to another? How not to go
    Distance before others? How
    drink, but do not get drunk?

    Sleep face in salad, strong — in dessert

    The body's ability to split alcohol depends on
    the amount of alcohol dehydrogenase enzyme, the activity of which is individual
    each and more often transmitted by inheritance. That is why one given «Drink vodka glass» And do not drunk,
    Others are fairly «Kosyut» From glasses of wine. To drink and not drunk, in advance
    Consider your body, find out what drink is more pleasant for you and
    easier, to him and give preference for a festive table.

    Alcohol «Wash down» From the body a significant amount
    Vitamins and Minerals to support themselves, a month before «pik hour» Spend
    Preventive course of vitaminotherapy. Fully fit vitamins and mineral
    Complexes purchased in a pharmacy, especially with a high content of vitamins B1 and
    B6 involved in alcohol disposal processes.

    — So armed»

    In Russian tradition, accompany the old year laid deep
    meaning — Man is not drunk,
    if prepared for the adoption of the main portion of alcohol. Stack of strong alcohol per hour and a half to the feast «evaporate», not leaving a trace in the form
    intoxication, but will run the process of synthesis of alcohol dehydrogenase, and therefore,
    Next portion «hot» will be met by the stomach fulfill.

    If you plan to limit ourselves to low alcohol drinks,
    as «Premedication» Suitable coffee or tea with lemon and mint.
    Lemon like source
    Vitamin C will help drink and
    long do not drunk. If you need to quickly sober up after
    Feast, repeat the same trick.

    Well-known advice, eat something fat, before
    proceed to alcohol, is triggered only if the feast is to be
    short, otherwise, he can play a dick joke. Eaten
    On the eve, the oil, cheese pate, fat, as, however, and a raw egg or oatmeal
    porridge, really isolate the walls of the stomach, alcohol will be detained in it will prevent
    Fast absorption of alcohol and allow drinking and not drunk. But as soon as the gastric juice can cope with fat,
    And it will be required for it about 40-50 minutes, alcohol «Grow defense»,
    will go to the offensive and put a crushing blow on the brain -
    consequences can be unpredictable. If you decide to fight intoxication
    Similar method, then do not forget to eat fat, better meat food in
    The whole holiday.

    The ideal tool to drink as long as possible and not drunk — Activated coal or other enterosorbent that will connect alcohol and will not give
    he is to sleep in blood. Take the medicine to the feast, as well as after it
    End of end and in the morning.

    «Alcohol needs to be taken as he
    there is»

    How to drink on a par with everyone and not drunk?
    Several alcohol handling rules.

    • Never mix alcoholic beverages.
      Cocktail — This is a murderer!
    • If you decide to try everything at the table,
      go from weak drinks to drinks stronger, and not vice versa.
    • Forget about carbonated drinks, gas bubbles
      irritate stomach and accelerate alcohol suction. Decided to meet the new year
      Under the battle of the chimes with a glass of champagne? Please do not give up
      traditions, but before moving to other drinks, take a break for 40 minutes and
      Do not eat.
    • Sweet and mineral carbonated water — Not a company
      such drinks like
      Vodka, brandy or rum. To long
      Do not be drunk, you should drink more ordinary water, acidic juices, hots. This is
      will help the body get rid of alcohol with a natural way, through
      urinary system.
    • Do not make alcohol, do not keep in your mouth, do not sneeze
      through the straw, because it is quickly absorbed through the oral mucosa and,
      bypassing the liver, rushes to the brain, causing intoxication.

    «Well it is necessary to get drunk so to forget to dance!»

    Remember, the festive mood creates not only alcohol,
    But also pleasant communication, collective games, dancing. Alcohol Alcohol Alcohol
    rolling pastime, which speeds up metabolism and helps the body
    Neutralize alcohol.

    Be sure to eat every drink a glass. Right
    snack — The main condition of good breeding. A man does not get drunk longer if he gives him at the table
    Preference to meat dishes, patentam, fatty appetizers. On light vegetable
    Saladics do not stretch for a long time.

    If you feel that inxicane, stop taking alcohol
    about 40 minutes, eat, sit calmly, talk with a companion, Navit.
    It is not recommended to go out on cold air, the temperature difference will cause spasm
    brain vessels and aggravate intoxication.

    What to do,
    to sober up if you failed to drop?

    The recipe for a drink that will slightly lead.

    Rinse Ryumku
    vegetable oil, lean yolk 1 eggs, add 2 teaspoons
    tomato sauce, black and red pepper on the tip of the knife, lemon juice and
    Several droplets of vodka, mix and drink salvo.

    In conclusion, I would like to remind you that many medicinal
    Preparations are obviously incompatible with alcohol. In any case, if a festive
    feast, it is worth consulting with your doctor and, if possible, refuse
    medication at this time.

    Remember, drink and eat all people, but drunk and «fry»
    Only dicaries. We hope our advice will tell you how to stay people and do not be drunk, feeling
    In the framework of decency and etiquette. Enjoy your holidays!

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