Diagnosis: drug addiction


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  • Question number 1. Lyudmila Anatolyevna, with which you most often come across, communicating with drug police and their relatives?

    Many patients begin to experiment at 13-14 years old, and sometimes
    before. Just how they explain, from nothing to do, for curiosity,
    Desire to look like an adult, because of fear «White Voronev» in
    Companies Friends. That you can turn into an avid addict,
    to infect AIDS, do not think, do not want to believe. And how not
    try, if you are treated for free, if a neighbor Sveta is half a year
    smoke «grass» And no breakdown. Moreover, Poldyskotek holds on «Ecstasy». But fun! And indeed, for someone first experience
    passes unnoticed. Drug receptions are rare, doses are small. No, I
    physical dependence. True, the case is soon conserved
    Try. Then more often. The usual dose is not enough. Begin
    Searches for new «Kaifa». Parents, alas, in ignorance, as long as dangerous
    The hobby of the son or daughter will not inform someone from familiar.

    Question # 2. Consumers of Durana, naturally, try to hide from their loved ones
    New addiction. How to still recognize that a drug addict appeared in the family?

    Watch what has changed in habits, behavior, mood
    child. He does not want to talk to you? And maybe then
    Requires: «Mom, give money»? In addition, it begins to argue: «Castle, I
    I want to sleep», «What is your business where I was?» Or suddenly declares: «There is not
    will», «I will not come home today». Already a problem, already a risk factor, even
    If the teenager runs away to the disco until the morning.

    Swallowing for the first time «Ecstasy», He believes that nothing terrible happened. He woke out
    more experienced buddies that these pills do not give physical
    Dependencies. But for some reason they did not warn about serious mental
    Violations to which the long-term use of this drug.
    Someone has become bad on the disco? So it thinks he, from the heat. Newbie
    Sometimes not aware that «Ecstasy» add heroin that there are many cases
    poisoning them. Enlighten anyone. Signs for which you can
    Determine whether the son or daughter of drugs is used, many. Self
    Explicit, of course, traces of injections, bruises in injection sites. Not because
    Your daughter stopped wearing short-sleeved blouses? Nyukhalshchikov
    heroin - eternal rhinch, cough, speak nose. Sweetish,
    sickening smell of mouth
    - Surely the child uses an authority. Even lovers «Hose»
    Changes appetite (then it is not, then excessive), sleep is disturbed. Day
    Dyrlyt, at night awake, do not react to the light.

    Diagnosis: drug addiction
    Drug addicts jumps blood pressure, occasion of gastrointestinal
    disorders. Pay attention to the complexion. It is usually pale. Leather
    Over time, it acquires an earthy tint. Well, most of all the person
    give out eyes: blotted, with strange gloss, with narrowed or
    Too expanded pupils.

    In addition, the child is broken
    Speech coordination. He becomes scattered, it is difficult for him
    focus. Responding to seemingly the simplest questions,
    stuffed, can't pick up words to answer. In the same time
    manages all the time to lie, remune. He has new
    friends. Who are that hide. In the apartment without end there are strange
    calls. At first glance, talking about nothing: «Yes», «No», «capture
    cassette». Naive moms and grandmothers do not realize that it is used
    For the transfer of drugs. I'm not talking about the related syringes, needle,
    ampoules, powder, empty clearance sleeves «Whiteor». Smoked
    Spoons, burnt candles - also from the same arsenal drug addict. Although
    Solution, Kohl Nadmogot, prepare without entering the kitchen. Through
    ordinary lighter.

    Listed, let it not fully, already
    gives reason to believe that your suspicions confirmed. But in no way
    case do not panic, do not arrange hysterical. Threats, notations,
    child causing chain to battery will not give anything. Against,
    Parents will turn into the enemy number one. To return
    child in normal course, you need to show understanding, care and
    patience. Explain how dangerous drug addiction is, which
    Be consequences. Do not excuse me that it will instantly correct.
    Convince me all in his power. Come on that he is a personality that he
    Love, worry about him, good. Be sure to go with you to
    Narcologist. The sooner you succeed, the better for him.

    Question number 3. And if homes do not help? Without the consent of the adolescent itself, no one will treat him.

    Before talking to him, I would advise parents to come to us on
    Family consultation. They turn to the neuropathologist, gynecologist.
    Why shy to contact a psychiatrist narcologist? We have, for example,
    There are classes for parents. Are conducted by special programs.
    We analyze certain situations with which it is more often encountered in
    families. Talk to a psychologist in my district drug transparency.
    Go to the club anonymous drug addicts. Consultations are also held there
    For native patients.

    Question number 4. What features for women's addiction?

    The dependence of the female organism from drugs is much deeper than
    Mussy. The young personality is harder. In most
    cases they try with the help of drugs to solve their emotional
    Problems, problems in interpersonal relationships. Often you can hear
    of this kind of justification: «No one loves me», «Do not understand me», «I
    ugly». And getting used to drugs, girls are looking for themselves.
    Sometimes not so much because of the dose, how much because of the desire to speak,
    Meet sympathy.

    Question number 5. When the trouble comes, relatives,
    Close ready to rush at any address where promises fast and
    One hundred percent recovery. What services it is worthwhile?

    Enhanced advertising some company - this does not mean good quality. That,
    who competently refers to their health, competently applies to
    Specialists. First of all, he goes to the state institution, and not to
    Particular. But how does it happen? Parents call on the announcement «Pasmemologist» or «Healer» by photography and then driven
    Patient to us. And we see that here you already need to connect
    resuscitations from the Sklifosovsky Institute.

    Question number 6. Recently
    I was told about the tragic case. Young girl for the first time
    accepted intravenously heroin and died from overdose. It happened in
    Guest. But none of the Friendships did not manage to help her. Call
    doctors did not have time or afraid. What you need to take in similar

    Determine whether a person is in
    a narcotic dream or he unconscious. To do this, you need to pat
    cheeks, see if he reacts to a loud shock. If the victim
    without memory, turn it on the side. Try to clean the cavity of the mouth from
    mucus and vomit. Check the availability of breathing and pulse on sleepy
    Arteries. Urgently call «ambulance». Before the arrival of doctors continue
    Watch the pulse and breathing. When signs of stopping breath
    Be proceed to artificial respiration.

    Question number 7. The teenager was a course of treatment, decided to stick to a sober lifestyle. How to behave home?

    Diagnosis: drug addiction
    Start with small. Move the furniture in his room, inspect
    Zakoleos, whether there are no pumps there. Change the set of cassettes, computer games,
    To which he addressed, fonding drugs. It is worth updating I
    Wardrobe, say, black clothes (favorite color of heroin addicts)
    Change on light. Try to snatch a child from the circle of people,
    which pushed him to drugs and which can at least
    conversations to excite memories of them: «And remember how it was when
    We are dragging you». Constantly maintain in the patient motivation on

    Rehabilitation - a long process with subsequent
    prevention, we call it even secondary. Learn young people
    recognize the harbinger of the breakdown, which is very important. This is the state in
    which a person realizes that a desire to use drugs. But he
    Does not run right to do it, but comes to our center, talks about
    its condition, analyzes it, that is, it seems to be included
    Inner observer. If a person learns to critically evaluate his
    state, your actions, it means that he will come out of the disease,
    recover. But the period of rehabilitation, I repeat, can be pretty
    Long. So you need to teach the patient to live in remission.

    your relationship with him, with each other. In the end the child
    refers to drugs not just so. He is dissatisfied with himself, something
    Looking for, he is missing something. Most likely your attention and understanding,
    And he, not finding answers to those who arise from home, appeals to
    Those who surround it outside. Remember when and why he stopped
    share with you your problems, joys, experiences? Think,
    that you can offer him instead of questionable hobbies? Get ready
    to what you have to teach it to go back to
    He forced any circumstances to say «No» Drugs.

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