Neuralgia - insidious and painful


  • Cunning disease - neuralgia
  • Recognize neuralgia difficult, but you can
  • A little about the prevention and treatment of neuralgia
  • In the risk area - computer and chemists

  • Cunning disease - neuralgia

    When nerves hurt, - the life is unbearable, no wonder we often advise us what exactly should be protected.

    It turns out that nerves, like any other fabrics in our body, are susceptible to injury and inflammation, react to burns and frost, and still suffer from overload. And the lesions arising from this causes neuritis and neuralgia. But if with neuritis, as a rule, appeal to the doctor, then with neuralgia most often try to cope with their own.

    What is this strange disease - neuralgia and what it is dangerous?

    Neuralgia - insidious and painfulIf she painted the novelists, they would certainly say that neuralgia is pain, and nothing else. And not too exaggerated. Because the main one - and often the only one - her symptom is really pain. Usually - acute, shooting, fading and burning. Attacks may be isolated, and can manifest regularly. With separate neuralgic «Attacks» Many of us are familiar. Remember how you, for example, stretched out of the office chair for the handle who came down under the table and suddenly felt the piercing injection under the edge, from which his breath was intercepted? Fortunately, in a minute everything went. That's it is typical for intercostal neuralgia attack - «lumbago», which may not be repeated in the coming years. Much more unpleasant if neuralgia is in constancy. In this case, pain attacks can be repeated on certain days and hours, or appear at night. Some of them occur due to the slightest provocation (for example, the changes of the body position), and the part and spontaneously.

    The special cunning of this disease is that it is difficult to diagnose. Of course, the attacks of neuralgic pains may not disturb the ill. And, of course, he has the right to expect that with such a manifestation of the disadvantage in the activities of the beloved organism, the victim will immediately be visible. But unlike neuritis, there are no objective changes in tissues. If neurrites necessarily leads to violation of mobility or at least sensitivity «wards» organs, then with neuralgia nothing like this. Changes are not fixed even in the nerve: its barrel and shell are indistinguishable from healthy. Therefore, outside the pain attachment to identify the disease is extremely difficult!

    The cunning of neuralgia is also the fact that the reasons that the disease can cause a great set. First of all, it is infectious processes in the zone of a certain nervous plexus; injuries; mechanical squeezing, for example, with the hernias of vertebral discs; A variety of toxic lesions - ranging from alcohol, finishing with heavy metals poisoning. In addition, allergic reactions, and violations in the immune system, and hormonal shifts, and chronic diseases, both human nerve systems and other organs may be obeyed in the appearance of pain. Experts emphasize that in rare cases «point point» Neuralgia is only one factor, as a rule, their several.

    Recognize neuralgia difficult, but you can

    Since the nerve ending is located all over the human body, neuralgia can be masked under completely different diseases, for example, under the renal colic, heart attack, osteochondrosis, gastritis - the list can be continued to infinity… Nevertheless, medicine picked up the key to the cipher of the most intense disease, declassified the secret of neuralgia. As it turned out, it is distinguished by special painful points from other diseases of the nervous system «Sit» On the affected nerve, even when all other manifestations of neuralgia are missing completely.

    This disease has its own «Pets». Most often suffered by the sedelled nerve. Then the intercostal neuralgia and the defeat of the cervical plexus, as well as the diaphragmal nerve. Are not rare and neuralgic pain in the abdomen, since neuralgias are subject to nerves, «serving» internal organs. Among the lesions of the facial nerves, the palm of the championship holds neuralgia of a trigeminal nerve (the most frequent defeat of the facial nerves, and is hardly the most painful). That is, the nerve that is located on the face and consists of three branches: one goes to the frontal part, the other oversees his eyes, and the third - chin.

    Fabrics that «oversees» The injured nerve, differ from the neighboring the fact that they blush or pale, and then are covered later. Therefore, in such cases a picture «neuralgic listing» somewhat clearer. The eye on the affected side will get drunk, and salivary glands produce more secrets. Various muscle spasms are possible. It is also noteworthy that in the attacks of neuralgic pains there is a kind of ripple: the pain is not quite even, but as if they jerks. The duration of them can be from a few minutes to several hours. Well, in severe cases - even days. Maybe swelling, redness, local extension of vessels. During the bouts of pain «give away» Even in remote areas.

    A little about the prevention and treatment of neuralgia

    Neuralgia Prevention Measures are reduced to avoid hypothermia and injury. Rational nutrition, reasonable physical exertion and unobtrusive attention to themselves are capable of maintaining the body in a stable state at any age.

    Well, who knows about this disease does not appear - it is necessary to consult a doctor who will prescribe the appropriate treatment. The affected nerves especially need the appointment of group vitamins in and physiotherapeutic treatment. Could benefit and sedatives, and, as modern complex (Valokormide, Corvalol, Pans and DR.) and traditional valerian or mother-in-law. But in serious cases you need to treat the root cause.

    In the risk area - computer and chemists

    For the sake of fairness, I must say that at all without reason neuralgia still does not arise. That is, there are a number of provoking moments.

    No matter how sad, the first is the age. The older we become, the more likely the occurrence of neuralgia. This contributes to a decrease in the elasticity of tissues, and a gradual decrease in the height of intervertebral discs, and the accumulation of a whole bouquet of chronic diseases, and low mobility. But (and this can not but rejoice), neuralgia is extremely rare in children.

    Professional nuances. Out of competition among them wearing weights and long-term work in the same position. So, the defeats of the cervical plexus are most often found in porters, people engaged in thin handicrafts (jewelers, watchmakers), and a whole day of a computer situating.

    Infection. A special and honorable place among provoking neuralgia of moments occupies the notorious flu. Since neuralgia is one of its complications, remember that the flu, like any other viral infection, must certainly need a week «stay in bed». Otherwise, even with the most modern treatment, you risk becoming a neuropathologist patient, and for a long time.

    Inxication. They may be a consequence of both internal diseases (diabetes, diseases of the endocrine system, onco-scab, etc.) and poisoning. Especially risk employees of chemical enterprises, paint shops and pharmaceuticals. May suffer those who love to experience the action of all recommended drugs.

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