Empty left hand


Empty left hand
On the numbness of the limbs are widespread and cause many questions. When
Empty left hand, man is frightened because he does not know all possible causes
and immediately thinks about the pre-infarction state or threatening stroke. Really,
Leaves of the left upper limb can tell us about serious pathologies,
But she can simply be a consequence of long-term work at the computer
or uncomfortable posture during sleep. When we sleep in an uncomfortable posture, then break
work of blood vessels, which entails numbness. To unpleasant
Feelings (goosebumps) passed rather, make charging and frow one hand. With long
Work at a computer (using the keyboard) may develop syndrome
Chatal Channel, manifested by numbness and feeling pain in brushes and fingers.

left hands it may not necessarily be provoked by pathology, but also life
Situations, weather. The sense of discomfort occurs in the left hand with intense
sports training and wearing severity on shoulder, supercooling, debt
Holding hands in the raised state may be associated with clothing with close
Sleeves and intense handicrafts. All this contributes to violation
blood supply to muscle tissue and nerve fibers, and this is the main reason

Pathology and paresthesia left hands

left hand can be a signal of serious diseases. With regular couplesia
the upper limb should pay attention to the possibility of the following

  1. Avitaminosis.
    Lack of vitamins A and group B causes damage to the shell of nerve fibers
    and, as a result, paresthesia.
  2. Atherosclerosis (for people over 40 years old) contributes to the violation of blood supply.
  3. Osteochondrosis,
    Arthritis, spondyliz and scoliosis provoke squeezing of roots nerve fibers.
  4. Skalen syndrome
    — Ladder muscle syndrome: nervous trunks accumulate and squeezed.
  5. Thrombosis arteries.
    Overweight is observed — From brush up — accompanied
    Pain, continued for more than an hour.
  6. Infarction. If
    Together with the paresthesia of the left hand, pain in the heart area is observed, then speech
    It is about preinfarch.
  7. Stroke.
    Violation of speech and facial expressions, numbers numbers and headache talk about

Why don't the fingers of the left hand

can also be not easy due to household and medical reasons. We will examine in detail about
What diseases can say the paresthesia of individual fingers left hands:

  1. Empty left handNumb
    Mysinets talks about the diseases of the cardiovascular system. Such a condition
    enhanced at night, and paresthesia can spread across the arm.
  2. At
    simultaneous loss of sensitivity of index and middle fingers
    Assume the defeat of the nerve plexuses of the shoulder joint.
  3. Paresthesia Par
    index and medium or index and thumbs indicates
    Damage to the spinal intervertebral discs in the cervical.
  4. Numbness fingers
    Left hands at night talks about a possible violation of the work of some internal
    organs (buds, liver and lungs).

Treatment of the Onsens Left Hand

Conductable treatment of paresthesia left hands need to know exactly
The reason for this ailment. For each particular case of numbness there is its own
a number of medical events that specialist should appoint (neurologist).
The general foundations of therapy are related to the purpose of massage, therapeutic gymnastics and
Trucking drugs. Cope with the numbness of the left hand caused by
arthritis or osteochondrosis, unsteroidal anti-inflammatory
Preparations. Ginger takes to strengthen blood vessels and improving blood circulation.
In cases of heart attack and stroke, immediately call an ambulance.

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