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    We defeated stuttering. Personal experienceAll our life is built on communicating with people. Without the right speech, it is difficult to learn, work, complexes appear. It is very important not to miss the moment when everything can be fixed. In this article I will tell you how we cured stuttering from our child.

    Children are very mobile and restless. Here and our 3-year-old kid does not sit alone. Ready to wear a day long. Of course, there are both falls, but they are perceived by the son calmly, without hysterical. But one fall remembered for a long time.

    Oleg fell from the chair. Fell successful without injury. But what a rumble! The child was very frightened and could not calm down for a long time. And after a couple of days, the consequences were manifested: the boy began to stutter. At first it was quite harmless, but progressed at such a speed that in a week he could not express his thoughts. It should be noted that he began to say very early and spoke to three years much better than his peers.

    By ignorance, we started «treat» stuttering. Drawn attention to speech, asked to repeat the words re-. The child just heard: «Outer, speak normally!». But it was only worse. Baby worried, tried to please, but did not work. Then I sat for the Internet. Turned over the entire network, reread a lot of articles and understood one thing: we were wrong. The most important thing is to calm the child.

    Restriction of communication

    From this day we made adjustments to our life.

    First of all limited his communication. Avoid all events, holidays. In the sandbox to the guys did not go, walked in the forest near the house. Houses arranged silence: refused radio, televisions. Only children's poems read from books.

    Among themselves communicated very quietly, tried to speak in a whisper. Not overwhelmed and, most importantly, did not scold the Son. About baby horror stories «Baba Yagi» and «Gray Wolf» Forgot long.

    Now we never corrected his speech. We understood: the child should not be addressed about this and worry even more.

    For a prosperous outcome, there was also a strict mode of the day. Oleg got up with us, slept, ate, played, everything is in a strictly defined time. In the evening - soothing baths. Out of food excluded annoying products. Switched to the right separate food.

    Mandatory was going to a doctor. Only a specialist can estimate the child's condition and give the necessary recommendations. We went to a neurologist. The doctor confirmed the correctness of our Son's behavior and prescribed a medicine that reduces the overall voltage and anxiety. But the main treatment is to calm the child, discharge his emotional background.

    We won

    Three weeks, we forgot about our stuttering. We won. The child again pleases us with his right speech.

    Calm of parents, patience and love turned out to be the best medicine.

    I repeat once again: visiting the doctor at the initial stage is extremely important and necessary.

    Health and the future of our children in our hands.

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