• Thalassotherapy: Sea Water Healing Force
  • Thalassotherapy - the best therapy for sensitive skin
  • Mud baths - relaxation and pain relief
  • What is the magic force of dirt?

  • Thalassotherapy: Sea Water Healing Force

    The effect of thalassotherapy is based on
    Healing action of sea water on the skin and body. Sea water contains
    Residual elements of magnesium, potassium, calcium sulfate and sodium. When using it
    In procedures such as shower with sea water, wraps with algae, baths with
    immersion, appliques and cosmetic masks these minerals absorb skin
    Through pores. The standard set of thalassotherapy procedures includes warm baths
    with sea water and algae, hydromassage and wrapping.

    In thalassotherapy used only
    Sea water body temperature, thanks to which mineral ions easily penetrate into
    blood. It improves blood circulation and lymphotok, and also accelerates metabolism.
    Directed under the pressure jet of sea water massage the body and help remove
    Voltage, and their directional action reduces the manifestation of cellulite.

    It is the opinion that thalassotherapy
    Create real wonders in the treatment of the following diseases and defect

    • Eczema
    • Dermatitis
    • Psoriasis
    • Asthma
    • Bronchitis
    • Muscular atrophy
    • Hypertension
    • Cellulite

    Thalassotherapy - the best therapy for sensitive skin

    In his book «Solutions for different
    Types of skin» THE SKIN TYPE SOLUTION)
    Dermatologist Leslie Berman writes that thalassotherapy procedures are especially useful for dry
    and sensitive skin.

    Dr. Berman is confident,
    that procedures with marine algae and water help to moisten dry skin and
    Remove inflammation and irritation. Most spa salons in which they provide
    This service is located in Europe. If a trip to Europe in the near future is not
    enters your plans, try using cosmetics to
    The basis of sea water or algae.

    Mud Baths - Relaxation Remedy

    and relief pain

    At first glance, in felting in
    dirt there is nothing aesthetic, even on the contrary. And least it looks like
    expensive cosmetic procedure. However, it does not stop thousands
    women all over the world who take thalassotherapy daily. For many
    Mud bath - the best way to relaxation and rejuvenation. Others in mud
    Baths attracts health and skin benefits. Mud baths help clean skin
    and remove muscle and arthritis arthritis.

    What is the magic force of dirt?

    Like sea water, dirt
    Contains a large amount of minerals. Sea dirt consist of local
    Volcanic ashes, impurity peat and boiling water hot springs. Sometimes
    Essential oils are added to this mixture, which enrich the procedure relaxing
    Effect of aromatherapy. Mud bath - intensive procedure. In the first ten
    minutes you «Floating» in warm mud. Then you wash off dirt and accept
    Mineral bath and pass by ferry processing. At the final stage
    The procedures are wrapped in a bedspread with algae, and you slowly cool down, and
    The body returns to normal temperatures.

    Unfortunately, mud baths
    All resolved not all. During this procedure, people suffering from claustrophobia can
    feel the strongest discomfort. Mud baths are also contraindicated
    Pregnant and patients of medical institutions.

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