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    Diet against cigarette?

    On request «Diet against smoking» Google search engine offers three hundred seventy-five thousand pages with options. However, each of them – A vivid example of not only the amateur approach, but also disinformation. Diet, which really helped to give up tobacco dependence, unfortunately no.

    Several years ago, American scientists from the medical center of the Duka University conducted a study – How much food affects the taste of cigarettes. They surveyNon-smoking tableor two hundred people and found out that after the use of certain products, smoking does not give them pleasure. For example, nine of two hundred respondents «complained» on milk it makes taste tobacco unpleasant.

    However, Russian narcologists are not sure that these people will refuse cigarettes if the diet of dairy products. Rather, they will not drink milk. But those who have already thrown smoking, experts advise pay special attention to their menu. It turns out that there are and «Fighters» For a healthy lifestyle, and hidden provocateurs.

    Know the enemy in the face

    Alcohol «Kowaren» — he stimulates the desire to smoke. And the stronger the drink, the faster the nervous system forgets about his duties. Control the level of toxins in the blood for it now the same is the same as for humanitarian – Prove the farm theorem. The faster the former smoker is drunk, the stronger he wants «take up old».

    Coffee, tea, Coca-Cola – Any foods containing caffeine can also force again to reach the cigarette. The fact is that already in 20-30 minutes caffeine displays a large proportion of nicotine. And the body losing the usual nicotine content in cells requires «Restore Balance».

    Remember the movie Jim Jarmushe «Coffee and Cigarettes» — His heroes are just doing that they drink coffee and smoke, in the interruptions talking about beautiful. This is a typical picture for any coffee shop with the hall, where smoking is allowed: people are sitting in a smoke, while consuming huge caffeine doses.

    Doctors narcologists are convinced that a similar combination – Coffee plus nicotine – One of the most dangerous to health. Therefore, those who decided «take the right way», It is necessary to avoid alcohol, and caffeine, especially the first two months. Coffee can be replaced with fresh juice, and strong drinks – Glass of red wine.

    Of course, there is also alcohol in wine, but it contains polysaccharide pectins, which are derived from the body present in the tobacco resins of radioactive strontium.

    Allied products

    What still prefer? Recommendations Simple: more easy, generous on vitamins of food and less heavy to digest dishes. In addition, ex-smokers should adhere to the following rules.

    In the first place in the menu should be fiber. Thanks to her ability perfectly «tie» and remove toxins the body will quickly get rid of nicotine residues. Fiber is enough in fruit (especially apples), legumes (peas, beans, lentils), grain bread.

    Nicotine noticeably suppresses appetite, and those who abandoned cigarettes, on the contrary, is increasing. The stomach is difficult to rebuild for a larger amount of work, so choose products that are stimulating digestion. This beet, cereals, apricots, plums, figs, water saturated with magnesium.

    An important task – Fill the deficit of vitamins of groups C, B, E, which is observed in all smokers. Of course, it is possible to buy vitamin complexes, but it is better to care the mucous membrane of the stomach and get the necessary substances from natural products: vegetables, citrus fruits, rose hips and rowan fruits, brown rice, soy, asparagus, grain bread.

    Restore immunity and reduce cholesterol levels can be helped with polyunsaturated amino acids (omega-3). First of all it is a fat fish, fish oil and flaxseed oil. Eat herring, tuna, mackerel, salmon — Perfect even canned in oil.

    Since smoking had a powerful and long-term acid attack on the body, now it is necessary to align the acid-alkaline balance. This will help «Alkali suppliers»: Asparagus, celery, parsley, beans, nuts (undelled and unsalted). But from fermented milk products – Kefir, Prostokvashi, Most Yogurts – better to refuse.

    Weight control

    It's no secret that the one who threw smoking risks recover, because his appetite improves. According to statistics, three people out of five are really gaining weight, but two of these three over the next year discharge extra kilograms, and without much effort. Getting rid of the bad habit, you do not necessarily turn into a fat man. Especially if you hand over with the desire all the time keep something in the mouth (instead of a cigarette).

    Sweet lovers are usually fond of lollipops, salted – chips and roasted nuts. And it gives from 300 to 1000 «Empty» Calories per day. Here and appear on the waist extra centimeters. To avoid this, nutritionists advise to focus on «Healthy» Products: Milk, Green Apples, Fresh Juices, Orange and Grapefruit Solk, Dried Cheese Slices, Dried Fruits, Berries (Also Not Good «snack»!). They undoubtedly satisfy appetite, and in addition, will provide the body with missing vitamins.

    According to the material of the article. Makarevich «Non-smoking table».

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