Herbs against fungus


    Which allowed fungal infections to conquer the world?

    Herbs against fungusThis offensive began in the era of antibiotics. The microworld in the human body is in equilibrium state. Antibiotics are equilibrium break. If some kind of microbes are destroyed, his place will occupy fungi. And some antibiotics, for example, tetracycline, streptomycin, penicillin, directly contribute to the growth of fungi. The situation aggravates the treatment with artificial hormonal means of immunomodulators.

    Although the crucial role in the spread of the disease is still the condition of immunity. While the immune system is in order, the body resists infections. Even the fungus on the skin or nails signals the reduced immune status. Open the road of fungal infection. Heavy diseases (oncology, HIV infection) or surgical operations, when the body resistance is reduced.

    What disease is the most common

    Candidia caused by yeast-like fungi (so-called thrush). They are able to hit not only the skin, but also joints, kidneys, apparent sinuses of the nose. Most often there are clinical forms of candidiasis: sinusitis, bronchitis, pneumonia, thrush, oral inflammation, prostatitis.

    And what are the most dangerous

    Molding Mikoses (fungal diseases). Mold is dangerous by disputes: they are extremely easy to spread in the air. Sufficiently one deep breath is enough to penetrate bronchi and even Alveola. It is not by chance that the most common of all deep mycoses - aspergillosis - cause mold fungi growing on the old rotten trees. Therefore, it is so dangerous to disassemble old baths, living or work in rawroom facilities. A healthy person can be read - and all. But with a weakened immunite or against the background of other diseases of the respiratory tract, not to power. They are accompanied by a painful cough, temperature, headache. Characteristic signs: the sputum has a brown shade, sometimes shudders of bronchi. By the way, the bronchial asthma at 38 percent of cases has exactly fungal origin.

    Is it possible to get sick from mold that happens on products?

    Yes, definitely. From all mold products need to get rid of immediately. Even if it seems that they are lucked «Only from the edge», In fact, the mold sprouted much deeper. Canned compote with mold stains is useless to save filtering or boiling - it is poison. Mold toxins are seriously affected by the liver and kidneys. They are able to accumulate in the internal organs for decades, and then generate severe diseases. The exception is only mold on the jam, it can be removed with a thick layer, and the remaining jam use.

    Let's talk about the treatment of fungal infections. Is it true that they are difficult to heal?

    Fungal infections can occur sharply, and can target for years, pushing health from the inside. Medical drugs are not always effective. Herbs act gently, organically, almost without side effects.

    Features of herbalia

    Plants having antifungal action, a lot. All of them are divided into two groups: for local and internal use. But in the treatment of mycoses, there are still funds, the effect of which would be aimed at strengthening their own protective forces of the body.

    Treatment diagram for all types of mycoses total

    Herbs against fungusCanva one, since treatment captures almost all organs and systems. It takes place in several stages.

    • Stage 1 - 2-3 weeks. Cleansing the body from toxins, setting up the work of the liver, intestines, organs of the immune system, endocrine regulatory systems. Approximate collection composition: Horsetail (grass), Krushshk Brick (Cora), Centabyrsetrashchik Centaur (Grass), Arnika Mountain (flowers), Zetraria Icelandic (LED). All row. 1 Art. Spoon mixture on a glass of water. 15 minutes to keep in a water bath. Insist half an hour, strain. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.
    • Stage 2 - 2-3 months. Actually antifungal treatment. For reception inside: tricolor violet, Ordinist, geranium field, Dimony Drug, Labacker Vysoliste - 1 hour., Small rock - 2 h., Common yarrow - 3 hours. 1 Art. Spoon mixture on a glass of water. 15 minutes in a water bath. Insist half an hour, strain. While the decoction is hot, add 1.5 ml of 5% tinctures of the roots of the milk pallas. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.
    • 3 Stage - 2-3 weeks. Again cleansing, but already with the stimulation of the work of the internal organs. You can duplicate the composition from the first stage. Eu- and probiotics are connected in parallel. For example, Hilak Forte three times a day during a meal of 30-40 drops.
    • 4 Stage - up to 2 months. Prevention. An exemplary composition of a vitamin fee with adaptogens (substances of plant and animal origin, which simultaneously toned and stimulate): Rowan bezinoliste (fruits), Masky rosehip (fruits), nettle dummy (grass), currant black (sheet), Common Decorodine (Grass) , strawberries Forest (fruit or leaf), blackberry (leaf). All row. 1 Art. Spoon mixture on a glass of water. 15 minutes in a water bath. Insist half an hour, strain. Drink 1/3 cup 3 times a day 30 minutes before meals.

      Such adaptogens like Zhen-Shen, Eleutherococcus, Rhodiola Pink, Aralia apply only in the autumn-winter period. For example, in a decoction, while it is hot, 40-50 drops of 10 percent tincture of Rhodiola pink is added.

    And now about the peculiarities of the treatment of different types of mycoses

    • With fungal lesions of the gastrointestinal tract (by the way, Candidiasis of the mouth is often evidenced about the most launched stage). Good will be altet, yarrow, mint, dandelion, guilty, jox, labaznik, mustard, hops- all equally (1st. Spooning the mixture with riding brew boiling water, insist to cooling, take over the day in 3-4 receptions).
    • With fungal pneumonia, bronchitis and bronchial asthma -Fenhel, Hensop, Issop, Ice, Dudnik, Baguzin, Buzina.
    • With the defeat of the urinary tract (for example, the fungal cystitis) is good for the goose, the pyrhem, the garon, dye, chamomile, ivy.
    • With fungal eye lesions, full-time water decoctions are used, as well as the yarrow, Air.
    • If candidiasis vagina – Root root and seeds of horse-sornery, decoction of the roots of the cob of yellow, grass of an arousal, Barbarisa Luba, Amur velvet leaves. Dosage and method of use - the same as in the recipe for fungal lesions of the gastrointestinal tract.
    • The presence of antifungal properties in the tees, scarecrow, cleanliness, a non-freelancer allows the treatment of fungal infections in oncological patients.

    It seems we did not cover only the treatment of external mycoses

    Herbs against fungusIn the treatment of brushes or stops, baths are prepared, for example, from the root or herb of a shot of meadow or herb Veronica Drug: 2st. Spoons of raw materials brew glass boiling water and keep on a water bath (grass – 15 minutes, root – 30 minutes). Temperature Baths about 36-37 degrees. Duration – 25-30 minutes, twice a day.

    As for fungal lesions of nails – This is the superclosure of modern mycology. I'll say right away: use all sorts of ointment on Sloro, plaque, vegetable oil and other soft basics during fungal infections. Ointment forms on the surface of the skin or nail a film, creating a yellow-welded greenhouse for any fungus.

    The mushroom-affected nail plate is first softened to penetrate the medicinal substances inside it easily. It is best for this to use therapeutic varnish (on 3 parts of the collodus 1 part of birch tar). Such a varnish is applied to the affected nails once a day for three days in a row. Then soap-soda bath and nail cleaning. The following three days - the use of garlic cashem. For the night after the bath, it is superimposed on the nail and is fixed with adhesive plaster. To protect the skin, it should be covered with thin wax paper. Treatment exclusively long but effective.

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