Apitherapy: Sweet and Poisonous


  • What is apitherapy?
  • Medical poison
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  • What is apitherapy?

    B long-time beekeeping (in the then Bortnity) considered one of the most dangerous professions. Beekeeper found a tree in the forest (board) with a nest, «nachApitherapy: Sweet and PoisonousInien» Honey ROOM, and marked it as his. Only here the bees did not know about it and Jali «owner» Along with anyone who bred on their wealth.

    Fortunately by the time when treatment with bees (apitherapy) was recognized as effective, breeding bees was simpler. Now behind the drip of the healing bee poison, it is not necessary to climb unknown where.

    In the United States, to the treatment of bee poison for one reason or another, 5,000 to 10,000 patients are resorted annually.

    The bee bite in the body falls a small dose of a rather complicated chemical composition (50 different substances) of the bee poison. It includes minerals (phosphorus, calcium, magnesium, copper), acids (hydrochloric, ant, phosphoric), fats and sterols, proteins and amino acids, carbohydrates (glucose, fructose), and acetylcholine and histamine.

    However, the main task in the treatment of beezing is assigned to peptides — Compounds consisting of residuals of one or more amino acids. Peptide Melittin removes inflammation and kills various pathogenic bacteria. Adolapine is anesthetically more efficient than opium and aspirin, combined. Apamine tones the nervous system, and the cardiopeptide stabilizes the cardiovascular.

    Medical poison

    Often bee poison «prescribe» Those who suffer from the inflammation of the joints and muscles. Turped radiculitis or osteochondrosis? Sorhai Bee on a sore place. Such treatment is also prescribed with impaired digestion, neuralgias, Ishias, bronchial asthma, hypertension and atherosclerosis, migraine. It is believed that bee bites improve the condition even with such a complex disease, as dispelled sclerosis.

    Men are not afraid to treat the bee poison most expensive that they have — prostate gland. Women «Pantry» They spent on the legs of the vessels with light shapes of varicose veins and inflated joints: the components of the bee poison have a stimulating effect on extended vessels and capillaries, reduce blood clotting.

    A rather kind of experiment on himself put a citizen of China with «rare» For those sites in the surname Lee. His disease was one of those that are not cured forever: addiction. Having spent ten years to fight this ailment and a lot of money, whether in 1999 leaned in the mountains, where he lived her own hermit. Once upon a time (by chance!) He waspiled wild bees. The bites helped him overcome the abstineent syndrome. Repeating the procedure as soon as signs of malaise appeared, was it completely cured.

    At the reception at the apithethet

    Decide on the feat of the brave Chinese is not so easy. Apithethetics make every effort to make the procedure as less unpleasant. In the Cabinet of Apitherapy always sounds soothing music, a lot of greenery.

    The patient is placed with maximum comfort, take a bee tweezers and plant an inflamed place — If the problem is «Close to the surface». If the ride is deeper, biologically active points are used for the introduction. Sting left for 10–15 minutes so that the whole poison to Micron entered the body.

    Bee bite is painful, and the effect of poison long: burning and tumor may not go for several days. The bee also has to be even worse: leaving a jealous sting, she quickly dies — «Disposable inventory».

    Apitherapy: Sweet and Poisonous

    Too many bees

    More than 100 bites at one time — dose, deadly for man. And although from time to time, the press pops up information about people who were subjected to 1000 and even more bites at the same time — it's rather exceptions. Besides «Records» belong almost always to elderly and experienced beekeepers, whose body has developed immunity over the years.

    The number of procedures and the duration of the course of treatment are installed strictly individually. More often start with one bedrooming — To check the absence of allergic reactions — and gradually bring their number to 4–5 per session, and the total amount up to 40–60.

    With multiple sclerosis spend 2–3 courses a year with a break between them 1.5–2 months.

    In our country, in the country, in principle, bees bite, although you can try. But in any case will have to start with «Small doses» Medicines: Bee poison can be a very strong allergen.

    Among other things, it is impossible «accept» in diseases of the liver, kidneys and pancreas, with diabetes, tumors, tuberculosis, in heart failure, infectious diseases, exhaustion.

    Choosing time and place to pass the course of apitherapy, it should be noted that the bee poison, taken from bees in winter, early spring and late in the fall. The most healing poison is taken late in spring and summer, while bees collect honey.

    Dolce Vita and Bees

    «MY HONEY», «My brandy» — One of the most popular complements in English. Apparently it is not by chance: when sugarcane was still open and ways to extract sweets from it. A honey — there he is! Delicious and helpful.

    First of all, he — Beautiful immunostimulator. A person who will eat every day five tablespoons of honey (only not diverse in hot tea — From this product loses most of its healing properties), may forget for a long time about the cold, sore throat and others «Prelas» Colds.

    In addition, he in former times served as an antibiotic: a cut from honey cells was closed wounds. Bees produce a kind of preservative, destroying harmful bacteria in honeycombs. Honey is anesthesia: if the cold has already taken for the throat, the teaspoon of honey, slowly melting in the mouth, the pain. And soothes: the same «dose», powered by warm milk or not very strong chaApitherapy: Sweet and PoisonousIt will help to fall asleep.

    Buy honey better in proven places. For example, at the annual fair at the end of the summer. There you can also purchase other bee products — Pollen, Perm, Rasub, Mountain Milk, propolis.

    Propolis — Bee glue — consists of wax, vegetable resins, essential oils. It has an antibacterial effect. Propolis Majut wounds, corn, eczema and some other skin diseases.

    Royal Milk — The substance highlighted by bees for feeding future modules. It produces insignificantly enough: in one cell of the bees put 0.2–0.5 g. But the most expensive milk is not only therefore: it — One of the most useful bee products. Milk contains 40–58% protein, 5–18% fat, about 26% sugar, a number of mineral salts, as well as vitamins and other biologically active substances. It is more effective than honey several times and besides perfectly tones and restores the forces.

    Perg — Flower pollen collected by bees, laid and rammed in cells, poured with honey and canned. Perga contains up to 40% proteins, up to 70% sugars, fats, mineral salts, vitamins, enzymes, hormones. Looky Perga balls are similar to a slightly proud, with a sharp smell of granules. If you take on an empty stomach, half an hour before meals, on a teaspoon and thoroughly chew — colds and even depression will be bypass.

    Honey diet useful athletes — Beekeeping products tone, sharpen attention, reaction. Only here against allergies honey is powerless and even unsafe: here you should be careful.

    And honey is great as a cosmetics: it contains more than 30 different trace elements and acts as an antioxidant that improves skin texture. Warm honey can be used as a mask (after pylling for better assimilation) and as warm wraps, as many salons are practiced, offering this service.

    Another product obtained from honey — Crown Honey — Deserves a separate conversation. Sweet, light, fragrant drink from spring water and natural honey with the addition of molasses, spices and herbs, drinks better beer, raises mood, morale, sense of humor and singer-dance abilities. True, not long: from thirty minutes to several hours. But practically without consequences.

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