Water diet

Water diet today is one of the most popular methods to lose extra kilograms. The essence of this diet is that when you first desire, it is necessary to eat 50-100 grams of water for the day. In just a day you will need to drink at least two liters of water.

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It is worth noting that the individual amount of the injubiled fluid is competent. After all, for each body you need a different amount of water. To find out your daily rate can be divided by your weight at 20. True, at the same time, you should not forget that even the water is needed a true approach, without which it will not be good to achieve.

As you know, anyone consists of 80% of water. Water is necessary in order to absorb nutrients and oxygen, which are simply necessary for our body. If a person be lacking water, then he will slow down the process of metabolism. In this case, the body will have to take care of each drop of water, which leads to a delay in the free fluid in space between cells. As a result, they appear Eveny and extra weight. Excess water, however, is also harmful to the body. Therefore, it is worth thinking whether to observe a water diet that implies increased moisture consumption. In addition, due to the fact that the use of water affects the temperature balance of the body, the best time for the diet will be spring and summer.

Water diet for 3-12 days

Water, water diet, diet, drinking water, slimming

This is a rather tough diet and is based only on the fact that the whole day the person will be on the same water. It is best to spend these diet in the form of a unloading day once a week for several months. Before you decide on this diet, you must make sure that you have no chronic diseases, because a water diet in this case is contraindicated. In addition, such weight loss should not use people who suffer from cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, as well as blood diseases. It is also not worth using it if you currently pass the course of treatment with some kind of drugs. Otherwise, the effect of drugs may change.

Consider now the advantages and disadvantages of two varieties of water diets, which were mentioned above.


When using water, hunger decreases, and thus it is possible to lose weight.


During the water diet in the body, excess fluid occurs, which can be harmful. So, water makes more liquid gastric juice, and this fact, in turn, slows down digestion. In addition, with such a diet, the kidney receive a serious load. Also during an excess of fluid, the water-salt balance is broken, which ultimately will negatively affect the health of the brain, heart and vessels. If every day drink three or more water liters, then this can lead to washing from the body of all necessary nutrients. In particular, calcium and potassium can be washed. Therefore, after a water diet, it is necessary to restore this shortage with the help of a full vitamin and mineral complex. In addition, it should be remembered that the reuse of a similar diet can only be in six months. In addition, you need to follow a sufficient amount of fluid in the body so that the kidneys work fully, and did not transmit part of the work on the liver, which performs the function of metabolism. In this case, the liver simply ceases to cope with the tasks that are assigned to it. Ultimately, fat that enters the body with food, simply will not be recycled the necessary energy, and will be postponed.

Some recommendations!

Water, water diet, diet, drinking water, slimming

In general, it is necessary to remember that the body's supply to the liquid should occur only with drinking water, and not with the help of tea, coffee and the help of alcoholic beverages. The fact is that all these drinks have a diuretic effect, and, therefore, drinking you will want even more.

Drink water best in small portions. Otherwise, due to the fact that the stomach stretches, it will ask more food for saturation. In general, every day it is recommended to start and finish from a glass of water. The last time you need to drink water about three or four hours before the deposit.

When taking food, drinks or water is not recommended at all. The fact is that water is capable of acting as a diluent of gastric juice, which will reduce its concentration, and, therefore, it can slow down the process of digestion. It is best to drink water 20 minutes before meals. In addition, it will make it possible to fucked a little feeling of hunger. Consequently, you will eat less.

In general, during the diet you do not need to try to drink immediately the day all the amount of water. You need to start with a small. For example, drink 1,5 liters.

Also do not forget that the constant consumption of water in a cold form can slow down the process of metabolism. In the end, during the diet you will not lose weight, but on the contrary to recruit it. In addition, drinking water during this diet should be only room temperature.

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