Diet for pregnant women

The importance of proper nutrition during the battery period is difficult to overestimate. From the diet of the future mother depends on the intrauterine development of the fetus, and in addition and its own health. On the basic principles of a diet for pregnant women, as well as useful and harmful food, we will talk in this article.

Basic rules of a healthy menu

Pregnancy, diet for pregnant women, food during pregnancy, proper nutrition

Our site found out that a woman's diet should be built for the normal course of pregnancy process, taking into account the following principles:

  1. Food should be fresh, diverse and cooked from natural ingredients.
  2. The eaten food should be rich in vitamins, minerals and other substances necessary for the health of the mother and child.
  3. Sizes of portions and their quantity should be monitored to avoid a set of unnecessary kilograms.
  4. Better eat more often but. Immediately fill the stomach with a large number of food, as it can negatively affect well-being.
  5. Daily menu must include fresh vegetables, fruits or natural juices.

Pregnant diet in the first trimester

Pregnancy, diet for pregnant women, food during pregnancy, proper nutrition

This period, in most cases, it comes to the end of the exhausting Toxicosis. Pregnant finally can calmly look at any food and choose what to taste. At this time, as at the beginning of the deadline, you need to give preference to healthy and balanced food. For women at this stage of having a child, there are several recommendations:

  1. Choose high vitamin D products. This substance is good development prevention Rachita In the kid, in addition, it contributes to the proper formation of the skeleton of the fetus. Products containing this vitamin include:
    • butter and sour cream;
    • liver;
    • yolk eggs;
    • fish fat.
  2. Another useful substance for the right course of pregnancy in the second trimester is iron. His lack leads to anemia - A common problem among future mothers. This disease, in turn, can negatively affect the supply of fetus with oxygen, so necessary to its brain. So that this element was absorbed by the body in the right amount, the freshly squeezed juices should be used with food. Iron (vitamin A) is rich in such food:
    • chicken;
    • beans;
    • dried fruits;
    • liver, especially calf;
    • Oats;
    • whole wheat bread.
  3. Vitamin C - another helpful assistant to the health of pregnant during this period. It is contained in many fresh vegetables, fruits, berries and rosehip.
  4. Calcium - the necessary element for the formation of the baby's bone system. It can be found in such products:
    • dairy;
    • cheeses;
    • spinach;
    • nuts;
    • persimmon.

The diet of the third trimester

Pregnancy, diet for pregnant women, food during pregnancy, proper nutrition

At this final stage of pregnancy, the body of women undergo significant loads. The weight and growth of the kid increases, the child oppresses most of the internal organs, including the stomach. At this time, the nutrition of the future mother should be directed both to ensure the healthy development of its children and to alleviate its own state. Selection of food and eaten portions should be so to minimize manifestations heartburn and edema. Consider some restrictions:

  1. The amount of liquid drinking should be about 1 liter per day. It is better to drink often and gradually, trying not to drink water before bedtime.
  2. Meat and fish broths should be replaced with solid and low-fat food: boiled meat or fish. Dishes can also be baked in the oven.
  3. To prevent swelling, eat less salt.
  4. From fried and oily food it is better to give up at all.
  5. Overweight - enemy of pregnant. First, it can complicate the process of childbirth, and secondly - to spoil the figure. So as not to dial too many unnecessary kilograms, if possible, limit the diet sweet, flour dishes, pasta and potatoes.

In the last trimension of pregnancy, it is preferable to eat as follows:

  1. Instead of white bread better eat cut.
  2. Soup It is advisable to do on vegetable broth, potatoes and croup laying quite a bit.
  3. The serving of meat should be no more than 200 g per day. As already mentioned, you should choose low-fat varieties.
  4. Cooking dishes by boiling, baking, extinguishing or making them for a couple.
  5. Fish during this period is also very important for the future mother and her baby. As in the case of meat, preference is better to give away low-sided species of fish.
  6. Every day you can use about 1 cup of milk and the same amount of yogurt. High-quality cottage cheese will not hurt.
  7. Potato garniram and pasta is better to prefer porridge: buckwheat, rice, wheat, pearl.
  8. For warning constipation, which often accompany pregnant on this period, you need to consume enough fiber. It can be found in cabbage, pumpkin, pepper, as well as in fruit.
  9. As a drink, mineral water, tea, natural juices or decoction of rosehip can be.

Watch out weight

Pregnancy, diet for pregnant women, food during pregnancy, proper nutrition

Extra kilograms have not yet been beneficial. Often during pregnancy, a woman wakes up a very strong appetite and a desire to chew something every minute. Many believe that after delivery will be able to quickly enter their former shape, but it is not. It is believed that a healthy middle growth woman and a normal physique can dial from 9 to 15 kg from 9 to 15 kg - this indicator is individual in each case. In the next month or two after the appearance of a baby on the light, a young mother will lose most of this weight, but those who have scored over the norm, will have to make a lot of effort in order to lose weight. Among other things, excessive nutrition is fraught with an increase in the mass of the fetus, which can lead to complications for childbirth.

In some cases, overweight is due to a fluid delay in the body. In this case, doctors recommend to use less salt or even refuse to give up this product.

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