Professions that carry a disease


    What is professional diseases

    Professional diseases arise as a result of influence on the body of adverse factors of the production environment.

    Clinical manifestations often do not have specific symptoms, and only information about the working conditions of the illness make it possible to establish belonging to the identified pathology to the category of professional diseases. Only some of them are characterized by a special symptom complex due to peculiar radiological, functional, hematological and biochemical changes.

    What professional diseases exist

    Professions that carry a diseaseGenerally accepted classification of professional diseases does not exist. The greatest recognition was classified by the etiological principle. Based on this, five groups of occupational diseases are allocated:

    • caused by the impact of chemical factors (acute and chronic intoxication, as well as their consequences that occur with isolated or combined lesions of various organs and systems);
    • caused by the impact of dust (silicosis pneumoconiosis, silicate, metal coniosis, pneumoconiosis of electric welders and gas carriers, grinders, sandwaves and t. D.);
    • caused by the impact of physical factors: vibration disease; diseases associated with the effects of contact ultrasound - vegetative polyneurite; Reducing hearing in the type of cochlear neuritis - noise disease; diseases associated with the effects of electromagnetic radiation and scattered laser radiation; radiation sickness; diseases associated with a change in atmospheric pressure - decompression disease, acute hypoxia; diseases arising from adverse meteorological conditions-overheating, a convulsive disease oblitegered entartheritic, vegetative-sensitive polyneurite;
    • Overvoltage caused by overvoltage: Diseases of peripheral nerves and muscle-neuritis, radicopolinolisters, vegetosensive polyneurite, cervical plexitis, veins, moofacitis; diseases of the musculoskeletal system - chronic tendovaginites, stenosing legaments, bursitis, eritonondylitis, deforming arthrosis; Coordinator neurosis - writing spasm, other forms of functional diskinesium; Diseases of the voice apparatus - the lanterns and organ of vision - asthenopia and myopia;
    • The action of biological factors: infectious and parasitic - tuberculosis, brucellosis, SAP, Siberian ulcers, dysbacteriosis, skin candidmifies and mucous membranes, visceral candidiasis, etc.

    Outside this etiological systematics there are professional allergic diseases (conjunctivitis, diseases of the upper respiratory tract, bronchial asthma, dermatitis, eczema) and oncological diseases (skin tumors, urinary bubble, liver, and upper respiratory cancer).

    Chronic professional diseases is a continuation of sharp?

    Distinguish sharp and chronic professional diseases. Professional disease can be either isra or chronic, these two concepts are not connected with each other. A sharp professional disease (intoxication) suddenly occurs after one-time (for no more than one working shift) of the effects of relatively high concentrations of chemicals contained in the air of the working area, as well as levels and doses of other adverse factors. Chronic professional disease arises as a result of a long systematic impact on the body of adverse factors.

    It's important to know

    Professions that carry a diseaseSome professional diseases, such as silicosis, beryllium, asbestosis, bladder papilloma, can be detected after a few years after the cessation of contact with industrial intimacy. Certain help in confirmation of the diagnosis is the detection of a chemical substance in biological media that caused the disease, or its derivatives (decay products, metabolism, particles). In some cases, only dynamic observation of patients for a long term makes it possible to finally resolve the issue of communication with the profession.

    Among the most important preventive measures to protect the labor and prevention of professional diseases include preliminary (upon admission to work) and periodic inspections of workers exposed to harmful and unfavorable working conditions. Do not shuddered medical examinations, be careful to your health! be healthy!

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