Treatment with a tennis elbow


  • Conservative therapy
  • Recovery period
  • Swedish gymnastics with a wand with gay

  • Conservative therapy

    Treatment with a tennis elbowThe main task of conservative therapy is to stop the process of destruction of collagen tendon and replacement by its defective connective tissue. If there is an inflammatory component, the appointment of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, such as a voltar or ketorol, brings relief. With the ineffectiveness of such treatment, the doctor may be performed with glucocorticoid suspension (Kenalog, Diprospan). These drug preparations have a powerful anti-inflammatory effect, the duration of which ranges from several weeks to several months.

    For the treatment of epicondylitis, massage, physiotherapy, acupuncture, ultrasound, diadatimophoresis, electrical stimulation are used. When rehabilitation, an important place is made by changing the shock technique for the ball, as well as special training in Stretching and power exercises. With a decrease in pain, stretching exercises increases.

    To facilitate pain, percutaneous nerve electrostimulation can be used and the applying of ice bags to the painful area. It is necessary to avoid excessive physical exertion for the sore hand. To this end, in the acute period, the doctor may advise wearing special fixators, fixed in the area of ​​the elbow joint.

    Recovery period

    The recovered period is assigned to therapeutic physical education, aimed at strengthening the muscles of the shoulder and forearm.

    The duration of conservative therapy can be from 2 to 3 months. During this time, most patients have pains in the elbow, the mobility of the hand is restored. Subsequently, it is recommended to avoid certain strength movements with hand, which can provoke a relapse of the disease.

    Swedish gymnastics with a wand with gay

    So, take a round wand with a length of 30-40 cm. And by the middle of it, tightly tie the gircling on the rope. Weight weights - 1-2 kg. Rope length - 40-50 cm.

    Treatment with a tennis elbowExercise 1. Taking a stick so that the thumbs are from the bottom, alternately, the right, then the left brush from ourselves. Motion in the opposite direction Turn the cord and lower the gir.

    Exercise 2. Change grip for stick. Let now be a big fingers located on top, and four others - below. Tighten the movements of the brushes from yourself. The movement of the brushes on itself to omit.

    Exercise 3. Lower the right hand. In the fist, you will be clamped the same wand with the gay on the unlocked rope. Gih - on the side of the mother's maizin, finger nails "Watch out" forward. 1-2 - bending the brush and turning the fist with nails back, raise the weight; 3-4 - lower, return brush to starting position. These exercises can be done 1-3 times a day and additionally after the game (if pain appeared).

    The initial weight of the hirings can be 0.5 kg. The number of repetitions of the first and second exercises at the beginning of the workout - 1 time, the third - 5 times. As weight travelers, weights can be increased to 2 kg., and the number of repetitions (adding one) in the first and second exercises to 4-5, in the third - up to 20 times. Between the exercises, relax the muscles, for which make shaking with brushes, then raising your hands up, then dropping. After exercises - light self-massage of the forearm, elbow and shoulder (from the fingers to the shoulder up). Useful and heat bath for forearm. Reducing and relaxing the muscles of the brush and forearm during this gymnastics (especially in combination with self-massage and heat bath), as it were to massage blood and lymphatic vessels in these muscles, increase the metabolism and remove pain.

    Successes to you in the treatment of the elbow tennis player!

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