Breast cancer: what to expect?


  • Methods for treating oncological diseases
  • Can you help you experience other patients?
  • Your relationship with loved ones
  • The most dangerous error
  • If you can not cope with your mental state

  • Methods for treating oncological diseases

    Breast cancer: what to expect?
    The only miracle - there is no money for the treatment of cancer - and can not be. Some tumors can be heal only with a knife, others - only with radiation therapy, for the third, need a complex combination of drugs and radiation therapy. The sequence of treatment, the choice of drugs and their dose.

    Operational treatment
    aims to remove the mass itself changed cells. However, there is a common opinion: if the doctors refuse the operation - it means everything is very bad, to operate just late. Wrong! It is the successes of oncology that can sometimes avoid surgery. Although all this, of course, is also purely individually.

    Radiation therapy not so trauma, as operational treatment, but requires a longer time and very complex equipment.

    Chemotherapeutic treatment
    , as well as radiation therapy, minor. It requires a long time and, if success, gives a steady effect. It used to be believed that «chemistry» Appointed only with hopeless patients. This is wrong. There is a whole group of tumors that are fully cured chemotherapy.

    Sometimes, to obtain the maximum effect, doctors combine several methods of treatment, carrying out them simultaneously or sequentially. To solve the issue of a preferred treatment method, it is required to estimate a variety of variety of factors.

    Do not think that if the doctor changes the tactics of treatment, it necessarily indicates the deterioration of the patient's condition. In fact, in oncology, many methods are used in the complex, since this approach is the most effective.

    Do not give up treatment offered to you, if it turns out that the tumor education detected by you is not malignant. There are a number of intermediate forms and stages of development of the tumor disease. A benign tumor under the influence of unfavorable conditions or time can grow into malignant, which will require much more effort in treatment.

    Can you help you experience other patients?

    In a situation of illness, you may have a natural desire to seek information on people who have already had such experience. Something - what can be very useful, but it should be remembered that in life there is never two absolutely similar situations and should not overestimate the apparent similarity: the same disease in different people can flow in different ways, and different diseases may have similar symptoms. Think about whether it is worth turning treatment in «broken phone».

    Your relationship with loved ones

    In the current situation it is very important that you do not feel lonely. The help of relatives and loved ones will be necessary almost at all stages of treatment. In some moments it will seem for you that people do not want or can not understand your condition. Difficulties in relationships with loved ones are inevitable, but this is a normal life.

    If possible, try to keep the previous lifestyle. No need to limit the circle of communication, interests. If one or another familiar activities helped you save a good mood, entertained you, giving a charge of cheerfulness - continue them! Your illness does not mean that now you need to refuse yourself in pleasure or closes. The disease touched only your body, and inside you are all the same person, the same person, which was before this trouble happened to you. Do not give illness to defeat yourself.

    The most dangerous error

    One of the most serious dangers that people who have fallen into a serious life situation and feeling despair from the fact that they have neither their strength, no means to cope with it - the desire to believe in miracles. When a person is seriously ill, he is ready to believe anyone who promises him quick and easy healing.

    If there really existed someone in the world, who invented the original and effective method of treating malignant neoplasms, he would have found a way to introduce them into practice and has long been one of the most famous, revered, rich and prosperous people.

    If you can not cope with your mental state

    The most complex problem of the psychological state. This one is a trifle, from which the result often depends. Longing, anxiety, irritation, lethargy, apathy, inhibition, the reluctance of something to do - all this symptoms of mental disadvantage. Attention should be paid to:

    • Increased fatigue not passing after rest;
    • Constant drowsiness, or insomnia;
    • Lack of appetite;
    • Problems with concentration of attention;
    • Constant anxiety without visible reason;
    • The feeling that you do not need anyone that everyone threw you;
    • Fast skin, which is not at all connected with your disease.

    If all this happens to you, then, perhaps, it should be perceived seriously and seek qualified advice to the psychotherapist. It is quite possible, you have depression, and in this case only a specialist can help you, ensuring the right treatment.

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