Cancer defense!


  • What is cancer?
  • Why do not arise?
  • Prevention - what is it?
  • Your antique program
  • What should alert?
  • Work on thought

  • It is impossible to reliably say what causes cancer – If this
    The reason was found, cancer would have lost its leading position among
    diseases having increased risk of fatal outcome. However, science is ne
    stands on the spot, and today it is quite exactly known what the chances increase
    sick. But why then, subject to the impact on us the same
    harmful factors, some are sick, and others are not necessary? People who survived
    Cancer, confident: approach to the prevention and treatment of oncology follows
    Complex, cycling not only the body, but also the soul.

    What is cancer?

    It seems like something living and alien, occurring inside
    man and almost non-influential outside. Is it so on

    From a medical point of cancer – This is a process in which
    organ cells begin to pathologically divide and grow that
    The result leads to a violation of the functions of the organ, and then the body as a whole.
    Concept «crayfish» Combines more than 200 types of tumors. The disease begins
    develop from the moment of damage to the cells by carcinogens (agents,
    Cancer). The founder of Russian oncology.N. Petrov
    found that the main causes of cancer are long
    Irritation, chronic inflammation and disharmonal disorders. How
    The rule, oncogenic becomes influenced by chemicals,
    physical emissions or viruses. Under the influence of these cell factors
    changes its properties, and if this process does not stop on time, it
    will be cancer.

    Oncological diseases do not develop in one
    moment – It is always preceded by long-term inflammation processes or
    harmful effects that Distribution of cancer!May last for years. It has been proven that
    Achievements, for example, breast tumors of 1.5 cm in diameter
    It takes 5-10 years. It turns out, most of the oncological processes
    initiated in adolescence or adolescence. And despite,
    that they develop significantly later, the prevention needs to start
    in time.

    Why do not arise?

    scientists have proven that the development of oncological diseases is mainly
    affect the nutrition (30-35 percens of all causes) and smoking (30-32 percent)
    Next are viruses, industrial factors, heredity,
    Environmental Pollution, Alcohol, Radiation. About 5 percent
    The causes of cancer remain unknown. That is, the majority
    Cancers are caused by factors, which is completely under power
    Each of us. Especially since the development of the disease is always preceded
    long pathological process, and this changes not only in
    specific organ, but also in the body as a whole. Tumors can be defeated on
    early stages, while they did not bring a disorder into neighboring bodies and
    Systems. Surprisingly, but the fact: many cases of even running cancer
    could stop if a person won his fear of appeal to
    doctor. Some people are afraid that they will find oncology, and therefore
    pull with examination to the last. Meanwhile, in the early stages
    The disease can be heal, and finally and without recurrence in the future.
    Launched cancer leads to irreversible changes in the body and kills

    Prevention - what is it?

    distinguish three types of prevention of cancer. First, it is
    Changing nutrition and improper lifestyle, unloading smoking,
    Reducing the impact of other harmful factors. Secondly, prevention
    includes the treatment of precancerous diseases, serious inflammation, as well as
    Early definition of accumulation of cancer cells in the body. And thirdly,
    This is the warning of the development of metastases at the oncobole, as well as
    Prevention of relapses and new tumors for those who have already been cured from
    cancec. All this can really save life!

    Your antique program

    Except harmful food.
    Carcinogens are contained in many products, in particular, in fried on
    oil and fryer food, as well as conservation and marinades, products
    Long storage, smoked. Especially harmful protein products,
    Durable Temperature. Reduce consumption
    fat, especially animal, and also do not overeat – Daily calorieness
    The diet should not exceed 2500 calories. Commit regularly
    Unloading shipless days or observe posts. Reduce consumption
    Alcohol to 1-2 servings per day (portion – This is a glass of dry wine or 0.33
    L beer). As for water, use filtered or bottled

    Allied products. Daily you should eat not
    Less than 5 portions of fruits, vegetables, juices and other vegetable food,
    containing a large amount of fiber. Especially useful green,
    Yellow and orange vegetables and fruits, citrus, berries, dried fruits,
    Seafood, onions and garlic. From red vegetables perfect choice –
    Tomatoes: there are a lot of lycopene, beta carotene, natural
    Antioxidants. Be sure to add to your daily diet bread from
    coarse flour (grain or rye), as well as cereal. In fat fish
    many polyunsaturated acids that have anticarcinogenic
    Properties. Very useful nuts. Posted by anti-cancer action
    dry red wine – But in moderate doses (wine quickly displays
    Radionuclides,Distribution of cancer! prevents their dangerous impact on the body).

    Quit smoking. W
    Smokers lung cancer develops 10 times more often than non-smoking.
    In addition, they are in dozens of times the risk of developing tumors
    other organs: mouth, esophagus, stomach, pancreas, kidneys and
    Even cervical cervix. ATTENTION: Passive smoking is also harmful as
    Active. A smoker who abandoned the bad habit for
    The next 15-20 years, a few dozen times reducing the risk of death from
    nicotine diseases.

    Check on viruses. Viruses
    can cause about 10 percent of all oncological diseases.
    For example, some strains of human papilloma virus provoke cancer
    The cervix, hepatitis B viruses and with in some cases cause cancer
    liver. From the moment of infection and before the development of cancer may pass years, but
    If you are a carrier oncogenic virus, it is necessary
    know – To regularly monitor the state of your health and not
    give a sickness of a single chance.

    Strengthen immunity. If
    You too often become more common diseases, contact
    immunologist. Try to lead a healthy lifestyle, to rest fully,
    Do not break down. Be physically active – It is recommended to study
    sport at least three times a week to 30-40 minutes. Oncological risk
    Reduce regular visits to the baths, contrasting souls, dummy cold
    Water and other hardware events.

    Pay attention to himself.

    If you have moles that are constantly annoyed by clothes or
    chains on the neck, increase in size or change the color, necessarily
    Turn to the doctor. Timely removal of such moles reduces the risk
    Development of skin cancer. Pay attention to any factors that are disturbing you
    In well-being. Regularly, immediately after the end of menstruation, conduct
    self-examination of the mammary glands, palpuring them in the direction of
    Peripherals to the center. If you are alarming you in the form and color
    skin, as well as the shape of the gland, or you fastened some seals,
    Be sure to show a gynecologist. Here you can hand over the smears with
    Mystery mucosa for cytological examination for item
    Changes in its cells – to prevent the development of cancer of this organ.
    Regularly pass fluorography, and after 45 years and mammography.

    What should alert?

    • unusual
      selection or bleeding from the nose, mouth, rectum or vagina, and
      Also changing the color of urine and the presence of blood in it;
    • Thickening, knots and bodies in the breast, strange skin of the chest (similar to the baked apple);
    • long non-passing cough, especially morning;
    • An unpleasant feeling of the incredible lump in the throat, which makes it difficult to swallowing;
    • non-healing wounds or ulcers;
    • changes in the form, colors and shapes of moles and birthmarks;
    • Unusual pains of internal organs.

    You discovered similar changes, show a doctor. In most cases
    This does not indicate oncological diseases, but remember that the disease
    always easier to warn you than treat.

    Work on thought

    psychologists believe that oncology – Consequence of accumulated negative
    Energy. Women's cancer more than other women are sick, all life
    Tearing bad attitude of their own husbands. After all, they are forced for years
    keep accumulated offenses or anger. A negative energy,
    drunk deep inside, can not be not implemented on physical
    Level – body and soul are closely interrelated. Famous American
    psychologist Louise Hay at one time managed, changing his thinking and image
    life, get rid of the vagina cancer, which arose, in her opinion,
    Due to the offense on men in general. For this she for many
    months was fed only by green vegetables, Bila pillows and screamed
    all voice – to get rid of the accumulated resentment, engaged
    Reflexotherapy. But the main rate made to get rid of all
    negative emotions, the forgiveness of all those whom it seems impossible.

    Negative can not accumulate!
    You can't make a person right what you think about it, implement
    in communicating with pleasant people to you, spend your energy constructively.
    In addition, most people who passed through cure,
    We are sure: the disease always makes you think about your life, slow down
    Her running and draw conclusions. We are in a hurry, marked the important thing in us and
    in the world around the world, pursue mercantile purposes or simply methodically
    Perform the delivered everyday tasks. And completely forget about yourself, about
    Tom why we live and what is really important to us. Disease gives
    the opportunity to stop, rethinking your destination and change
    own life.

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