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  • Cancer vulva
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  • Cancer vulva

    Cancer Vulva (outdoor genital organs) is
    The most rare localization of malignant female genital tumors
    organ­Nov. The frequency of the disease is 2.2-8%, it is more commonly found
    women older than 60 years. Although the cancer of the outdoor genital organs can be noticed
    Visually, most patients come to hospital with late
    Stages of the disease. The first place on the localization of cancer is occupied by large
    sex lips and clit, second - small sex lips, third -
    Bartoline glands and urination­Channel.

    Select an exofic form when cancer tumor
    It has the form of a nodule towering over the surface; endophyte - S
    about­the disclosure of crater ulcers with dense edges; diffuse form -
    Tight diffuse infiltrate.

    Cancer Vulva has a pronounced malignant in view of the rich­Denno
    Areas of lymph nodes and a special structure of the lymphatic system.

    The 4 stages of the distribution of Cancer Vulva are distinguished:

    • I Stage - tumor up to 2 cm in diameter, limited to vulva;
    • II Stage - a tumor of more than 2 cm in diameter, limited to the vulva;
    • III Stage - a tumor of any size propagating the vagina and / or on
      The lower third of the urethra and / or anus. There are metastases in the inguinal femur
      The lymph nodes;
    • IV Stage - a tumor of any extent of distribution with distant­Metastasami.

    According to the histological structure of Cancer Vulva can be
    flat­Cellular oroging (90%), non-peer,
    Basal cell, adenocarcinoma, melanoblastoma.

    Diagnosis of cancer vulva

    What is Cancer Vulva
    Patients can
    Consider complaints of a painful tumor in the crotch area,
    purulent or bleeding, irritation or itching vulva. At
    germination of the tumor to the fabrics (on far stages)
    Persons in the sacrum are joined, the difficulty is urinary­Kania, Cakexia.

    Generally accepted and affordable diagnosis of vulva cancer is
    gynecological study that should be started with inspection
    external genital organs (better through a magnifying glass). Tumor can be in the form
    Bugland expanding, bleeding when­cosnow
    Dense node, flat ulcers with uneven bottom and rolling edges
    Or graduating type Condyl. PU­those palpation determine the consistency
    tumors, its attitude to the subject to the tissues, the prevalence of the process.

    Inspection with the help of mirrors allows you to estimate the state of the slick­Toy
    The shell of vagina and cervix, rectovaginal research­Doves -
    find out the condition of the parameter fiber.

    Of great importance for the diagnosis of Cancer Vulva has cytolo­Great
    Study of strokes-prints from the surface of the ulce­Maskov and Maskov,
    Cooked out of scraping with suspicious teaching­Outlets mucous

    To clarify the diagnosis and definition of the morphological structure­Tours tumors
    Biopsy is recommended with subsequent histologists­Clear research. For
    the right choice of the biopsy site when­Change colposcopy, voluminous.

    In case of Crak, the vulva is suitable for lymphography to determine­Nia
    state of outer iliac lymph nodes. To identify
    The states of the surrounding organs use cystosko­Food, excretory
    Urography, RectorOnoscopy, X-ray­Chest Fiya.

    Treatment of cancer vulva

    The choice of the treatment method depends on the stage
    Process, Cl­niche, age and general condition of the patient. At
    I-i-III stages of the disease and the overall good condition­Nyyut
    Combined treatment method: extended removal of vul­You and Pakhovyov
    Lymph nodes. 2-3 weeks after the operation assign radiation
    Therapy (X-ray rays or radio­Tive isotopes). Radius
    Therapy as an independent treatment method together with chemotherapy
    (cyclophosphane, bleomycin, olivomycin) are used in patients with I-III
    Stages when passing­conguments to surgical treatment, as well as
    patients with IV stage of the disease.

    Forecast for Cancer Vulva depends on how long­the treatment was started and how correctly it is­Moose.

    Prevention is based on timely detection and adec­cotton treated background and precancerous processes vulva.

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