Melanoma - black label of the XXI century


Melanoma — Black label xxi century

Melanoma — «Black tumor» — 6 million falls in the world annually. Patients. Among the tumors of other localization, it is 1-3%. It is rather due to the types of treatment (and most often it is a combination of a surgical and radiation method), 5-year survival fluctuate fluid in the priest 15-30%.

Malignant melanoma and the problems of pigment skin formations are studied for decades of physicians and biologists of many countries of the world. Despite the fact that we know about this tumor, many questions remain unexplained.

One thing is clear: a large number of pigment stains and moles and the risk of malignant melan are interrelated. The frequency of the melanoma on the site of the nevus (moles) is from 30 to 55%.

These dangerous moles

Melanoma - black label of the XXI centuryCurrently, the total objects of the occurrence of the skin of the skin, which may be important for melanoma. This is a genetic and individual proliferation, imminent disorders, as well as environmental factors: solar pariation, authentic irradiation, Padoactive impacts, chemical canopaogens, oncogenic virts, physical TPAVMA. But the most influence has the impact of the sun and injury, especially those that are associated with contacting and inflammation. Most often, the nevies arranged on the scalp, footsteps, collar and lumbar zones will turn out.

However, do not underestimate and hormonal factors. Studies have revealed that there is a link between the POST or activation of the pigment nevus and the first-monomal periods in the fusion of women connected with the bequeegencies, formations, ashicles. Which of the Moles are most often fatally dangerous? Scientists gave an answer to this question. However, some of them without special histological analysis are impossible to distinguish from malignant melanoma.

Epidemic Demal Nets. The most frequent localization is head, neck, palm and feet. These nevys have the greatest tendency to malignancy.

Combined, mixed nevies. They can be encountered-colored, with a smooth or rough surface.

Blue (Blue) Neva. It is preparing a smooth embroarded, clearly fire nodes with a pazme from 4 mm to 2 cm. SEP-blue or coal color. Most often located on your face or hands.

However, the most dangerous is the first melanosis dubpiel. It is usually mastered on the skin in the elderly, a little more often in women. Initially, one or several barely noticeable small specks of light-kopell color appear. Gradually, they are darker, sometimes merge into one unpainted stained stain of cepical tones, sometimes four times with separated, bluish plots. Large-quality stains PPPs, on some data in 75% of patients.

Despair tactics

Pinged in 1907, the Principles of Schi-Male Melanoma (with 2.5 cm of open skin and 5 cm to be subject to fascia) became a canon in oncology for more than 70 years. However, the number of melanomes, diagnosed in the Panni stages, has increased in recent years, and the Principal SchiPochi excision dominates to this day. After the economical operations performed under local anesthesia, there are not always projidis. With a foreign endoons, the turning excision is not happantia that the life of the patient will be saved. Because Melanoma is very cunning: with a subsemion of a postoperative bunch or a driving skin of the tumor. In the case of the localization of the tumor on the fingers of the brushes or stop, the fingers are removed, sometimes with a part of the tall or metatar bones. Experts believe that the amputation of the limbs is melanoma of the skin inexisibility. These are the initial fobs, this crumpleholding is not OPAVDA, but the tumors do not give the Gapantia, that remote metastases will not arise.

In order to suppress malignant cells, especially if the tumor is bleeding or an inflammatory process occurs, radiation therapy is carried out before operation. Unfortunately, there are no methods that allow that partially desire to operate. It is shown that it is possible to remove clinically unlucky for metastasizing, in 30% of patients they turned out to be.

In addition to operational and radiation therapy, chemotherapy is used, mainly Dakarbazin. Despite the fact that in a number of works, a higher efficiency of polychimotherapy schemes, including Dacarbazine, BCNU, Cisplatin and Tamoxifen, was noted, none of the randomized studies confirmed the advantages of combinations of drugs in front of monochimotherapy.

Help from the inside

The idea to increase your own immunity of the patient so that he can fight the malignant process, not new. There were enterprises attempts to create medicines immunostimulants, but until recently, their effectiveness was insignificant, and toxic — Very high. However, Russian scientists were able to do what the doctors dreamed of all over the world. They synthesized cytokine-based medicines, — proteins that control anti-tumor immunity. Preparation Refnot® is a unique connection — Hybrid molecule of two biologically active agents — cytokine factor necrosis tumors and hormone thymsimine. In 2009, Refnot® was officially registered and allowed for use in practice as an antitumor agent. In Moscow, works the only one in Russia «Clinic of Oncoimmunology and Cytokinotherapy», Specializing in Cancer Treatment. It advise specialists who created the refunctions® and developed treatment schemes that are constantly being improved.

In 2011, Refnot® Another clinical studies in the Russian oncologically scientific center were completed. N.N. Blokhina (Moscow). They proved its effectiveness in particular with regard to melanomic therapy in combination with chemotherapy and in monodephy.

In September 2011 in New York at the annual conference on melanoma, a group of researchers from the research institution of oncology. N.N. Petrova (St. Petersburg) reported to the global scientific medical community about serious success in the treatment of disseminated forms of melanoma Innovative Refnota preparation® in combination with chemotherapy.

Here are extracts from the histories of the disease, which confirm that refrigera® — This is a significant help of oncologists in the fight against this insidious tumor.

one. Sick yoke, 46 l.
Diagnosis: Melanoma skin right foot, condition after combined treatment in 2003, 2009, multiple metastases in mesentery, parapanque tissue. After the excision of the melanoma of the skin and the operation of the Duchene, multiple metastases in the lymph nodes of the abdominal cavity were revealed. With 05.2010 to 01.2011 conducted 6 refdium courses in combination with 3 courses of polychimotherapy. According to PET / CT surveys, ultrasound from 11.2011. — Full effect. Until now — Observation. The duration of the effect is 12 + months. Maximum effect — full.

2. Patient kti, 60 years.
Diagnosis: Primary multiple skin melanoma, multiple metastases in the lungs. With 04.2005 to 12.2006 — Operational treatment — Exciration of melanoma leather leaf hips, torso, left shoulder. In the postoperative period of treatment did not receive. With dynamic observation of 02.11 Multiple metastases are revealed in lungs. From 10.2010. by 04.2011. 4 courses of treatment were conducted: Refnot for 4 weeks, then from 5 weeks of polychimotherapy. The duration of the effect is 9+ months. Maximum effect — full .

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