Application of probiotics and prebiotics

It has been proven that the intestinal microflora provides a good half of immunity, creates a natural barrier for pathogens bacteria. In addition, they take an active part in digesting food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralization of toxins, protect the intestinal cells from rebirth. Underestimate the value of probiotics is impossible - they are able to destroy even viruses.

About them spoke quite recently. Now in any supermarket you can find lactic acids with probiotics, and in any pharmacy - special goats. Are probiotics so helpful, our site will tell.

What is probiotic

Application of probiotics and prebiotics
Probiotics are microorganisms, friendly to man (in translation denoted «for life»). It can be bacteria, and even some mushrooms. Scientists consider the Commonwealth of microorganisms as a natural protective barrier, «Built-in» in the human body. But it was not always so. For some time, scientists could not understand the true appointment of microflora and even tried to fight her. As a result «sterility» led to active reproduction of various harmful bacteria and, as a result, to deterioration of human health. The body became defenseless in front of any disease, including so serious illness as cancer. It is proved that the intestinal microflora provides a good half of immunity, creates a natural barrier for pathogenic bacteria (does not give them to multiply). In addition, they take an active part in digesting food, synthesis of vitamins, neutralization of toxins, protect the intestinal cells from rebirth.

Underestimate the value of probiotics is impossible - they are able to destroy even viruses, before which are powerless antibiotics.

When taking probiotics

Violation of the intestine microflora suffers almost all the population of the Earth. Bad ecology, low-quality nutrition, stress, Reception of antibiotics and sulfanimamides leads to the full or partial death of probiotics. If you often have nervous, do not sleep, eat irregularly «on the run», returned from travel or moved cold, You should take care of microflora.

Contained dysbacteriosis

Application of probiotics and prebiotics
Despite the fact that Western medicine does not recognize the diagnosis «Dysbacteriosis», We even exist special tests. Let's consider this term as a name of the situation when the intestinal friendly intestinal microflora is displaced with staphylococci, a blue rod, fungi. This may indicate the discomfort of the intestines, diarrhea, pain in the peritoneous. Dysbacteriosis may occur Owl of belly, And even tingling inside it. In this situation, you do not get the necessary number of vitamins and trace elements, the metabolism is disturbed, and the pathogenic microflora is able to even damage the intestinal epithelium and get into the vascular bed. Consequences can be the most different. In case of violation of microflora, the body is strongly weakened by bacterial toxins. And allergic reactions are gradually manifested. Everything can end with atopic dermatitis and hard forms Bronchial asthma. To pass the survey on dysbacteriosis is needed and hypertensive, and people with inflammation of the joints, and those who suffer from excess weight. All because Violated metabolism, provoked by the lack of vitamins and trace elements.

How to update the microflora

Application of probiotics and prebiotics
If your concerns were confirmed and diagnosed with you «Dysbacteriosis», do not despair. Now it is important to re-establish intestines Useful microorganisms. But the problem is that only 10% of bacteria from the drilled capsule or fermented milk products reach the destination - intestines. The rest are dying under the influence of gastric juice. So that the most resistant 10% fit in the intestines, you need prebiotics. These are not microorganisms, but their products of their livelihoods, so the gastric juice is not terrible. They are «Prepare the soil» for the development and reproduction of probiotics. As you can see, treatment must be comprehensive, therefore it will be better if the course will be your attending physician.

How can we protect the existing useful microflora? Try to avoid stress, use high-quality food, get enough sleep and ... every day drink 250-300 ml of kefira or yogurt.

How to choose a real probiotic

Application of probiotics and prebiotics
Recently, from the TV screens, we promise to take care of immunity. Manufacturers of various dairy products. Believe advertising promises should not be learn to choose «Right» probiotics.

When choosing yogurt or kefir, read the composition carefully. The label should be noted that the product is natural and contains live bacteria (Lactobacillus Casei Imunitass, Streptococcus Thermophilus, Lactobacillus Bulgaricus, Bifidobacterium ActiRegularis). And if there is a word on the label «probiotics», then it is better to buy such a yogurt - there is an increased content of useful microorganisms. Buy only the freshest lactic acid products - probiotics per few days die under the influence of lactic acid, which they themselves produce.

As for those probiotics that are sold at the pharmacy, it is best to choose drugs in capsules. It is important that the annotation is to clarify that the capsule is resistant to acid and dissolves no earlier than after 3-4 hours. Only so all probiotics achieved destination.

As a result of one independent examination, only one preparation of bifiform could boast an acid-resistant capsule. But the advertified Linex «delivered» In the intestine only 1% bacteria. Here and believe after this advertisement.

By the way, in the stomach of small kids almost neutral environment, so the question «Liverness» probiotics is so acute.

Regarding the benefit and proper use of probiotics of discussion among scientists of husbands go still. At the moment, it is proved that the optimal healing effect is observed while taking probiotics and prebiotics. If therapeutic forms should be used on the recommendation of the doctor, then for the prevention fit perfectly «Homemade» Laminating products. Mirway readers may well prepare them and at home, based on boiled milk and special starts. The latter are very different - it all depends on the number of types of probiotics included in the composition.

From my personal experience I want to advise Racing «Vivo». They are produced in Kiev, and sell in any pharmacy. I love «Symbilat» - It has a healing effect, very pleasant to taste, not mucous consistency, pleasant acid taste. With it, we for three weeks «updated» intestine child after surgery. Bulgarian leaves for my taste are glorified, a little crashing in consistency.

You can eat home yogurt with honey or refueling salads. Shelf life - 5 days. By the way, probiotics do not live in a sweet environment, so the store is sweet mashed potatoes for children - just a delicious dessert. It is better to feed their households with homemade dairy products - and in quality, and in the medical effect you will be sure.

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