Female diseases


Female diseases
During the diagnostic studies of women's appeals on the issues of gynecological and other inherent in the female organism of diseases, predominantly diseases such as the mioma of the uterus, the erosion of the cervix of the uterus, various kinds of cysts, and are characteristic of not only the female reproductive system, but also fibrous-cystic disease, or mastopathy, which is found more than 30% of the female population of reproductive age and is often a concomitant disease with existing endometriosis and uterine mioma.

Mioma uterus is observed approximately a third of the adult female population of the planet, being a benign education that gets its development in the tissues of the muscular membrane of the uterus. The main reason why the occurrence of myoma, — This is a significant violation of the hormonal background of the female organism, which flows intrauterine inflammatory processes, conducting operational interference with pregnancy interruption.

Probably one of the most common female diseases is the erosion of the cervix, which arises due to the presence of genital infections, a significant imbalance between the saprophyte and pathogenic fluoride of the vagina existing disorders of menstrual cycles and a hormonal background.

Next disease — This is a ovarian cyst, which is a long-catching education that has liquid content that has arisen due to problems with delayed secretory functions and, especially, with elevated liquid secretion. Mostly cysts are formed in the ovary itself, less often in the appendage over the ovary. Cysts are not a tumor, as well as are not capable of malignant degeneration, since fabric neoplasms are not involved in their composition.

As already mentioned above, except the ovarian cyst exists another unpleasant disease — Fibrozno-cystic disease, or mastopathy, which manifests itself by the formation of benign fabrics in the field of mammary glands. The reasons for its occurrence are still not finalized, although modern medicine represents us mastopathy, as the cause of the hormonal imbalance of the female body, caused by the deficit of the hormone of progesterone and the abrasiveness of the hormones of estrogen.

Favoric factories for the emergence and development of mastopathy:

  • a large number of abortions without the normal course of pregnancy and childbirth;
  • lack of breastfeeding or its shortness;
  • lack of regular sex life;
  • hereditary factor when the nearest relatives were sick of mastopathy;
  • Hormonal diseases — diabetes, diseases of the endocrine system, liver, obesity;
  • unfavorable ecology, constant stress.

In most cases, symptoms are manifested by painful sensations in lactic glands, exacerbating in the premenstrual period, which can be in hand or blade, as well as the presence of painful formations in the tissue of the mammary glands.

Mastopathy treatment must be accompanied by a diet and a refusal of bad habits.

Modern medicine represents a large number of drugs used to treat fibrous-cystic diseases, including vitamins, diuretic, anti-inflammatory and hormonal means.

Each, from the diseases described above, at various stages of its development shall be subject to different therapy, up to operational surgical intervention. It is extremely important in the early stages of the disease in a timely manner to consult a doctor. It is especially important to carry out the stabilization of the hormonal background in the early stages, if its imbalance is present, for which gestagens, anti-estrogen, androgens, prolactin inhibitors are used. E-tocopherol acetate, A, B1, B6, antioxidants, iodine-containing drugs will be useful from vitamins. However, the appropriate appointments are not always promptly and in the maximum full of full, contribute to the recovery of patients, which requires an introduction to the complex therapeutic measures and appointments of additional drugs that improve the overall state of patients and lead to a speedy improvement in health, up to complete recovery.

Female diseases
It is especially important to use homeopathic agents and phytotherapy, the use of which has recently become a special status, since such drugs do not harm the body, since they do not contain synthetic chemical components. Modern drugs, such as Medicin, Civilin and Livicin, differ in the remedy, however, the complex reception of all three drugs allows to achieve unique results in the treatment of common gynecological diseases.

The uniqueness and innovation of these drugs lies in the fact that medzivin restores the balance of hormones in the body and stabilizes the immune system, Livicin, normalizing blood microcirculation in healthy cells near the foci of the disease, contributes to the replacement of patients with healthy cells and stimulates the resorption of fibrous-cystic printed seals, and Civilin to the removal of inflammatory processes and the decay of cystic formations.

As a result, the use of such a powerful ligament of natural plant preparations leads to an increase in the therapeutic effect in the complex treatment of diseases, the possible exception of the need for operational intervention, and if it became inevitable, then to the reduction of the rehabilitation period, after such operational interventions.

The proposed drugs are the result of serious patented scientific research conducted by Russian scientists, are made of components of exclusively vegetable origin on modern high-tech pharmaceutical enterprises, which provides 100% quality guarantee, and due to the passage of successful clinical approbation in leading medical institutions in Russia, Ukraine and Belarus, drugs are recommended The Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation to use and sanctioned their sale through the pharmacy chains of many countries.

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