Orthopedic treatment of the Valgus deformation of the thumb


    What came up with orthopedic

    Among the numerous orthopedic devices intended for the treatment of the valgus deformation of the thumb, the following are isolated:


    • Insoles-supinators
    • Halfish-supinators
    • Orthopedic treatment of the Valgus deformation of the thumbNatural skin tents
    • Silicone tents
    • Tenges from gel
    • Corrigating products for the fingers of the foot

    In addition, these products can be made from silicone:

    • Washes
    • Half squirrels
    • Tytening
    • Interpallated pads
    • Tweet pad
    • Corrigative products for the fingers of the foot from silicone
    • Silicone plasters.

    Orthopedic treatment of the Valgus deformation of the thumbIn addition, special night tires for thumb are applied. This is the so-called discharge bandage. It is a skeleton of duralumin tin, which covers a foot and thumb. Gaskets in such a tire made of genuine leather. This tire helps most effectively during sleep, on the background of relaxed muscles. Its regular application suspends further deviation, partially normalizes the position of the thumb and adapts the tone of the muscles and ligaments of the foot to the changed pin position. Wearing tires is contraindicated in diabetic foot syndrome.

    An interdigal gasket is designed to prevent the deviation of the thumb of the foot, which is a characteristic feature of the Valgus deformation, on the background of flatfoot, and also to reduce friction between fingers. It consists of a biologically inert polymer that does not cause allergic reactions and reduces sweating between fingers.

    Another fitting for thumb is the gel protective ring. It is intended to protect the joints of the fingers from friction about shoes and each other in the presence of deformation of the fingers (for example, hammer-shaped fingers, crossed fingers, clawed fingers), as well as coams in the region of interphalating joints. This ring has found its use when gouging, sediments of salts, arthrosis arthritis and bourrs of finger joints. When the starting deformation of the fingers, the ring is used to prevent the formation of coam. It can also be used in the Valgus deformation of the thumb.

    The gel ring is a short cuff made from a special technogel, covering joints or causticity on the finger. It is put on a finger, covering the most rubbing or painful place. Worn throughout the day. To comply with the hygiene, the ring should be flushed with warm water in the soap solution and process with a baby powder or talc.


    Supinators help stop to acquire a normal position and play the role of a shock absorber. In some cases, still use the so-called negotiable. It is used with such pathology as heel spurs, as well as when shortening the limbs. With minor signs of deformation of the thumbnail, you can use an interdigal proofreader, which is a soft silicone strut. It is inserted between the first and second finger, which prevents the further deviation of the thumb towards the mother's.

    It should be noted that it is best to select all these devices with an orthopedic doctor.

    Supporters are longitudinal, which are used in longitudinal flatfoots support the inner surface of the foot, and transverse – They support the transverse arch of the foot. For the correction of transverse flatfoot can be applied and semidellets. Also used in this situation and screed for the front stop. It is a widespread an insole with a wide elastic, which is put on the middle of the foot off, where the tie bones are located, and prevents its deformation. This design helps to train the muscles and feet ligaments, but it cannot be worn longer than 1 to 2 hours, as the fatigue of the stop occurs and they need to give a little rest.

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