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  • Radiculitis for all
  • Digid Groke – Dropped radiculitis
  • Do not put salt on my wound – Better for lower back
  • Sadik myself Sadil – I myself will root in it?

  • Radiculitis for all

    Every year, folk flies begin with the opening of the country season. And every year the same thing is repeated: the back hurts, the joints of the lomit, the muscles of – no strength to endure this pain. And it is necessary to work. After all, at the expense of summer cottages, many families feed.

    It is not easier living and owners of country houses. They have a bed, maybe, and there is no, but the lawn will cut, grass-leaves ghost, flower beds to rid – It is necessary. And again, the loin hurts, the joints of the lomit, the muscles of... Such is the philosophy of life – and the prince and the beggar on earth hooks equally.

    And no matter where those beds, lawns and flower beds are located – in England, Germany or Russia – Both English, and German, and Russian loins hurt in one makar.

    Digid Groke – Dropped radiculitis

    To begin with, we will understand what kind of garden-lawn attack such. In the country's expanders now, really unfolding real tragedies. The name of these tragedies: striking and radiculitis. Very often, the bouts of osteo- and rheumatoid arthritis begin from the unbearable work on the beds.

    Our scarlet drove everywhereAccording to statistics, similar problems suffer 11 million Russians. Understandable thing, which was considered only those who appealed to the clinic. The true number of sufferers is unknown to anyone. But it is known that most often the elderly people suffer from the vertebrates and joint pain. In general, those on whose bold shoulders and the waxes are green cotton beds. And the old people, by the way, treat is heavier than young.

    Of all those who applied to doctors, in 3 million people from the diseases received on the beds moved into a chronic form. Now it is clear how serious this problem is? It means that it is necessary to approach her with full responsibility.

    It is very important to learn to distinguish the shot from the radiculitis. Because with a shot, you can handle yourself, but with a radiculitis, you may have to go to the doctor.

    Stretch occurs due to inflammation and sharp muscle spasm in the lumbar region. He keeps for a short time – day or two and then lets.

    In painful radiculitis, the reason is different. This is a violation of the position of the vertebrae and inflammation of nerve roots. Such a sore can with the years, and the person herself will never let go. Therefore, if after a couple of days, the lumbar pain does not pass, we can assume that it does not hit, but radiculitis, and you need to start seriously treated.

    Do not put salt on my wound – Better for lower back

    Sometimes folk remedies help from muscle, articular and vertebral pain. For example, you can warm the sick place with a heating boot, heated in a frying pan with sand or ordinary salt (apply only in a linen bag), hot water in a bottle, heated in the Sun Stone... In general, all that will be at hand.

    Then take some anti-inflammatory drug, drink tea with raspberries - yes more - and good sleep in a warm dry bed. Before you go to bed, it is advisable to warm to bite the best place for any wool. After such procedures, pain usually goes.

    If the pain has not passed, you can proceed to medicine treatment. They need to take care of in advance – They should always be in your country aid kit.

    Naturally, you need to choose the drug with a doctor. Selecting medications for themselves, keep in mind that long-known anti-inflammatory drugs that take off articular, vertebrate and muscle pain, such as indomethacin and diclofenac, have one significant deficiency. Even with short-term reception, they act very poorly at the gastrointestinal tract. After them often appear ulcers and gastric bleeding. Americans calculated that 7 thousand people die from these diseases in the United States every year. It is not difficult to guess that in Russia, and in Europe this question is as relevant. Here are just statistics like foreign, we do not have.

    I want to emphasize once again: if you are taking old drugs, then do it very carefully! And best of all go to the recent generation medicines. They effectively remove inflammation in the joints, pain, and also have an antipyretic effect. But most importantly, they have another mechanism of action, and therefore they do not harm the gastrointestinal tract.

    Sadik myself Sadil – I myself will root in it?

    And after all, our fellow citizens know that once the torn lower back need all his life to take care that with inflammatory diseases of the joints it is impossible to be disturbed and translated, but no – harsh life circumstances, like the same pipe, name is and mounted.

    But since the garden does not go anywhere and not hide, then at least you need to try to do everything possible to not get into it. In order not to moan on the beds suffering from lumbar, articular and muscle pain, people must prepare for the summer season. For this you need...

    • Before the start of the weapons, go to the doctor to find out their condition and the limit of their capabilities at the moment. And if they are low – to become. Otherwise the labor regime is not to withstand.
    • After the winter seating in soft chairs, the back need to spin the gymnastics. Not in beds, naturally, and long before them.
    • In advance to purchase a small folding chair to provide its back the maximum comfort at work. If someone is categorically against the stool, you can use another method at worst: the position of the body can be changed – In no case do not work only in one pose. Start squatting, then alternately pull one, then another leg. Then you can put on your knees, crossed on the heels (just do not forget to attend the pillow under the knees). And you want – Work lying on the side. Although on the left, even on the right. And pull your weeds on health. In general, fantasize, look for and find the most convenient postures for each type of work.

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