• What is tensile ligaments
  • Symptoms of stretching
  • First aid when stretching

  • What is tensile ligaments

    Tensile ligaments, as well as injuries, are among the most common
    Measuring injury. This is damage to the musculoskeletal system
    get, embarrassing stepping, stumbling down or slipping. It is often
    diagnosed in athletes. In most cases, when tensile
    There are gaps of individual bond fibers; in the most difficult cases
    There is a complete gap. Typical stretching and bursting bundles
    ankle joint; they occur mainly when
    exposure to the foot on the unevenness of the soil and when the side falls, if
    Stop cannot turn after the shin (for example, skiers).

    Symptoms of stretching

    When tensile, the ligaments immediately arises pain in the ankle
    and, as a result of her, chromota. Later (usually the next day) formed
    swelling and bruises in the area of ​​damaged joint, increase
    soreness and chromotype - up to the inability to walk.

    When bundling a bundle, the victim cannot walk, step on the leg.
    The joint strongly swells, extensive bruises appear with internal
    or exterior sides of the joint. When feeling under the ankles feels
    Sharp resistant.

    First aid when stretching

    The purpose of first aid when tensile tensile is a decrease in pain.
    The damaged joint must be immobilized (fix); For this purpose when
    Significant pain You can apply an elastic bandage or tight binting
    ordinary bandage. Then followed by the victim to consult a doctor, because
    During tension, bone cracks are not excluded. As a rule, with
    The victim of the victim can move the victim himself or
    Support for another person. If it is not possible to seem right
    doctor, you can take advantage of warming compresses on
    Damaged joint. Despite the seeming frivolism of injury,
    It is recommended not to avoid medical care, since without correct
    Treatment Even light stretching can cause subsequently weakness
    ligaments, which will result in frequent (familiar) to expand the foot and

    You can successfully use folk treatment methods
    Strecks and fugitives of joints and ligaments.

    Such recommendations you can
    Give your patients:

    • Clean the fine onion and mix it with a small amount of sugar
      sand cover with a thick layer of this mixture rag and impose on a patient
      a place.
    • One of the best funds is the dried beagle. If it is immediately
      impose on a bruised place, then even a bruise will not appear. On 1 Art.
      Water spoon should be taken at least 2 st. Spoons crushed into powder
      Bodhagi. This is a kind of dough and must be applied to the patient.
      Bodhaya will show its effect when part of the water evaporates and the grass will become

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