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  • Fracture of clavicle among kids
  • Children's Fracture Feet: Ambulance and Treatment

  • Treatment of fractures in childrenTalk about the treatment of fractures in children and various damage is due to the special activity and mobility of kids and adolescents. Nobody is insured against injuries, quite rarely the child grows without bruises, stretching and fractures. This is usually associated with the lifestyle of children for whom a minute of peace is a special difficulty. Most often, it is precisely such children to go into domestic troubles, traffic accidents with a rash transition across the street and get bruises and blows on the street or sports grounds. Most often there are fractures of the elbow joint and bone of the forearm, less — Children's fractures.

    How symptoms of fractures are manifested, what are the signs that it is not just bruised, namely the fracture? First of all, there should be a violation of the motor activity of the injured limb, pain at the bottom of the forearm and deformation, the presence of edema and bruises, if we are talking about the fracture of the clavicle in children or radial bones.

    Features of child damage are associated with increased elasticity and durability of the tissue tissue, which often provides fractures without bone fragments, so-called substitute. In the environment of specialists — Children's traumatologists and surgeons are a term «Green twig», It is so sometimes looks like a fracture of the limb in a child, when only one side of the bone was broken, which allows treatment without surgical intervention. Therapy of fractures without displacement of bone fragments is carried out by overlapping Longa from gypsum on the desired segment of the circle of hand or legs. Such fractures do not require inpatient treatment; it can be carried out an outpatient basis under the control of the doctor. Anxious signal for a child and parents is increasing under the gypsum bandage pain and swelling, sensitivity impairment in the fingers of the hand or foot. Overlaying gypsum dressing — This is the simplest and safe way, but, unfortunately, it is not always effective, not all fractures can be cured so. The urgent visit to the doctor when dismissed fragments can be completed by the operation, which does not represent difficulties in itself, but it is carried out under general anesthesia and requires further location in the children's traumatology department. In the case of an unstable fracture for the prevention of repeated displacement, percutaneous fixation using metal spokes, the method of treatment is quite long and reliable, although it requires special care and dressings.

    Fracture of clavicle among kids

    Fracture of clavicle among kidsThis type of fracture in children is found quite often, and in the structure of all damage it is up to 15%. There is such a injury when falling on the shoulder, straight elbow hand or elbow. The child complains of pain in the shoulder area, the forearm, the restriction of movement is noted, and severe pain when trying to move hand. To determine the fracture of this species is not difficult even visually, deformation and shortening of the adapter. The kids are fractures of clavicle most often occur by type «Green twig» without disrupting the integrity of the periosteum. In the treatment of this version of the fracture, the most important thing is to ensure rest of the hand, fix it bent at right angles in the elbow joint, having hung on a shock. Clavicle Fracture, like any other type of injury, can be without bone fragile displacement or with a displacement, closed or outdoor with oblique, conch, transverse or ortho-flow character of fragments.

    Children's Fracture Feet: Ambulance and Treatment

    Such fractures are found in children of any age, its reasons can be a drop in high height, an awkward landing when jumping or when playing volleyball, traffic accident. Symptoms of fracture limb — This swelling, pain in place of injury and swelling, achieving the maximum size after 24-48 hours. An unusual view of the legs, a violation of the movement, acute pain indicate a fracture or breaking of the ligaments and the need to immediately appeal to the doctor. The first therapeutic measures are aimed at reducing pain syndrome and stop bleeding, it is possible to use an elastic bandage. With suspected fracture, the legs need to urgently immobilize the leg with the help of any girlish tire, it can be a board, plywood, a dense cardboard, an umbrella and call a doctor.

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