What to do if there is blood from the nose

Blood from the nose is a fairly common phenomenon that most perceives as something minor. And as first aid, most use sharp threads of the head back and applying cold. But the fact that blood is coming out of the nose is incorrectly. In addition, the threading of the head in this case is generally prohibited.

Blood from the nose is a fairly common phenomenon that most of us perceives as something minor and not terrible. And as first aid, most use sharp threads of the head back and applying cold.

But the fact that blood is coming out of the nose is incorrectly in itself, and there are certain reasons for this. In addition, it turns out that the backpill of the head in this case is prohibited at all.

Causes of bleeding from the nose

Blood from the nose what to do
Nasal bleeding can be caused by a mass of reasons, but we will probably dwell on the most basic.

Mechanical damage. The first and most obvious thing that can provoke this trouble is damage to the mucous membrane of the nasal strokes by mechanical exposure. For example, you can tritely hit the nose, scratch it from the inside or shove something into it.

Last, of course, more inherent to children. And if it really is so, then it is not recommended to get a small detail from the nose, because you can hurt the nasal pass. Here it is better to immediately go to the doctor.

Availability of hypertension. When a person has such a disease like hypertension, He often increases pressure, which may be accompanied by the span of small vessels. This reaction of the body is explained by the fact that it tries to avoid hemorrhage into the brain, and therefore «Powered blood» Another way.

Overwork. Another reason for bleeding can be overwriting, hard work, lack of normal sleep, lack of fresh air.

Vitamin C deficiency. This is also a fairly common factor, as Vitamin C is responsible for the structure of blood vessels. Most often, this is observed in children who have unbalanced nutrition.

Solar or thermal blow. Very topical reasons for the summer, because at this time the body overheating is a matter of several minutes. If a person gets a sun blow, he begins to hurt a head, there is noise in the ears and bleeding from the nose.

Diseases of the kidneys and liver Sometimes there are hidden reasons for the fact that blood begins to turn out badly.

Hereditary predisposition. It has long been proven that if a similar problem has met grandparents or parents, then the child is not insured from her. Therefore, if everything is only in genes, you will have to learn the rules of first aid, as you get rid of such «Diseases» pretty hard.

Blood coagulation problems. Perhaps this is one of the most difficult cases. After all, if the blood is poorly folded, then even the usual nose bleeding can cause a number of serious complications. And independently stop it will be very and very difficult.

Walled and viral diseases. While a person sick orvi or flu, he usually has a runny nose. And when the source of bacteria and other viruses are constantly in the nose, the vessels can be depleted and burst. These include all sorts of rhinitis, sinusites and other ENT diseases.

This may happen as a result Stay in adverse conditions, Let's say at work. Aggressive substances in the air are able to irritate the nasal mucosa and lead to the fact that it will sweep and, in the end, burst.

What to do if blood goes from the nose

Blood from the nose what to do
As we said, everything is somehow accustomed to immediately throw the head back, but the doctors already repeat - this is not worth doing!

If a person with bleeding is to lay in this way on the pillow, that is, the risk that blood will start to drain along the back wall of the throat and it will not remain anything, how to sneak it. Although if this happens, it is better to spit it.

If the bleeding is strong, the patient can begin to choke in the blood, which can cause a vomit reflex with all the ensuing consequences, and this is very bad.

Therefore, the first thing to do is to sit so that the head is slightly tilted forward (or in the extreme case to lie so that the head turns in the side). That is, so that the blood has the opportunity to smoothly flush from the nose.

Next we do. If you can see that the bleeding is small, then clamp your nose wings and wait. After a few minutes everything should stop.

Besides, it is necessary to put ice or something cold from the freezer. Cold provokes the narrowing of the vessels and, as a result, stop bleeding.

If the blood rushed from the nose with a strong stream, then it is best to resort to a few other method. So, you must form two oblong tourands (approximately 3 cm) from Wat or from the bandage, which must be inserted into the nasal passages. And so that the blood stops faster, they should be blocked in hydrogen peroxide.

Tourunds should be kept in the nose until the bleeding is completely stopped. For the best result - 1.5 or 2 hours. If necessary, they can be replaced by clean. During this time, a bunch of blood is formed at the vessel rupture site, and therefore wool (or bandage) must be removed very carefully, so as not to break it and not provoke re-bleeding.

As additional measures, you can offer to order the nose with vasoconducting nasal drops. It can be saninarin, naphtizin or something like that.

Home remedies that stop blood

Instead of peroxide, you can always use a screwdriver. For example, it can be replaced by vaseline oil, a weak solution of vinegar, cluster juice, lemon, aloe or viburnum. Natural juices sometimes bury as drops.

You can also resort to the help of the yarrow. The grass in a fresh form should be squeezed and lay in the nose or, as in the previous case, squeeze the juice and moisten to them Turundy.

When it is necessary to worry

Well, when the blood from the nose ceases to go as quickly as the bleeding began. But if you see that it is not possible to cope with this (blood goes more than 10 minutes and does not stop), then you should seek help for your doctor.

Also readers our site should alert if the blood stands out with foam and has a bright scarlet color. This may indicate a pulmonary bleeding, and when blood, on the contrary, dark and thick - about the gastric. So, with any suspicions of some complications, you need to immediately call an ambulance.

As can be seen, blood from the nose is not so trifle, as it seemed before. Therefore, do not wait on her with your hand and at frequent repetitions, think about checking from the ENT doctor.

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