What triggers the formation of cerumen?


  • So how can there cerumen impaction?
  • How to find sulfuric stopper?
  • Getting rid of cerumen

  • Normally cerumen removed movementsthe front wall of the ear canal while talking, chewing. Stumble cerumen contribute to the narrowness and tortuosity of the auditory canal and increased viscosity of sulfur. Cerumen color from yellow to dark brown. The consistency of cerumen initially soft, waxy, thick, and even then the rocky ...

    So how can there cerumen impaction?

    Giving yourself the power of hot summer and warmsea, we, frankly, relax. After the summer the children usually do not get sick. They, on the contrary, "charged" health: running around barefoot, swim and dive before losing momentum. Meanwhile, the emergence of a large number of patients in the summer of doctors is not surprising. It's not just about the trauma surgeon, but also on the ENT doctor, namely sulfuric traffic jam. In summer, dramatically increasing the number of diseases such as sinusitis (inflammation of the sinuses), acute otitis media and the outside, and sulfuric prbka. And this is largely the result of active water treatment.

    It would seem that what is harmful ear warm summer water? He dived child - hopped on one leg and all. Unfortunately, there is no part of the water is required to remain in the ear, that provokes the formation of cerumen. And because the water from either natural reservoir is impossibleWhat triggers the formation of cerumen? sterile call, the inflammatory processvery possible. And if the sea water is still relatively clean, the small ponds and lakes of stagnant water, especially water bodies located in the city, inhabited by staphylococci and streptococci. In addition, dirty water - it is also a source of fungal otitis externa and furunculosis.

    How to find sulfuric stopper?

    If after a swim at the child appearedstuffiness in the ear, he began to hear is worse, if the complains of pain and makes you touch the tragus - these symptoms are enough to hurry to ushnomu doctor and think about cerumen.

    Of course, children who dream to learn to swim,prohibit diving stupid, because without full immersion in water, not master. Therefore, we must teach them to shake the water from the ears, in order to avoid the formation of cerumen. To do this, tilt your head to one side, bring it to the ear which is at the bottom of the palm and several times vigorously "pripechatat" it to his ear. But to jump on one leg at the same time it is not necessary.

    If your child dives problem isespecially painful: I want to dive, and the ears of the weak, try looking in the sports shops special earplugs for swimming. They are made on the basis of paraffin, tightly inserted into the ear and prevent the penetration of water - the formation of cerumen. In the end, modern swimming caps also largely ease the fate of the little diver because it fits snugly around the head, and is well protected not only hair, but also your ears.

    A sharp pain in the ear after swimming is unlikelyindicative of inflammation in the outer or middle ear. It can be triggered commonplace sulfuric stopper. The fact is that anyone can live with cerumen long time without experiencing any pain. But as soon as the water gets into the ear canal, cerumen impaction swells and begins to put pressure on the eardrum. In this case, it may be not only a pain in the ear, but also headache, nausea, dizziness, and a significant decrease in hearing.

    Who is prone to the formation of cerumen? Sulphur glands function at each person and perform a very important function: they produce sulfur mass, which protects your hearing by dust particles, foreign bodies. If the mass of sulfur do not have time to depart freely, they gradually attached to the wall of the ear canal and clog it. This forms sulfuric cork.

    Getting rid of cerumen

    Get rid of cerumen in two ways. Firstly, if the cerumen impaction is not very tight, try to soften it. This requires at least three to five days to dig into the ear drops, sure to warm up to 37 degrees - it will trigger the removal of cerumen. This may be any vegetable or mineral oil or a solution of hydrogen peroxide. Dosage such: about five drops of oil peroxide or 1-2 times a day. As a result of ear drops may deteriorate - due to swelling of cerumen. But gradually softened sulfur masses depart themselves. In case sulfuric tube became too dense and hard, the doctor will make its removal - washing the dry method or the external auditory canal by means of special tools.

    Tendency to frequent occurrence of cerumen,like so much else, is inherited. However, in any case, it does not prevent to listen to the same experts advice: do not clean the ears often! If you and looking at you and your child have the habit of constantly picking his ears with a cotton swab or a match, you thereby stimulate job sulfur glands. So try to clean the ears are not more than two or three times a month. And in any case it is impossible to try to remove the sulfuric plug on their own, with the help of a cotton swab. Such manipulation can only be pushed deep into the sulfuric plug ear canal and cause pain.

    To avoid problems with the ears, be sure to contact your doctor!

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