Asperger Syndrome


  • Who are they
  • Consciousness «Asperger»
  • «Asperger» and society

  • Who are they

    «settle», understand the laws of the hostel, follow the rules.
    Arrogance, audacity and at the same time helplessness
    in elementary everyday situations. Stunning knowledge
    In one area - and failures in other. Care
    in yourself or incomprehensible lively where it is not expected.
    Portrait of Sherlock Holmes? Who knows maybe a great detective, live
    On our days, psychiatrists would have diagnosed «syndrome

    People appeared on the light at all times. A few centuries ago
    Humanity did not have the concept of tests, diagnostics
    and the classification of mental abnormalities, so
    about the mentally ills said simply that they are crazy or obsessed
    demons, and mentally retarded called yurody or fools.
    The rest should be responsible for themselves
    Program. Villains, gleamy, cranks, cunning chips or others
    condemned or endured, took or rejected, but treated
    To them without discounts and softening circumstances.

    Asperger Syndrome
    The epoch first fired human strangeness and made social
    rogue heroes of their leaders and poems. Lonely, not understandable
    nobody, they received the status of geniuses and pride, whose misfortune
    lies in primitiveness, trivialities and vulgarity of ordinary
    of people.

    Communication between peculiar, sometimes even exceptional abilities
    and strange in everyday life is also not news.
    That is why so often the achievements of geniuses were estimated only after
    death: contemporaries were often avoided unpredictable, not similar
    on them relatives, and preferred to stay away.

    And if exceptional talents in people of this breed
    did not happen or the interests turned out to be very unusual,
    then they just walked proud, non-reflective or even dangerous.

    The twentieth century brought the concept of «autism». So Steel
    call a wide range of behavioral features involving
    Difficulties in contact with the world. Different his forms are so
    do not look like each other that they can only be conditionally
    Combine into a group of general signs of social
    Inadequacy. But this diagnosis can relate to
    to man, almost completely turned off from communication
    with the world, barely reacting to the closest, so
    and to those who lead almost the usual life.

    often work, children are growing, they make discoveries in science
    And they are not suspected that their oddities
    fold in some kind of syndrome. But at the same time the way
    to mutual understanding with their surrounding
    and difficult because one of the main
    their features - «blindness» To social
    and emotional aspects of human communication.

    ...The child offers a neighbor on the floor of candy. TOT, SESNESS,
    refuses and says: «No thanks». By unsure tone
    and the reserved eyes giving understands that in fact
    wants to take, but not solved. And offers once again.
    And the child with Asperger's syndrome in such a situation
    reacts only for words: no - so. Not because,
    that he is a worn or greedy, just all that is not named
    words for him is not obvious. Such a child perceives
    literally. He seems to feel that in the behavior of a neighbor
    Something is wrong, but he cannot with confidence
    to tell that.

    Consciousness «Asperger»

    In consciousness
    «Asperger» There is peculiar «Blind spot» on that place,
    where ordinary people constructed a hypothesis about other people's thoughts
    and feelings. That «Blind spot» And there is diagnostic
    Symptom for determining the syndrome in young children.

    The test for which it is determined is a series of pictures.
    For example, on the first one depicted two girls, a ball and two
    Boxes, red and blue. Girls together hide the ball in red
    Box. In the second picture one of the girls leaves
    From the room, and the other rewinds the ball in blue.
    In the next picture, the first girl returns. Question: Where
    Will a girl look for a ball? Ordinary four-year-old child
    will say - in red, she remembers that they were hiding there.
    A child with Asperger's syndrome will decide that in blue. After all
    He knows where the ball is now, and he does not come
    in the head that others do not own this information.

    Strange «slow wits» Not related to the fact that the child
    think tight or inattentive. On the contrary, it usually possesses
    high intelligence and often achieves amazing heights
    In the fact that it is really interesting to him, whether it is a study
    certain historical era, collectibles, mathematics
    and natural sciences, or sometimes music or art.

    «Asperman children» usually differ outstanding memory,
    Ability to understand written text they have above average
    (and oral speech, on the contrary, is much harder). Language
    they are very specific and replete with stationery
    and book turnover, they are inclined to catch everything
    In details (Asperger himself called his patients «Little

    One feature «Aspi», how they call themselves is that
    their respect must be earned. They evaluate people for meaningful
    For himself criteria, for them there is no concept of authority
    teacher or just adult. Therefore, they often hear bold
    and difficult students, despite the extraordinary abilities.

    Asperger Syndrome
    The most difficult «Aspergera» accounted for in situations that
    hard or impossible «destroy» rationally, with one
    Only intelligence. Where you need intuition and emotional
    flair. You know, in children's books there are such «Mysterious
    Pictures», on which the image is divided into numbered
    Segments. Each number corresponds to your color. Until
    do not paint the picture, it is very difficult to calculate what
    It is depicted on it. So, performances «Asperger»
    about emotions are akin to such an unwashed picture,
    while an ordinary person has this picture
    Initially color and quite clear.

    People with Asperger syndrome perceive emotions as a side
    product thinking, the value of which surrounding for some reason annoying
    Exaggerate. Indeed, if the feelings are roughly divided
    on nice and unpleasant (like numbers for even
    and odd), then everything seems pretty simple: unpleasant it is necessary
    Avoid, but to pleasant strive. However, life,
    To amazement «Asperger», now and then mix all
    Concepts, and sometimes in anxiety proportions.

    Such children are lost when it comes to sympathy
    and pity: pain - an unpleasant feeling, but at the same time
    For another for some reason, it is considered «Good» In eyes
    Educators. It is illogical, which means anxious and causes
    Aggression. They may seem cruel or insensitive, and all
    only because absolutely not understand how «digest»
    painful emotion, and just deny her.

    Highly, indifference and other sins that imputed
    in wine «Aspergera», - These are ways to protect
    from chaotic, aggressive and unpredictable world of feelings.
    This, of course, narrows their circle of communication, from what, though,
    «Asperger» not really suffer. They stretch to their
    fellow in the warehouse of the person and often consider themselves just
    representatives of another culture, another emotional race. In Our
    Time thanks to the Internet such a circle of communication is easily located.

    This is,
    however, does not protect «Asperger» from universal
    Properties of psyche: emotions, drove inside, give birth to high
    anxiety. It is inevitably looking for exit - in aggression,
    in special rituals to which people are sometimes inclined
    autistic warehouse, and sometimes in somatic
    manifestations such as heart disease, temperature, spasms
    esophagus and other troubles that arise as if
    In an open place.

    Kids with Asperger syndrome require special support
    and learning - thin, thoughtful and respectful. Usually
    Work with such children is built on awareness: where
    fails to understand intuitively, it is necessary to understand rationally
    and memorize. However, logic is not always able to remove the alarm,
    After all, much in the behavior of people is a reasonable explanation only
    with difficulty and then not to the end. Here they can come
    to the aid of various types of therapy associated with creative
    classes and bodily practices.

    Gradual promotion to contact with them, with their own
    living feelings is a difficult and long way for «Asperger»,
    But sometimes amazing things happen. Love, trust
    and acceptance make wonders, and if there is
    a real heart friend, be it a parent, a loved one or
    Hot and passionate teacher, on the mysterious picture start
    Robbly to come paint.

    «Asperger» and society

    Asperger Syndrome
    People with Asperger syndrome differ from each other
    on temperament and other personality features
    no less than everyone else. Among them are good and evil,
    conscientious and cynic and egoists. But at the same time
    They detect a paradoxical combination of naivety
    and incredulsity developed by this naivety. Losing,
    they often use aggression as protection. And this
    It is difficult to communicate.

    can say offensive, tactless things simply because sincerely
    does not understand the power of their impact on the interlocutor. If
    You encountered such behavior, it is very right
    And without offensive, designate their discontent and discomfort.
    An adult intelligent person can always be explained why his actions
    unacceptable, which means that next time
    he may be able to restrain. Pointing «Asperger»
    on the inadequacy of his behavior, it is better to look for rational
    arguments or appeal to generally accepted courtesy standards than
    Write to feel. For the most part they are emphasized
    decent people who are important to respect themselves and if they recognize
    your wrongness will draw conclusions.

    They live among us, they have their own priorities and values, they
    love the society of themselves like - and somehow study
    with others. Sometimes they are lonely, and sometimes they are happy
    and lead a full professional and personal life.
    Neighborhood with them teaches us to respect someone else's space:
    «Asperger» - The hottest fighters for their personal territory
    And if possible, try not to intercelace.
    It is important to remember that if someone next to you is not able to easily
    demonstrate feelings or does not always know how to react
    on yours, then this does not mean that he himself deprived
    Emotions. Representatives of all human races and cultures, including
    «Aspi», appreciate goodwill, attention and respect.
    And have full right.

    What does not need to be done in communication with «Aspergera»:

    • Never laugh at him. This people
      Painfully proud. Little so they destroys them like a mock or
      humiliation. The injury obtained may affect
      and mental and physical health.
      «Kid Asperger» More often clarify the meaning of innocuous jokes,
      Support his own desire for humor. Develop
      in it tolerance to laughter and tirelessly repeat that
      You can always make it so that you laughed at it, but together
      with him.
    • Respect his space. Autistic people
      Warehouse love privacy and silence, own classes,
      they are extremely necessary for their room where others can not be found without
      Demand. Tell us «Kid Asperger», What respect for someone else's respect
      personal space is expressed and in
      do not take a new acquaintance endless conversations
      on the themes of their passion. And do not avoid physical
      Contact. With loved ones «Asperger» in their own way to support
      Close relations. Sometimes it is not an embrace, but just sides
      About the side or the opportunity to sow next to the book.
    • be patient. Try to become bay
      Ceremoncy and stronghold of sanity. Get ready for many things,
      associated with communication, you have to repeat in many times.
      Remember and understand social rules «Asperger» Sometimes
      It is not easier than humanitary learning to learn formulas and theorems. Wherein
      Be emotionally relatives. Although «Asperger»
      and do not like when they speak with an excessive pressure
      and with exaggeration, but sincerity and compliance
      words emotions are very important. Try as you can express all that
      associated with feelings, while avoiding manipulations. Speak more often
      About your reactions: «When I'm offended, I sometimes even
      I do not want to talk - and you too, really?»
    • Praise and speak compliments.
      Do not skimp on the words of support and adoption:
      «I love when you smile», «I am pleased that
      You help me». Try to share your joy, mark
      His social successes. Despite the external indifference, they
      literally absorb the praise of those who trust and this
      They are motivated. But raising «Baby Asperger»,
      Do not make it outstanding abilities with the object of your vanity.
      He may be unpleasant when they boast before the neighbor.
      In addition, he is so inclined to blow up. Therefore, it is important
      emphasize the advantages of other people, noting not only
      mind, but also kindness, responsiveness and other spiritual
    • Play more, fool, do any creativity. And children,
      and adults «Asperger» seek to implement in different
      types of creativity, many love to experiment with words
      and meanings, imitate a different style or participate
      in scenic productions. When we do, we are released
      Alarms and fears. Let the man and not such a way,
      like others, and sometimes it's hard with him, but you know what
      Interesting and deep person lies in it. Let family
      will be the place for him where it will grow and flourish
      in warm and trust.

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