Patient food with cystic fibrosis


  • How to feed a child?
  • Special conditions required for the child
  • Social benefits for patients with cystic fibrosis in Russia

  • How to feed a child

    Patient food with cystic fibrosisOptimal nutrition for the child of the first year of life is breast milk.

    With artificial feeding, it is possible to use special mixtures — Their recommends the doctor. The diet of a child suffering from fibrosis must be 120-150% of the age norm. At the same time, 30% of food must be assigned to fat.

    A child who receives special pancreatic enzymes may have everything that is put on him by age. A small child cannot swallow the capsule entirely, so the granules of the capsule are poured onto the spoon, mix with milk, mixture or juice and are given to a child at the beginning of meals. When the child is shouted, make sure that he does not dig the granules.

    When introduced into the diet of the child of new products, try to make the main focus on high calorie food: sour cream, cream, creamy yogurt, honey, butter. For example, having prepared for breakfast porridge on milk, add creamy oil into it and 1-2 spoons of cream.

    The kid should receive a lot of fluid, in a volume of 2 times higher than the age standard. In case of violations of the child of the chair (frequent, fat, unformed, fetid), the appearance of abdominal pain immediately need to report this to a specialist.

    A child with fibrosis loses with then a large amount of mineral salts. In severe cases, this may lead to loss of consciousness. Therefore, in the hot season, as well as at elevated body temperatures, it is necessary to additionally add empty (from 1 to 5 grams of salt to init).

    Special conditions required for the child

    Better, if a child has a patient with fibrosis, there will be its own, separate, well-ventilated room. This is due to the need to provide conditions for kinesitherapy, conducting inhalations. It is desirable that all family members are involved in the process of providing assistance to parents (a child cannot be left alone even in more adulthood, frequent consultations with the attending physician, the six-time feeding regime after reaching it for 1 year, regular reception of drugs requires constant monitoring). Smoking family members should be completely excluded.

    Conducting preventive vaccinations

    Preventive child vaccinations must be done by the usual scheme — In accordance with the vaccine calendar. With the exacerbation of the bronchopulmonary process, the vaccination schedule must be coordinated with the pediatrician. In autumn, it is advisable to make a vaccination against influenza.

    Social benefits for patients with cystic fibrosis in Russia

    Treatment of fibrosis requires large financial costs for drugs, medical equipment, travel to the place of treatment. People suffering from this disease in Russia are disabled childhood and have a number of social benefits. Therefore, immediately after the formulation of this diagnosis, it is necessary to place disabilities at the place of residence and get a certificate. Children with fibrosis get through the pharmacy network all the necessary preparations for treatment for free.

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