Sugar diabetes in children - species, first signs


  • Problems with «Sugar»
  • On the needle...
  • How to identify a disease in a child?
  • Useful juices and nuts...

  • Problems with «Sugar»

    Diabetes - a consequence of a whole complex «Network» In the body associated with improving blood sugar levels. Sugar then (glucose) in the blood is all. It is vital for the body - when it is splitting, energy is produced.

    But those who suffer from diabetes, sugar is not consumed, but accumulates in the blood, which can lead to a rapid development of diseases of internal organs, a decrease in vision, violations in the cardiovascular system.

    For glucose cleavage corresponds to hormone insulin. It is produced by beta cells that live in the pancreas.

    On the needle...

    Children's diabetes There are people who have «Lazy» beta cells or for some reason their very little. Then insulin is simply not produced. This is the 1st type of diabetes - insulin-dependent.

    Insulinically independent diabetes ill children and young people up to 30 years. Very often such a form of the disease - hereditary. 1-th type diabetes requires constant replenishment of the body insulin from outside - by injection.

    When the body can not use glucose for energy production, it consumes fat stocks. Man begins to lose weight rapidly... Also, the first signs that the child may have diabetes are frequent urination (so that the body is not poisoned by excess glucose, the kidneys begin to carry it out with liquid strongly). This leads to a constant feeling of thirst.

    How to identify a disease in a child?

    Constant thirst, especially night, is one of the first signs of diabetes. Children in diabetes often increase appetite, and the addictions are changed in food. There are external manifestations: the mucous membranes of the oral cavity and the nose becomes dry, irritation acts on the skin of the genitals. If you have at least one of these signs, urgently pass the tests on the level of blood sugar and the urine, show by a children's endocrinologist.

    10 million people in Russia suffer from various forms of diabetes. About a million of them are sick diabetes 1 type, that is, they need constant injections of insulin. More than 200 thousand of them are children.

    Useful juices and nuts...

    If a child has diabetes, it is very important to eat strictly on schedule. Smaller and frequent food intakes help the body better use insulin.

    Let the child more juice, preferably freshly. Good not only fruit, but vegetable, and mixed. For example, it perfectly tones the drink from mixed in equal proportions of carrot and apple juices or a drink from a crank juice diluted with a mineral water with the addition of apple.

    Useful to eat per day 2 - 3 tablespoons of walnuts, cedar nuts or hazelnuts.

    Every day make a child salads from fresh vegetables. But do not add vinegar or mayonnaise. The same fresh cabbage salad is better to refuel lemon juice or vegetable oil.

    Need more vegetable proteins: there are many in cauliflower, broccoli, all types of legumes.

    Do not refuse meat at all, but it is not worth frying and stew in our own juice. It is better to cook for a couple or bake.

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