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  • What is Kor
  • What are the symptoms of measles
  • How to prevent measles

  • Today is speech
    will go about vaccination against measles - one of the so-called children's
    infections, the pathogen of which is extremely infectious, or, as they say
    Experts, has high with contagious. To
    get sick, it is not necessary to join close contact with the patient -
    Say, come to visit him or be near public
    transport - measles virus easily overcomes a distance of several
    Tens of meters with air current, for example, on flight spans
    at home. Thanks to this ease of distribution, the corteals refers to so
    Called vattop viral infections together with rubella and windmill
    Ospa. Precisely because of their widespread and contagiosity
    Most people move them, while still children. After themselves
    Diseases leave lifetime immunity; In other words, they like
    Rule, get sick only once.

    What is Kor

    For many centuries, due to high mortality, King was considered
    one of the most dangerous diseases of children's age. In Russia from measles
    Died every fourth child, which gave rise to call it
    Disease of the Children's Chumoy. Preventive measles against measles
    held since 1916. After the development of a korea vaccine incidence
    And the deadly outcome was able to reduce hundreds of times.

    However, and in our time, measles death. According to World
    Health Organization, every year around the world from Corey dies
    about 900 thousand (!) Children.

    As you know, viruses - infections causative agents are able to multiply
    only in certain cells of the human body, which determines
    Symptoms of the disease, and its severity depends on the amount of damaged
    virus cells. Cory virus nourishes a special addiction to cells
    respiratory system, intestines, and, important, to central cells
    nervous system.

    Cute can be ill at any age, among the unmapped more often
    Children from 1 to 5 years. Until a year, kids are rarely sick due to small
    the number of contacts and availability of passive immunity obtained from
    mother during pregnancy. Such immunity is preserved no longer than 1
    years after birth. If the mother did not sore a cortem, then the child can
    get sick and in the first months of life.

    What are the symptoms of measles

    Cort: disease and prevention
    Corey virus enters the body through the mucous membrane of the respiratory
    paths and conjunctiva. From the moment of infection to the first symptoms
    Diseases usually take 8-12 days, in some cases this period
    lengthens up to 28 days. At the beginning of the disease, symptoms appear,
    Similar: increasing general malaise, lethargy, head
    Pain, the child becomes blossom, refuses to eat. Typic
    Exterior view of the diseased: thoughtful face, blushing, tears
    eyes. The patient is bothering a runny nose and dry cough. Temperature
    rises to 39-40°C and does not decrease, despite the antipyretic
    Events. For 1-2 day of the disease on the mucous membrane of the cheek
    Small whitish spots appear (it is their detection that helps
    Pediatrician diagnose king even before the emergence of a common rash on
    child body).

    And then from 4-5 days from the beginning of the disease there is a phased
    The spread of the rash: first behind the ears, on the face, neck, during
    The next day, rash occurs on the body and hands and on the 3rd day
    appears on the feet of the child. Rash is small red
    specks, they can merge into large spots, between which you can see
    Healthy skin. During the distribution of rashes, the temperature continues
    stay enhanced cough enhanced. In the first days of the disease
    Parts of children develop severe korea pneumonia.

    In the next 3-5 days with a favorable course of the symptoms of the disease decrease, the temperature decreases.

    Core counts and rash intensity in different children depending
    From the individual characteristics of the immune system vary from the lungs
    forms to severe threatening life.

    It should be said that the measles virus significantly weaken immunity and
    This, along with the lesion of the mucous membranes of the respiratory tract and
    The digestive tract creates conditions for joining
    Bacterial infection. The child can develop complications:
    inflammation of the middle ear (middle otitis), larynx (laryngitis), right up to
    Developing her edema (korea cereal), bacterial pneumonia and others. W
    one child of 1-2 thousand sick cortex is complicated by defeat
    brain. Most often complications are found in children under 5
    years old.

    How to prevent measles

    The only effective way to protect the child from measles, as from
    many other infectious diseases is vaccination.

    The main place in the prevention of measles is given to active immunization,
    T.E. Introduction to the body of living strongly weakened viruses. Follow
    Note that the vaccine virus is so weakened that it is not dangerous for any
    grafted nor for his surroundings. After vaccination is formed several
    weaker immunity than if the child fell ill naturally,
    However, it is enough to protect your whole life
    Child from this disease.

    If your unmaded child, which is more than 6 months, joined
    Contact with sick cortel, you can protect it by entering him lively core
    vaccine over the next 2-3 days.

    For the youngest children (from 3 to 6 months and older, if there is
    Contraindications for the introduction of a living korea vaccine) as
    Emergency Prevention Used Immunoglobulin Man Normal
    (Preparation containing protective antibodies derived from serum
    Riding cute or donors). Such immunization is passive,
    Introduced from the outside antibodies circulate in the child's blood not longer than 2-3
    months, after which you can conduct active immunization.
    Vaccination rules

    Cinema vaccination is carried out twice: first - aged 12-15
    months, second - in 6 years, before school. Using the second dose
    Vaccines allows you to protect those children who have not been vaccinated
    Previously, as well as those who did not work out sufficiently stable immunity
    After the first administration. For reference: Vaccination against measles in countries with
    High morbidity is held at the age of 9 and even 6 months with
    The purpose of protecting infants, whose disease proceeds especially

    In terms of measles vaccination coincides with vaccination against
    rubella and epidemic parotitis. Coincidence in time at once three
    vaccinations should not confuse you: the immune system of children from the earliest
    age with success reflects collective attacks much more
    Microorganisms. The likelihood of adverse reactions when
    the summation of these vaccines does not increase.

    Below are vaccines containing a korea component and registered in Russia.

    Monovaccines (only core component):

    • Vaccine Korene dry (Russia).
    • Ruvaks (Aventis Pasteur, France).

    Combined vaccines:

    • Vaccine Parotito-Koriy (Russia).
    • MMP II (Kor, rubella, vapotitis) (MESK SHARP & DOHME, USA).
    • Priorix (Kor, Red, Parotitis) (Smithkline Beecham Biologicals, United Kingdom).

    Despite the fact that the composition of vaccines is different, they all demonstrated
    good level of immunogenicity (t.E. ability to form immunity)
    and tolerability. Differences relate mainly two aspects. First:
    Imported drugs are prepared on the embryos of chicken eggs and on this
    The reason is contraindicated in those who have a strong reaction to the protein
    Chicken Yaitz. Russian vaccines are deprived of this shortage, since
    prepare on Japanese quail embryos. True, justice for the sake of
    It should be noted that strong allergic reactions to the chicken eggs protein
    marked extremely rare.

    Cort: disease and prevention
    And second: imported drugs are available in the most convenient
    Combined form and protect immediately from three diseases: Corey,
    Parotitis (pigs) and rubella. And the combined form is less
    the number of ballast substances, fewer injections (and therefore,
    Stress for the child), finally, fewer visits to the doctor. IN
    District Polyclinic Most likely will make the injection only of the Patriotic
    Monovaccini from Korea. True, developed and has already started to apply
    (although not everywhere) and domestic combined measles vaccine and

    Combined measles vaccines, vapotitis and rubella in
    in the overwhelming majority of cases can be purchased only in pharmacies or in
    Commercial centers of vaccination.

    According to the instructions for the Russian monovaccination, the Korea vaccine
    is introduced subcutaneously under the blade or in the shoulder area (on the border of the bottom and
    middle third shoulder from the outside). Imported vaccines, again
    According to the instructions, subcutaneously or intramuscularly introduced (concrete
    The place of administration determines the doctor). With simultaneous use
    Several monovaccines them are introduced by separate syringes in different areas
    Body, and combined vaccines are recruited in one syringe.

    You have legal right to choose which vaccines will be
    introduced your child, however, not purchased
    The Ministry of Health Vaccine You will be paid. Can also be
    contact one of the numerous vaccination centers where you
    Select several vaccines. If the vaccination will be held
    in your clinic, do not forget to take a certificate of her holding to
    Plot pediatrician made information about it in an outpatient care card
    Places of residence. It will save you from unnecessary issues in the future,
    For example, when you receive a child in kindergarten or school.

    General rules for parents who need to follow at any vaccination:

    Knowing in advance about vaccinations, try to avoid
    Contacts with infections, do not expose the body before vaccination
    child unnecessary stress (supercooling, excess sunny
    irradiation, changing climatic and temporary belts), since any
    Stress changes the reactivity of the immune system.

    Side Reactions The Koreary Vaccine causes infrequently, complications in the grafts are also very rare.

    A small part of vaccinated can occur the weak side
    reactions in the form of temperature rise to 38°C, sometimes takes place
    conjunctivitis and nonophice. Listed symptoms are possible in
    the period from 5-6 to 12-18 (different periods are given in different sources) day;
    they persist 2-3 days. This is a natural course of vaccine

    After vaccination, the following complications are possible:

    • Allergic reactions of different severity. If there
      the probability of their development should be 10-12 days before vaccination and during
      the same time to give a child an antihistamine drug in
      Age dosage given in annotation to a specific medicine.
    • Convulsions against the background of increasing the temperature in their predisposed
      Children. For their warning, your doctor may assign paracetamol.
    • The defeat of the central nervous system, the probability of it is very small (1 per million cases of vaccination).

    You can add that the complication developed after vaccination
    proceed in much easier form than after natural measles.

    King is dangerous for pregnant women - in 20% of cases king during
    Pregnancy is complicated by interrupting pregnancy, defects of development
    fruit. Since the king vaccine contains live viruses, pregnancy
    is a contraindication for vaccination.

    Recall that contact with the child who has symptoms
    Korea infection after vaccination, is safe for others, including
    among pregnant women.

    At the beginning of the article, a terrible figure was shown - 900 thousand dying
    from measles children annually. As it is neither incredible, but in the US for the whole past
    The year was recorded only 100 (!) Core cases. In this country
    Cort is on the verge of complete elimination. And this success is achieved
    exclusively due to widespread vaccination. Let's and we coast
    of our children.

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