Windmill during pregnancy: what it threatens the fetus


  • How the windmill is transmitted intrauterine
  • Windmill: first signs
  • Windmill during pregnancy
  • Treatment and care — Favorable outcome

  • Windmill, first signs of illnessOne of the most common diseases in children — chicken pox. It is usually unable to detect this disease, and this is due to the fact that its incubation period is about 14-15 days.

    The susceptibility to the disease in children is very high, but thanks to the immune system, it is extremely rarely repeated. Sometimes in more mature age at weak people, there are cases of shelling herpes or depriving. Especially dangerous chickenpox during pregnancy, when infected in early terms, this disease can lead to the development of congenital blown in the fetus or to the emergence of various pathologies in the newborn.

    How the windmill is transmitted intrauterine

    Causative agent of this infectious disease — a very persistent virus, which in the external environment quickly dies. With this virus can be encountered everywhere: in transport, in kindergarten and school, anywhere, where there is a massacre of people. Usually young parents are worried about the question: «How the windmill is transmitted?». The answer is obvious: infection occurs with airborne droplets, through a conversation, cough, laughter and sneezing. Infected through homemade utensils, bodies or through third parties it is impossible. The fetus of the windmill can only be transmitted if the pregnant woman is sick, driving the fruit.

    Windmill: first signs

    Especially dangerous windmill during pregnancyThe windmill, the first signs of which are manifested by weakness, increase body temperature up to 38-39C incubation period lasts 2 weeks, and therefore the disease immediately cannot be recognized. On the head, back, chest, stomach, pink-red rashes of rounded shape with bubbles in a bright red rim appear in the mouth. After 2-3 days, bubbles burst and dried, light brown crusts appear, which disappear after 6-8 days, not leaving traces.

    New rashes are formed every day, therefore red specks, and transparent bubbles, and brown crusts can be on one skin. Cork deposit and complete skin cleansing can last up to 2-3 weeks, how long will the windmill last. Rash, bubbles that give windmill are the first signs of the disease, disappear quickly, not leaving traces. If bubbles combing, the scars can remain, well known, as «Ospinka» on the skin.

    Windmill during pregnancy

    In case of infection with a windmill with a desired pregnancy, you must immediately consult a doctor. Involving fetal infection can lead to the development of a congenital form of this disease, which is accompanied by defeating the limbs, brain and soft tissues of the child. This is a heavy and dangerous complication, so if the woman plans pregnancy and at the same time did not earn a wind inspiration, it is recommended before the occurrence of conception to make the appropriate vaccination. The medical literature describes the facts of infection of the fetus from the mother during pregnancy, this once again emphasizes how the windmill is transmitted.

    Treatment and care — Favorable outcome

    Watching know how much windmill lasts and its transferWhile the windmill continues, treatment of the disease is carried out at home, does not require a long bed mode and aims to prevent the appearance of various complications. Special attention should be paid to hygienic procedures, tight and bed linen, preferably of soft hygroscopic fibers. Tormenting itch — The right satellite of this disease and one of the main windmill symptoms. It can be somewhat weakened by wiping the body with boiled water with vinegar, sprinkled with a talc. We must try to persuade the child to refrain from combing, if possible, distracting it with various games, classes and reading. For kids, you can recommend cotton mittens.

    It is necessary to take care that the patient is in a well-ventilated room, exclude heat and overheating, as they provoke itching and combing, and remember that the windmill is inclous as long. Milk and vegetable diet, fruits and abundant drinking should be paid to. It can be different, not too concentrated fruit juices and decoctions, good cranberry juice and decoction of rosehip. Should not forget about the course of vitamins.

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